Pegasus Premio Evo 10 e Bike Review

If you’re looking after a reliable trekking bike designed to tackle the wilds but also the urban jungle, the Pegasus Premio Evo 10 might be it.

Pegasus Premio Evo 10 Table Summary

PositivesTo Improve

✅ Different frames sizes and styles you can choose from to fulfill your needs (48 cm to 61 cm).

✅ Brings the reliable technology of Bosch parts.

✅ There is a rack attached for your extra elements.

⊖ Looks like it could be a bit tiring after some long rides.

Ebike Model & Class
Main Features
Tires & Rims
Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)
Ebike Model & Class

 - Model: Pegasus Premio Evo 10 Cross-stree and Trekking

 - Pedelec Class (<25 km/h).

Main Features

 - This Pegasus model 2019 comes in a variety of frames to choose from.

 - Two (2) cycling styles available, which means the e-bike has distinctive features to suit each style.

Tires & Rims

 - Rims: Ryde Taurus 2000.

 - Tires: Schwalbe marathon plus

 - 28 inch tire size.


 - Three (3) frame sizes (45 cm as minimum and 61 cm as maximum available).

 - Aluminum alloy frame that can support up to 135 kg additional weight.


 - Bosch Performance Line CX.

 - 250 watts mid-hub motor.

 - 75 Nm maximum torque that will give the push you need.


 - Bosch Powerpack 500 Wh Li-ion battery.

 - 36 volts, 13.4 Ah capacity.

 - Maximum charging time at 3.5 hrs.

 - 215 km efficiency in normal conditions.


 - Bosch Intuvia

 - Four (4) assistant modes: Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco.

 - USB port to charge your smart phone if running low.

Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)

 - Shifter: Shimano Deore SL-M6000

 - Cassette: Shimano CS-HG500-10 11-42T.

 - 10 derailleur gears.

This is one of the most versatile e-bikes on the market, addressing riders of all ages and heights.

Ten (10) gears and reliable assistance make this city commuter electric bike a sweet treat when it comes to riding uphill or on difficult terrains.

Great suspension and integration of high-end components are other advantages that can turn it into your go-to commute or adventure bike.

A solid design and slightly wider tires make from the Premium Evo 10 an all-rounder.

Are you wondering if it’s really worth the four-figure investment? Find it out in our review below.

Pegasus Premio Evo 10 Main Features

  • Frame

The Pegasus Premio Evo 10 impresses with a robust aluminum alloy frame that withstands riders of up to 135 kg (or any combination of elements to reach up that weight). But the true highlight is the variety of frames (three options) you can choose from.

The Evo 10 comes in two (2) styles, trekking and cross-street. Both models are ideal to use on all terrains, but they give you different frame choices.

Trekking Style:

Evo 10 Trekking is delivered in the crossbar, trapeze, and step-through frames. The first two are ideal for riders between 160 and 190 cm tall; we must also say that the crossbar kind also comes in a 61cm variant which is ideal for riders taller than 190cm.

The step-through model comes in 45, 50, and 55cm sizes. It is ideal for kids, teens, women, or riders suffering from mobility issues and who can’t use another frame type.

This style of Evo 10 comes with puncture-resistant marathon tires, and a sturdy wheel-set designed to provide performance both on and off-road. Its 10-speed chain derailleur will also give you plenty of options when it comes to reaching top performance.

Due to its hybrid design, this e-bike also impresses with outstanding weight distribution and riding stability.

Cross-street Style:

Moving on to Cross Street, this style is designed specifically for the off-road. It comes with grooved tires that make it the perfect companion for weekend outings as well as demanding tours.

Just like its trekking counterpart, it comes with a 10-speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes. A sturdy suspension fork and hard-tail design enhance riding experience on challenging surfaces.

The Cross Street model comes in either crossbar or trapeze style; the former offer frame sizes between 48 and 61cm. The latter goes from 45 to 58cm. With such a generous range, you’ll surely be able to find the e bike that suits you best.

  • Battery

Besides the obvious differences between frame style and tire types, all Premio Evo 10 bikes share the same motor and battery specifications.

To start with the battery, we’re looking at a powerful Bosch PowerPack 500. A thing to notice is that the battery is stylishly integrated into the down tube and has no impact on the bike’s aesthetics. Still, it delivers the reliable assistance you’d expect from a 500Wh.

