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Welcome to Electric Bike Advisor (EBA), where you will find the best electric bike reviews from all type of e-bicycles, such as Electric Mountain bikes, City Commuter Electric bikes, Hybrid Electric bikes, Folding Electric bikes and lastly regarding their cool accessories.

Still remember the day I did my first ride with my Commuter e-bike and felt so cool when getting to work without a single drop on my face and the unconformable usual smell after riding my former bike (still got it by the way).

Joining forces, EBA was built by a group of friends who are passionate about riding their bicycles everywhere and more importantly, which Electric Bikes and other cool tools were available a few years earlier for the cycling community.

This website is our way of sharing our passion for the sport and for people evaluating to purchase an Electric Bike for different purposes.

Product Reviews

At Electric Bike Advisor, our final goal is to provide with the best and most accurate reviews of different Electric Bikes, from mount bikers to daily commuters. This way, we can advice you on the right e bike for you!.


If there is any electric bike that is not listed on our website or if you have any questions regarding any product, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Lastly, as we want to become one of the leader in electric bike reviews, we are more than happy to share your experiences so other riders can get to the next level by replacing their cars with this new way of transport.