Giant Explore E+ 2 ebike Review

One of the most popular hybrid e-bikes on the market, the Giant Explore E+ 2 appealing to most cyclists. Is It Right For You?

The Giant Explore E+ 2 combines the qualities of a city bike with the versatile performance of an MTB. It can easily handle city streets as well as off-road trails, all thanks to its exceptional handling, adaptability, and power.

Giant Explore E+ 2 Electric Bike Table Summary


✅ Frame configuration choice between step-through (women) and diamond (men).

✅ 180mm Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

✅ Nine (9) speed drivetrain allow for a fast adjustment of the performance.

⊖ The Giant Explore E+ 2 is rather expensive. Nonetheless, its performance is well worth the investment.

Explore E Plus 2 SPECS

Ebike Model & Class
Main Features
Tires, Rims & Brakes
Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)
Ebike Model & Class

 - Giant Explore E+ 2, 2019.

 - Class 3 (S-Pedelec).

Main Features

 - Provides with nine (9) speed levels, combining the power of Yamaha motors and different frame sizes for women and men.

 - Integrated with Giant’s PedalPlus 4-sensor technology to improve the motor assistance.

 - System bag & basket integrated to carry your everyday elements.

Tires, Rims & Brakes

 - 700c aluminum rims.

 - Stainless steel spokes.

 - 45c wide tires for gravel roads.

 - Tubeless ready so reduces the chance of sudden break downs.

 - Knobby tread for great grip on gravel and bitumen.

 - Shimano Hydraulic 180 mm discs


 - Step-through (STA) and diamond (GTA).

 - Three (3) size (17", 19" and 21") for STA.

 - 23" for GTA.

 - ALUXX SL aluminum.

 - Depp blue only available.


 - SyncDrive Sport Yamaha Motor.

 - 5 modes assistance.

 - 80Nm torque Mid-Drive motor.


 - 36-volt 13.8Ah.

 - 500 Wh Energy Pack.

 - Rechargeable lithium-ion technology.

 - 3.2 kgs.

 - Recharges fully on 6 hrs (from drained).

 - Min Range: 30 miles (48 km).

 - Max Range: 70 miles (112 km).



 - RideControl ONE; bottons free on handlebar.

 - LED lightning to indicate your level of assistance and battery life.

 - Integrates with your phone to show extra features such as fitness level and Navigation.

Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)

 - Shimano SL-M2000 shifter.

 - Shimano Deore (Rear Derailleur).

 - Shimano 11-36T 9 speed cassette.

Combining the best of both worlds, this electric bike from the house of Giant is ideal for the amateur rider. But will it live up to the expectations of a professional cyclist? Check out our Giant Explore e bike review to discover its features, advantages, and drawbacks.

Giant Explore E+ 2 Main Features

  • Frame

Marketed as a mid-range electric hybrid bike, this Giant Explore bike is perfect for commuters, trekkers, and leisure riders who want to take their pedaling ease one step further. Offered in step-through (STA) and diamond (GTA) frame configurations, this electric bike is as accessible as possible.

Both configurations are unisex; however, the former is undoubtedly more suited for commuters and leisure riders, while cross-country riders may prefer the GTA style.

The only slight difference between the two models, except for the obvious frame design, is the size.

STA comes in three (3) size options (17″, 19″ and 21″) and suits riders between 160 and 190 centimeters tall. Giant added a fourth size option to its GTA model, dedicated to cyclists taller than 190 centimeters (23″).

The Giant Explore E+ 2 has a robust frame constructed in the manufacturer’s signature ALUXX SL aluminum, with overdrive head tube and integrated kickstand mount. Designed to absorb road shocks and improve comfort, the hydraulic lockout fork presents a 60mm travel.

  • Motor Efficiency & Performance

SyncDrive Sport Yamaha Motor - Giant Explore E+ 2

Giant’s collaboration with Yamaha in the construction of this e-bike’s motor has provided an outstanding result in the form of its SyncDrive Sport.

Dedicated for everyday riding as well as more demanding off-road riding, the SyncDrive Sport offers five support modes and is widely acclaimed for its performance and reliability. In fact, this mid-drive motor delivers a powerful 80Nm torque and assists with up to 350% rider power output.

A great feature is undoubtedly the tuneable support, which allows you to adjust the responsiveness of the drive based on preference or riding style.

Useless to say this option makes the bike suitable for most riders, regardless of their level of experience.

  • Control Assistance

All adjustments can be made through the multi-functional RideControl One system. Its minimalist design enhances the perfect aesthetics of this Giant e bike. Integrated buttons free your handlebar of any display and allow you to shift through support modes as needed.

LED lightning shows the selected support mode and your battery level. Furthermore, the bike can also connect to a mobile device through the Giant E-bike App, displaying additional information including fitness data and navigation.

  • Battery

Acting as fuel is Giant’s 36-volt 13.8Ah rechargeable lithium-ion EnergyPak. This side-released battery presents compact dimensions that add little bulk to the bike and a heft of only 3.2 kilograms.