You will get up to 215 km of assistance in normal conditions. Challenging tracks may drain it faster, but considering that you won’t be using it downhill anyway, it’s easy to get satisfied.

This battery also recharges quite fast and is fairly compact. You can expect to get it from fully drained to charge in less than 4 hours. If you’re planning weekend outings, an extra battery cleverly thrown in your backpack could be an optimal solution to never running out of juice, however consider the additional weight of it.

  • Motor Efficiency

Bosh Performance Line CX Pegasus motorAll Pegasus Premio Evo 10 electric bikes are a prime example of innovative technology applied to a simple vehicle. They come with powerful Performance Line CX 250 Watt motors manufactured by Bosch, and just as the name suggests, this type of motor is a workhorse.

Expect instant response and smooth pedaling assistance. You can change frequency seamlessly and enjoy the feeling of riding a traditional bike without the extra sweat.

The mid-drive Bosch motor also ensures exceptional balance; it impresses with fluid start-up at traffic lights and boost kicks on inclines.

The high torque gives Evo 10 a sporty character, a typical feature in a trekking or cross-street e bike.

  • Performance

Performance is also given by the additional features that define this city commuter beast. It comes with an adjustable stem angle that lets you choose from a more upright or sportier position. The wheelbase and steering angle also deliver balanced handling that combines maneuverability with speed.

The saddle also ensures a uniform weight distribution, and you can expect to reach up to 25 km/h. Realistically speaking though, it’s unlikely to get to that speed, unless you’re riding downhill – but in that case, you can exceed the speed even without assistance.

  • Controller

Bosch Intuvia LCD display controller for Pegasus e-bikes
Image courtesy of Bosch e-bike

Like all the Bosch LCD controllers, the Intuvia display has been designed to provide four (4) assistance levels:

  • Turbo: all the power the Bosh motor can provide, will be given to you.
  • Sport: Good power for your ride with some battery saving.
  • Tour: You will get a gentle assistance to give enough power and extend the battery energy.
  • Eco: This is the mode where you can save battery as much as possible just because you need a bit of power.

Now, if you feel strong or you need to save some battery for later then you can turn off the e-bike assistance at any time.

You can also recharge you smartphone by connecting the Bosch Intuvia controller using a USB port but careful, this means your e-bike’s juice will get consumed a bit more.

Premio Evo 10 Pros & Cons

Probably this is the more important part of this review so this is just a small list of thing we thing are positive and negatives of the Pegasus Premio Evo 10:


  • Bosch Intuvia LCD control panel ensures easy control of the assisted mode.
  • Up to 75Nm maximum torque and high pedaling frequencies.
  • Cross-country engine ensures performance on all types of terrains.
  • Different frame size to accommodate any type of rider.
  • Comes with a rack attached so that you can bring any light elements you could need.

To Improve:

  • The e-bike could be a tad uncomfortable for long rides.

What to Consider Before Buying the Pegasus Premio Evo 10

Shimano rear derailleur and Schwalbe marathon plus tiresThe Pegasus Premio Evo 10 is a sporty electric bike designed also for off-road action (not a full mountain e bike style though). You could use it for your daily commute or touring, but don’t expect it to deliver utmost comfort.

If you’re a lover of cross-country and soft mountain biking disciplines, this bad boy will deliver utmost performance though.

Coming in two (2) distinct models and a variety of frame designs, it can easily suit riders of all ages and heights.

We also like that it has an average price compared to other e-bikes in its class (Pedelec). Fairly lightweight, balanced, and easy to control, the Evo 10 can bring satisfaction to all outdoor lovers.

Final Verdict

If you like off-road riding and need a bit of pedaling assistance, it’s impossible not to like the Premio Evo 10. The brand manufactured a variety of bikes under this name, so you can choose from different frame types and sizes the one you like and suits you best.

All Evo 10 models are powered by a reliable Bosch motor, battery and controller that can give you just the right kick when you’re riding uphill or on challenging terrains. Rugged terrain tires and perfect balance also enhance safety.

It also has a great price point. We’re still looking at a 4-figure amount though, but it’s cheaper compared to other bikes in its class. Powerful and reliable, the Pegasus Premio Evo 10 will undoubtedly bring you the expected satisfaction.


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