Trek Verve+ 2 Review: The 2022 Commuter Model

If you are a lover of the Trek brand, then you should look at the Verve+2 ebike 2022 model. But, is it worth it?

We know the company is well known for building quality and good-looking bikes.

With the slight Trek Verve+ ebike success in 2019, the brand decided to improve some of its components, such as motor efficiency, battery performance, and ride’s comfort.

On the price side of things, it may not be an affordable electric bike. Nevertheless, this review will uncover some of its secrets to conclude if it is worth or not the investment.


How Riding the Verve+2 Feels Like?

One of the outstanding things we saw with the bike improvements is how smooth and balanced the whole system feels.

Part of that is the addition of the seat-post suspension, which also can be adjusted to the rider’s needs.

On the power side, if you get annoyed with motors that are noisy, no matter what assistance you are riding in, this will be not the case.

Another thing to consider is the requirements of the motor for optimal performance.


The latest Bosch motors have many sensors included so they deliver what the rider needs.


Having said that, if you want to get the best out of the Bosch technology, you are better putting in a more active pedaling than just cruising with not much use of your legs.

A couple more things:

– The bike now has a chain plastic guard, which is fantastic for commuting if you want to ride with office clothes on.

– No front suspension. This could be an important factor if you are looking for more comfort but also, think that it will add to the overall weight.


What Tech The 2022 Model Brings?


  • Class 1 (pedal assist).
  • 250 watts (nominal).
  • Minimal: 32 km/hr (20 mph).
  • 30Nm (Eco); 40 Nm torque (turbo mode).
  • Bosch Active Line, mid-drive.

  • 400watts/hr, 36v, 11Ah.
  • Charging in ~5 hrs from drained.
  • Approx 60 km (40 miles) to 142 km (90 miles) range.

  • Four (4) modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo).
  • Bosch Purion LCD attached to the handlebar.

  • High step (M, L, XL).
  • Step-Thru (S, M, L).
  • Two colors aluminum alloy.
  • 17.5 in – 23.5 in (44 cm top 60 cm).
  • The fork is made of steel.

  • 9 (Shimano) speed available.
  • 38 T chain.

  • Front and rear Shimano dual-piston Calipers.
  • 160mm hydraulic system.

  • 24 kg (52 lbs).
  • 136 kg (300 lb).

  • Bontrager 28″ front and rear tire.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Allow rims.
  • 60-80 PSI.

  • Front and brake light (not embedded in frame).
  • Rear rack with a max loading capacity of 23 kg.
  • Integrated kickstand.
  • Chain plastic guard.
  • Seat with 30mm travel spring.


Pedal Assisted System

This electric bicycle is classified as pedelec with power assist cut-off limit at 20 mph (32 km/h).

The beauty of this model is that you can keep on pedaling for more speed without any motor resistance (freewheel).

Depending on how much assistance you need, you can get four (4) levels: eco, tour, sport, and turbo.


What does it mean for you in terms of power?

Well, the Eco mode will provide 40% power; the tour mode will be 100%; the sport level will be 170%, and last but not least, the turbo will be 250% of the power.


What does 170% or 250% power mean?

For those that love speed, these numbers won’t refer to it.

It means that the torque provided by the motor will be more intense when the sensor detects a reduction in pedal cadence if going uphill so that to maintain the desired momentum.

As you may infer, these two (2) modes are better applicable if climbing up hills.


Bosch Purion display

The display is a very straightforward controller that shows all the basic features including speed, traveled distance, battery range, and assistance level.


Bosch Purion ebike controller


Although the controller is easily accessible for on-riding operation, I think it is better to set what you need beforehand as the display may be a bit hard to read on a sunny day.


Other things about its pedelec configuration

The brand decided not to include a walking mode feature within the Bosch Purion display, most likely for simplicity. I believe you won’t need it as this 2022 model is not as heavy as it looks.

Although, some users believe the display is terrible because of its small size, still does much better than what more expensive brands offer. Besides, what else do you need the controller to do?


Mid-Drive Bosch Motor

Compared to the 2018 Verve model, this mid-drive motor is basically the same. Nevertheless, there seems to be more sensors sensitivity, therefore giving a more accurate power based on your pedal cadence.


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As mentioned before, this Active Line is a 250Watts motor that delivers 40Nm of torque.

The watts and torque may not be so impressive to me, but it is good enough for commuting in any city setting.

Another thing I like about this motor is its small size, which is ideal for bikes that may be generally heavy.

Lastly, if you are more inclined to pedal on low gears, be mindful that the RPM has been limited to only 100, meaning that the motor won’t give power passing this point.

Any Battery Changes?

The brand hasn’t changed much on the 400W lithium battery side either, as this new model comes with a standard one.


If you want a better capacity, you can always get a better one.


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One thing that I appreciate about the brand is its weight, which is about 2.45 kg (5.4 lbs), so it would be easy to carry anywhere if you need to.


