eBike Anti Theft Guide: Best Ways to Secure an Electric Bike

Will eBike Anti Theft Systems be Enough to Provide a Sense of Security?

eBike anti theft equipment is what we need in order to give us peace of mind when leaving the bike unattended.

Surely you have been wondering what is the best way to secure you electric bike? A lock through the tires? or, maybe the frame? What about the characteristics of the ebike lock based on the security triangle (cheap, lighter or more secure)?

These set of questions are not simple to answer as many thieves have developed ways to break through most eBike locks. In addition,

Let’s see some of the methods at your disposal that will help keep it secured.


The best eBike lock mechanisms

If you do a simple internet search, you will find plenty of bike locking mechanisms.

From the alternatives bellow, you should consider how much are you willing to expend and how easy is to find a descent locking stop.


U-Lock mechanisms

Based of what we have seen, the best eBike lock alternatives for a tight budget will secure the frame and both tires, similar to the one seen in the images below:



Kryptonite Evolution with U-lock and 1.2 m long cable

✅ Can be used to lock the frame and tires at the same time.

X: It is a bit bulky and heavy, and apparently it is hard to lock.

Via Velo

Via Velo U lock plas cable for ebike anti theft locking system

✅ Sturdy and great customer services.

X: you will need the key to lock and unlock.

 Abus Granit X-Plus
Abus Granit X-Plus - Best ebike lock anti theft
✅ It is much lighter that Kryptonite, which makes it the favorite brand for most users.

X: The locking system end is a bid too big, so could be bothersome.

Securing the tires will prevent from one of them being stolen (which is what happens in most cases).

As for the frame, it is not as such what thieves target usually but limiting its movement will reduce the access to weak points and also, prevent the bike to roll over.


Complementary mechanisms

As technology evolves, some manufacturers have also embedded locking systems for more sophisticated electric bicycles.

This is the case of Bosch with its ebike controller electric lock, which allows users to remove it and therefore to deactivate the motor assistance.

As you can see, this is just a complementary mechanism on top of any standard mechanical lock.


Unfortunately, this system only works if the motor and battery are Bosch as well.


It is up to you to expend a few dollars on a descent mechanical locking system but if you have this Bosch system, why not to try it?


Chains and alarms

Now, if you really have no much budget, why to buy an electric bike? Kidding, we know there are a few affordable models. The same comes for anti theft locking systems.

From our research, the most popular ones are: Kriptonite and Abus models.


Kriptonite lock chain

Kryptonite Keeper lock chain for ebikes

✅ Quick and easy locking system.

X: Will only secure one item of your eBike.

FoldyLock compact

FoldyLock Compact lightweight ebike anti theft system

✅ Compact and easy to lock.

X: It is not too flexible and a bit short.

Sonew wireless lock system

Bike lock anti theft wireless system

✅ Lock or unlock by using a password or remote control.

X: Requires batteries so careful if you run out.

Abus Bordo ebike alarm
Bordo Alarm 6000/90 Plus ebike anti thief foldable lock
✅ Loud alarm and sturdy.

X: It may be a little short if anchor point is not easy accessible.


Cutting the power source

If you don’t have an eBike equipped with Bosch technology, there are other ways to restrict it from being stolen.

This is the case by removing the battery. Most electric bicycles let you remove it, either for charging purposes or reducing the thieves temptation.


removing battery


The only flip-side is that you may need to have a bag to carry the extra weight.

All in all, of course it’s never impossible for someone to steal your bike if they really have the motivation and tools to do so, but depending on where you secure the lock will make it harder for them.


Lockup Location

One thing that many people can be careless about is where they actually leave the bike locked up.

There are endless spots on the side of the road to which you can lock your bike, but some of these places may not be well-lit after sundown.

Some points that you could consider:


Dark and isolated areas

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for you to lock up your bike in densely populated areas. You should avoid choosing the darkest or most isolated spots.

If you’re locking up your bike at night, try to leave it close to a street light or other well-lit area.

Lastly, think ahead. Could you know where the ebike is going to be parked in advance? How is the area? By answering these questions, you could decide whether or not using it or catching public transport.


Indoors instead of outdoors

Don’t leave your eBike outside if you don’t have to. Even if you have a high fence or other security features, criminals are smart and fast and it may take them only a few minutes to steal it.

This is one of the main reasons why people commuting to work tent to buy folding electric bikes. Easy to fold, carry and keeping it safe.


Switch up the parking space

If you use your e-bike every day, you might want to switch up the parking space every so often.

From experience, criminals might be watching your bike at the location where it is usually parked.


Once they know your schedule, they will know when to come for it.


Also, always test the fixtures and objects used to lock the bike too. It is important that they cannot be tampered with or moved. Once you have locked the bike, you should try to move it just to check it’s secure.


Removing Valuable Accessories

Almost every bike has a few components that are fundamental – controller, battery and maybe the front and rear lights.

When you leave your bike locked up somewhere, make sure to remove any accessories that can be detached.


While criminals might not always try to steal the bike, they could pinch some of these accessories.


These can be expensive and since you can remove them, might as well pop them in your bag.


Locking the Bike According to Value

For many people, this statement might not make much sense. For instance, when locking a standard bicycle, you do think for second, from where to secure it?


What we mean is that it’s better to lock the bike by its most valuable component.


For eBikes, the frame could be the most important and expensive part, followed by the battery and accessories. Of course, it is not easy to steal the frame, so they will go for the whole lot.

ebike anti theft not used photo by Lance Grandahl

The good thing here is that all locks can be used to secure the frame.


On the other hand, we have also seen that thieves target the tires. Why? We don’t really know for certain but most likely because they need to replace a damaged one.

If you have really good electric bike tires, you might want to secure them separately as well by using one of the mechanism locks shown above.


Read More: Electric Bike Tires Guide.


Some tires can be very expensive and you will need to keep them protected. Also, you don’t want to looks one and then not being able to go back home.

From both set of tires, we believe the rear one could be the most valuable since that could have the motor embedded (if it’s a hub motor).


eBike Insurance?

It is possible that for some of you this topic has not come to mind.

As any other valuable element, electric bikes can also be insured. Think about what you want to be covered for: theft, accidents, liabilities?

eBike insurance comes also handy as part of your approval license to operate a powered bicycle.


Read More: Electric Bike Laws.


The good new is that there are quite a few companies offering a good insurance policy, but of course, each one of them differ slightly, for instance the type of approve locks!!.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through them in a near future article.


Wrap Up

eBikes are super fun to have, but much like your car or truck, you need to take the right precautions to make sure that the bike is secure.

As mentioned, the main thieves targets are going to be what ever is valuable and easy to take. For this reason, removing elements and securing the obvious ones will give you a bit of peace of mind.

It is a good habit to think in advance where are you traveling to, how secure is the area and whether or not there is a way to properly lock the bicycle.

All in all, keep in mind that no eBike anti theft locking system is perfect. There are many ways to break any security mechanism but for that, thieves need time.