Razor MX350 Dirt Bike Review: Is It Good for Your Kid?

Is The Razor MX350 The Best Value for Money Electric Dirt Bike for Kids?

The Razor MX350 has a sterling reputation in the electric bike market mostly because of how pioneering they are.

The brand reinvented the wheel on scooters, flipping the switch to make the electric phenomenon that’s so popular today.


Razor MX350 Electric dirt bike for kids below 10 years old


From a company that has sold tens of millions of scooters, it does seem that they can do no wrong.

But, can the same thing be said for the MX350 electric dirt bike that they introduced to the market?

The fact that we have trusted them once doesn’t mean that we do so blindly again.

Today, we take a deep dive into what makes this electric dirt bike for kids so great.

Technical Specs


– Class 2 (throttle only).

– 350 watts (nominal).

– 25 km/h (14 mph).


– 2 x 12V, 768watts/hr, 48v, 14.5Ah (Panasonic)

– Lead acid.

– Charging in 10 hrs.

– Approx 11 km (7 miles).


– No controller, single speed.


– Plastic.

– L: 1.1 m (44″); H: 60 m (24″).

– Small size for 13 yr old kids.


– Single Speed.

– 36 T chain.


– Front and rear: Tektro double piston system.

– 100mm hydraulic system.


– OW: 22 kg (48 lbs).

– CC: 60 kg (140 lb).


– 12″ pneumatic.

– Allow rims.


– None so far.

Riding the MX350 e Dirt Bike

Most of the people who had either ridden or seen these bikes confirm that they look, feel and sound like dirt bikes.

Of course, they don’t come with all that noise but the rider gets satisfaction from the hum when they throttle it forward.

The ride on any of these bikes is pretty smooth and embodies the market lass that it is made for: kids.


While the bike will do well on off-road terrains too, it is not advisable for such areas.


If you are coming from an MX125, you will have known that these electric dirt bikes hate going off-road.

The good news is that brand improved on that with the MX350 but it is nowhere a perfect off-road machine either.


From one standpoint, what is the point of a dirt bike that doesn’t do dirt well?


We can see how they might be gunning for kids to master their controls on tarred roads before going onto dirt tracks with some experience under their belt.

Buttressing that point is the lack of a suspension on this model, which is present on the bigger siblings of the same bike.

Finally, it would be poor of us not to talk about the choice of pneumatic tires.

These spoked tires are rugged enough on the outside to handle pretty much about anything. They provide the needed traction and grip so there is nothing much to complain about.


In all, this is what we are saying:

The Razor MX350 dirt rocket pairs great handling with dirt-bike-like maneuverability and is an ideal pick for the starter biker to get their greenhorns painted to another hue.

Is This Dirt e-Bike Worth Buying?

The ride is great, but that’s not all there is to the dirt bike movement.

Before choosing an electric dirt bike for your kids, you need to know more than that.

So, we delve into the varying factors that you should consider for a final buying decision.


Build quality

We say that it provides great value for the money – and that is not a way to avoid saying that they used cheap materials to justify this rather affordable price tag.


Razor MX350 Dirt rocket parts


The steel frame of the machine is solid, robust, and high quality.

The entire engine area, if we can call it that, is also enclosed with premium materials to prevent tampering or electrical injuries to the operator.


The handles, tires, and seats are not left out of the quality build promise.


All of these parts come together to make a premium unit that looks worth more than what you paid for it.


Kids age range

The advertised age range for the Razor model is 13 years. We believe this to be more from a safety and regulation standpoint than what works.

Most users have found the bike is better suited for their 6 to 8-year-olds. Thus, you can choose one for them to get the best out of the bike (more on this later).

Make sure to show them the ropes and guide them through riding the bike for the first few times too.

Lastly, know that as your kid grows, it will not be suitable in the future and you may need to upgrade the size.


Ease of use

Once your kids get a hang of the bike, you can rest assured that they can get it charged and use it safely on their own.

Unlike a gas-powered dirt bike, the electric drive train on the Razor dirt rocket is pretty straightforward. The kid only has to flip a switch and they are good to go.

The charging port is also easily accessible and foolproof. Kids can easily get their unit charged once the power is gone.



The weight of this e-Dirt bike is around 70 pounds (31.7 kg), which is a marvel for all that it brings to the table.