And, it is good as well to avoid your bike being stolen.


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One thing that I notice is how hot it gets if charging on a hot day. I’m not sure if this is normal for 36v batteries but, it is better to pull it out of the frame and charge it in a cool room (if you can).


What can you get for range?

As mentioned before, you have four-pedal assistance levels. Depending on the selection, you will roughly get:

– Eco-mode: ~ 90 miles.

– Tour: ~70 miles.

– Sport: ~55 miles.

– Turbo: approx. 35 miles.

This range estimates are not 100% accurate because there are other factors, such as route topography and cadence, that will affect it.


Also, the ranges are estimated assuming you are assisted by the motor all the time.


Other points to know about it

This ebike comes with a standard charger as well, which for you means the battery will be charged in about 5 hrs.

Other elements the battery powers are the front and rear lights and the controller. No need to be worried here is the power drawn by these elements is minimal.


The Non-powered Elements

The Trek Verve 2 Plus 2022 had to include quality elements to be considered a medium to high-class ebike.

Let’s see closer some of its elements.


Braking performance

Like the previous model, this one also comes fitted with Shimano hydraulic brakes.

The 160 mm rotors were designed to perform well with the dual-piston Calipers.

One thing I like here is the three (3) level adjustable finger, so people with small hands like me can reach easily the brake lever.

Not many electric bicycles come with a dual-piston system, so rest assure you will have a great braking performance in any type of weather.


Seat and lights

There have been many changes with this 2022 model and are more noticeable with the seat design, the light position, and the fenders.


Front light on frame model 2022


The saddle comes fitted with a 30mm travel spring suspension, which is great for long-distance rides. I like the fact that they kept its width and added a small ventilation point for comfort.

One of the biggest changes, after many riders’ feedback, was the front and rear light position.

The front light now is attached to the fork rather than the actual frame. For many, this was a downside when steering and not having any light brightening the way.

As for the rear one, it is attached to the rear rack rather than the fender. This doesn’t look like a big change.


Tires and gearing system

Not much was changed with the tires this time. They kept the same Bontrager brand to provide the quality required on any hard terrain.


One thing to notice is the quality of the tires’ carving.


It is more smooth on the center, so there is less friction when riding and also, the side pads are bigger to keep a good grip when taking corners.


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As for the gear system, it is the same Shimano quality that many other brands use.

On this occasion, 9 gear are available to reach the top speed without pedaling too much.

I’m pleased to see the addition of the plastic guard to cover the chain. This is not also great to avoid your long pants being wrapped by the chain but also getting them greasy.


This was very thoughtful from Trek considering it was designed for commuting.


Design and Comfort for Men and Women

When commuting is involved, the company knows that they had to design thinking about men and women.


Structure design

There are two (2) frames available, where one is a high-step and the other one is step-thru.



If you are more inclined to the low-step design, I see that there was no allowance for a bottle holder to be installed. This is definitely a downside.


No suspension?

Many riders believe that not having a front suspension will result in an uncomfortable ride. This could be true depending on where you ride it.

I know the Verve 2 Plus doesn’t come with a suspension system, aside from the saddle of course, but looking at the bigger picture, not many dedicated commuter electric bikes have suspension at all.


Just think that the overall weight will increase when adding more fancy elements.


If you want added comfort, I suggest looking at hybrid electric bicycles.

Available sizes

Last but not least, it is good to know what sizes are available. From the old days model, these numbers haven’t changed:


154.0 – 167.0 cm
5’0.6″ – 5’5.7
164.0 – 177.0 cm
5’4.6″ – 5’9.7″
174.0 – 187.0 cm
5’8.5 – 6’1.6″
186.0 – 197.0 cm
6’1.5 – 6’5.6″


Even if your height is good for one of their frames, I strongly suggest having a test ride and making sure you can touch the ground comfortably.

Should you Buy this Trek Commuter eBike?

It is clear that other bike companies are launching good quality commuter models for an affordable price.

When comparing the two models, 2018 and 2022, I saw there were not many changes done. To be honest, the modifications were more esthetic than mechanical.

Some of the modifications included a set of plastic fenders, a plastic guard chain (awesome to prevent your long pant from getting dirty), and a more versatile light system.

The one thing I definitely like is the improved responsiveness of the sensors when pedaling. This translates into a more efficient motor and an improved range for the battery.

Overall, I would have no second thoughts about investing in the Trek Verve+ 2 2022 model, considering the technology used and the focus on commuting purposes.

All images courtesy of Trek


Trek Verve+ 2


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability


What we like

  • ✅ Motor sensor more responsive, which is great for uphill adventures.
  • ✅ Improved lights system for night rides.
  • ✅ Plastic fenders and chain guard included.

What we do not like

  • Fenders could rattle more but won't affect your ride.
  • Cadence sensor limited to 100rpm. After this, assistance will cut off.
  • No fork suspension but this is not a hybrid ebike.

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