Razor Dirt Bike MX650 Review: Is It Fun to Ride?

What’s the Fuss All About the Latest Razor Dirt eBike Model?

Sometime ago, we reviewed the MX350 dirt bike to see if it was worth the investment.

Today, we shine the spotlight on the Razor dirt bike MX650.


MX650 dirt bike MX650 children dirt bike price


This manufacturer is no stranger to the children e-dirt bike movement.

In fact, they have become a household name in the industry and that is not out of place.

For a brand that practically redefined how we look at the industry, with their multiple roll-outs of some of the best e-bike units in the game, they deserve all the accolades that they get.

Since the launch in 2016, users could tell the improvements against previous models.

As anything else, this doesn’t mean it is the best. So, is it or not worth buying?


What Kids Could Experience When Riding this Dirt Bike?

We might be sentimental about it due to our like for the brand.

So, it is just right to not just look at our personal positions to agree on the verdict for this part:


It is one of the best ones your kid will ride out there.


Interestingly enough, Razor went back to the drawing board to improve what didn’t work out for the other models out of the line.

A perk of electric models is the lack of noise which, for some, might defeat the very purpose of a true dirt bike, right?.

This is a neat little feature that comes in handy when riding it through residential areas without bringing any of that usual disturbance.

For maneuverability, they kept the pneumatic knobby tires to ensure better grip, handling and traction when riding on more technical terrains.

Speaking of traction, the larger 16-inch front wheels on this model guarantees a better contact with any ground conditions.

All of that contributes to, not only a better smoothness of ride, but improved safety of the rider as well.


Analysis of Main Components

Coming at a higher price point and suited to older users too, let’s see what all the power under the frame of this throttle electric bike holds for us.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

One of the places where Razor got so much criticism was on the battery quality.


For a charge that lasted more than 5 hours at points, the bike would only top out at a ride for 30 minutes.


Those that got more out of previous versions claimed some 45 minutes – which is mostly due to a combination of the weight of the rider and the terrain.

Now, the company has flipped the switch with an 8-hour charging time that will last you a whole hour at higher speeds.



The manufacturer requires to have a 12 hr charging period before the first use.


They also make it better for you to keep an eye on your charge level from the right-hand bar.

Besides the power indicator, which shows when the bike is on or off, you also get power meters to let you know when the battery is full or low.


We are still looking forward to that model with a more effective battery than this one.


Seeing the advancements that the company has made over time, we are sure they will come up with something good.

That said, the battery and range here are nothing short of impressive.


How fast does it go?

When we reviewed the MX350 and compared it against the MX125, the speed was one of the first things we went for.

It is not surprising to see that the brand improved the motor and made sure to reach about 17+ mph of speed (27 km/h), at least, with that little motor.


We know it doesn’t look too impressive but keep in mind that it was built for children learning about the sport.


What is more interesting is that this model can reach the speed faster than others in the same line-up.

The real top speed is dependent on a number of factors: from the weight of the rider to the choice of terrain.

Likewise, heavier users might not climb up to 17mph, so don’t feel disappointed if that is the case.


The Razor MX650 Responsiveness

Getting used to a real dirt bike would take more than the parents approval and some steeper learning curve than what you get here.

For starters, getting the Rocket out of the box and assembling it doesn’t require any technical know-how.


You can, as well, assemble the entire thing in 30 minutes or under. Depending on how excited you are!!


Charging, start and stop are as easy as they come. You practically get all that you need in just a few minutes.

Speaking of the handling, the knobby tires on the front makes this model as close as possible to an actual dirt motorbike.

These small tires ensure that you have a better grip and handling when riding on uneven ground.

From the basic controls, the brakes (more on that later too) and to the throttle feature are right in front of you.

This means you can simply rest your hand on the handlebars and cruise along at the speed level you can reach.

We could go on and on, but you get it already.


How About Safety?

There’s a reason why we mentioned not allowing your kids to ride at top speed in urban areas.


Silent motor and protective gear

The Rocket MX650 runs on a more silent motor than the its predecessors, making it a little tricky for car and truck drivers to hear when these bikes are around.


That is why we recommend that you never go the maximum speed in a busy area. Be careful!!


Adding to the above, any rider must wear a certified helmet and other protective gear, similar to the one below:


Certified kids dirt bike helmet from Razor


Suspension system

Fortunately, the company also has you covered with some safety measures of its own.

This was as a result of various complaints about the lack of a suspension system on previous models.

So, they put two (2) on this one:

– a solid front fork with suspension that compresses 50 mm.


Kids dirt bike front suspension with 30 mm spring compression


– and a seat suspension system to distribute the shocks away from the rider.


Braking hydraulic system

There is also a dual braking system.

One of the first things your children should do is to feel the responsiveness of the brakes and to find out which handle operates each tire.

The reason behind is to find out how much pressure should be applied to the brakes in different ground conditions – from dry road to wet and slippery, among others.


You should probably know this but worth mentioning:

The front brakes are recommended when braking in a straight line – while the rear brakes are best for navigating corners.


How Does It Fit According to eBike Regulations (U.S, E.U, and AU)

In Australia, the laws are pretty tight given the 200-250W power rating output mark put on e-bikes.

As you already know, it is rated at 650W, which is way beyond the required maximum power.

Things are more flexible in the E.U., where most countries are allowed to define their laws.

For example, in Belgium and Finland, you can ride an e-bike of up to 1000W, as long as you are above the age of 16 – and you don’t even need a helmet for that.

Elsewhere like in Norway, Sweden, and Latvia, for example, the 250W maximum power output rule remains.

Lucky for most users and the manufacturer’s interest, it is legal according to U.S. laws (less than 750W and that do not exceed 20mph in speed).

Thus, they fit right in line with the provisions of the law in the States.

Generally speaking, check your local electric bike laws so that you comply with them as required.


Read More: Electric Bike Laws – Know Them Before Riding.


Is It Worth Buying It?

The hundreds upon hundreds of reviews of this kid’s dirt electric bike tells that it is a good buy.

But, let’s say we aren’t looking at these and wanted to get objective by ourselves.

The first thing that stands out on the bike is the quality of the build.

They used real steel for the frame and other components (you can try it with magnets), so they didn’t cut on any costs there.

The seat is well padded, the drive is smooth, the tires are great and you could have fun riding this unit.

It is often compared with the SX500, but the front tires alone show that they don’t offer the same riding experience.


Although they carry the same drive-train, this MX650 manages to edge out the SX option.


If you were considering the cost, another option that we would suggest to look is the MX500.

They both carry the same drive-train again, internal module, and set of batteries, among other things.

We sometimes joke that the major difference between these two is the choice of stickers on them. Besides the age appropriateness, that is.

For that extra push, power, aesthetic appeal, and drive smoothness, though, we don’t see why you shouldn’t go for the Razor Dirt Bike MX650 instead.


Razor MX650


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability




What we like

  • ✅ It comes with a simple but good enought front fork with spring suspension.
  • ✅ Children over 12 years old can sit comfortably on it.
  • ✅ It is an affordable kid's electric dirt bike.
  • ✅ The throttle feature lets the kid to regulate the speed.

What we do not like

  • Still too heavy for our liking.
  • External frame seems to be more fragile than expected.
  • There is not horn installed.

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