The actual battery range is hard to define and dependable on rider’s weight, type of trail, and level of assistance provided. Nevertheless, the battery recharges quite fast, usually in under six (6) hours from drained to full.

  • Tires & Rims

Front light Tire and Hydraulic 180 mm disc brake for Giant Explore E plus 2

The Giant Explore E+ 2 comes with wheels worth of the best-in-class title. Designed to handle most terrains, they feature e-bike optimized 700c aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes. Giant’s tubeless ready wheel construction pairs wonderfully with the 45c wide gravel tires.

On the other hand, the hubs are also e-bike optimized, while their 135mm size is fitted for cross-country, trail riding, and other mountain biking disciplines.

The tires have an emphasized knobby tread which improves grip on dirt trails while it’s still slick enough to ensure an excellent rolling speed on city streets.

  • Other additions

Its hard-tail construction offers fast and fun rides on most terrains, soaking up the moderate bumps of rougher trails. To add up comfort is also the Giant Contact Comfort upright saddle fixed on a 2-bolt micro-adjustable forged aluminum seat post

Explore E plus 2 drivetrain - STA model

Suitable for utility or touring use, the bike also incorporates front and rear lights, mudguards, and racks fitted as standard.

The frame finish brings all you could expect from such an imposing brand – quality welds, smooth lines, and a flawless matt black paintwork with deep blue accents. We also liked that the drive system control cabling is internally routed for clean aesthetics, despite the rather exposed cabling at the front.

Overall performance is ensured by Giant’s PedalPlus 4-sensor technology developed to measure the exact amount of force you’re applying to the pedals. This allows the motor to deliver a smooth power boost that feels like a natural aid on all terrains.

At the same time, integrated speed sensors monitor your traveling speed, adjusting the assistance accordingly. Like most assisted pedaling bikes, the E+ 2 doesn’t exceed 25mph (40 kph).

What to Consider Before Buying this e Bike?

Is the Giant Explore E+ 2 right for you? It depends on what you need. This Giant electric bike is undoubtedly exceptional and designed to fit all. However, there are a few objective criteria you should consider before buying:

  • Size

If you’re an average-sized rider, any E+ 2 model can work for you. However, if you’re taller than 190cm and don’t like the diamond style frames, this bike might not be the one you were looking for.

  • Style

You should consider your riding style. This electric bike is perfect for commuting, leisure riding, and cross-country. If you practice another mountain biking discipline, an e-bike with full suspension could be a better choice.

  • Budget

Last but not least, consider the weigh in your budget. Hybrid e-bikes come in a wide range of prices, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. While the Giant Explore E+ 2 is not the cheapest out there, its performance fully justifies its heftier price. Yet, if you only need the bike for occasional leisure cycling, a more affordable option could do too.

Giant Explore E+ 2: Final Verdict

Two (2) frame types ensure suitability for both men and women and flexibility for all riding styles. Furthermore, this bike is easy to maneuver, reliable, and comfortable to ride on.

Equipped with a powerful motor, a dependable battery, and boasting a sturdy construction, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by its performance.

No doubts, this is a great hybrid e-bike for you if you’re looking after top-notch quality and don’t mind a slightly heftier price.

The Giant Explore E+ 2 is undoubtedly worth every dime and makes a good investment for frequent users. Whether you’re a commuter or an avid cycling amateur, this e-bike brings tangible benefits.


2 thoughts on “Giant Explore E+ 2 ebike Review

  • December 1, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    I purchased the 2020 version of this bike for the daily 22 mile round trip to work. It is really comfy, and with the addition of the badass 4 box, I cruise to work comfortably at about 20mph. It has been a month of rain, and some of the rain water managed to get into the control box causing a problem with the electrics. I returned the bike to the shop and after plugging it in to conduct a diagnostic, Giant have agreed that it is a warranty issue, and it will be be fitted with a new one. The bike shop informed me that this was the second Giant bike returned this week and that Giant were looking at a fix for the control unit – it is a recognised fault.

    In term of battery/distance I have found the following. On ‘normal’ assistance mode, with the badass 4 fitted cruising at 20mph I reckon the battery would allow me to do about 35-40 miles on one charge. Reduce the assist to ‘Eco’, and change gear to an easy setting – you can cruise at about 12mph, and get more like 55-60miles from one charge.

    I am the only person at work to have an e-bike. They are expensive, but I am saving at least 50 pounds a month on fuel which pays for the bike (with Giant zero percent finance). I am not a cyclist, and the e-assist is fantastic for novices like me to get out, do some miles, and enjoy the benefits of excercise and fresh air.

    • December 3, 2019 at 9:57 am

      Hi Marcus, thanks for sharing your experience. Good to hear you found a way to increase the performance of the e-bike and that Giant is taking care of the faulty situation.

      I agree that if you want to invest in a good quality e-bike, you will have to expend some good money, which is worth at the end.


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