The unit tips the scale just right that it doesn’t look flimsy, and enough to ensure kids can pick themselves up after a fall.


Sometimes, falling while riding it is inevitable and could be a part of the learning curve.

You want to, however, be sure that your kid won’t be crushed under all that weight. That balance is what Razor brings to the table with this dirt bike.



Even though, we mentioned that this e-bike doesn’t like to go off-road, it handles well on most uneven terrains.

Make sure the rider has enough training on solid ground before they go for uneven lands, though.


Training wheels for e-dirt bke rocket for kids


Proper acclimatization with the dirt bike builds confidence in the ability to maneuver around different obstacles better.


The handles are also well constructed for a comfortable grip.


While some users prefer that this throttle electric bike system covers the entire right-hand bar, we like it the way it is.

This way, your kids can simply rest their hands on the bar and cruise the machine without giving too much power every time.


The safety side

The seat on this electric dirt bike is low enough so that children can reach the floor with their feet, not their tiptoes.

This is an improvement over models like the Yamaha TTR50, which are also great for kids but has a higher ground clearance.

With such height allowance, kids have more confidence in the ride since their feet can always reach the ground anytime. Furthermore, this singular feature makes the bike easier to mount.

That’s not where the safety features end, though.

As mentioned earlier, all the electric stuff is safely tucked away. Being an electric unit, the bike doesn’t get hot so don’t worry about the rider getting burned – not even in the slightest.

The hand-operated brakes kick in quite nicely. They are neither too fast that they disorient the rider nor too slow to engage. Razor strikes the balance just right on this one.

It is recommended to teach your kids how to apply the brakes and stop the unit first before any other thing.

Likewise, get them the proper protective gear before they go out riding.


Razor MX350 top speed

How fast is the Razor MX350? The specs of the unit advertises a 14mph top speed (25 km/h). Like many other things, that top speed depends.


It has a throttle configuration with a single speed. The throttle is not modulated so you either have it all on (full speed) or off (nothing).


A younger rider is more likely to weigh lesser and as such, they could reach higher top speeds.


Kids have reached top speeds of 17mph (27 km/h), and they weren’t even trying too hard.


For a heavier rider, the top speed might be lower than the advertised one as they put more drag on the drive-train of the machine.

The good news is that your kid might not have to max out the speeds anyway, so it should do well for most ages and weight range.

The fact that the machine picks up speed fast from the start (unlike the MX125, for example), it also promises that the rider might not notice the lack of top speed if they are on the bigger side.


The lead acid battery

For all the good that this electric dirt bike does, the Razor MX350 battery is one flaw that we cannot forgive.

We know it is best not to expect too much from a lead-acid battery, but running for 30 minutes only to require a 4–6-hour charge does not quite cut it for us.


The battery efficiency is questionable so the company had to revisit it on the more recent models.


That said, the 30 minutes runtime is not etched in stone.


Lead acid Battery for dirt e-bikes


Combining the age-weight thing, again, younger/ less-heavy riders have gotten from 40-45 minutes runtime on the machine.

The kind of terrain also makes a lot of difference: rough terrains drain batteries faster.


What happen to the suspension?

Another reason why you might not want to encourage your children to take the bike off-road for long periods is the lack of suspension.

This means every single irregularity in the road sends feedback through the rider’s body.


Front wheel with no suspension


Most kids don’t seem to mind, but it is a fact that jumping and harsh terrains will have some effect on them.

We suspect that the overall weight was more than enough for a little kid so adding a suspensions system, for now, was not too ideal.


Longevity of components

This is a dicey one.

Electrical equipment can choose to give up on their users for the flimsiest of reasons. That, however, does not mean the entire line of production is poor.

On the Dirt Rocket, for example, we have seen users own theirs for 4-5 years before the battery starts failing to hold a charge long enough.

However, there are also a minority of users who didn’t even get anywhere near that time-frame on their units.

These things can depend on how well this dirt e-Bike is used, maintained, and stored.


Good new is the low maintenance cost of it.


On average, these machines last long but you have to take care of them.



This might need no saying, but electric equipment rarely makes any noise.

The same is true for most of these powered dirt bikes.

That is also the reason why you should not allow your kids to ride these on open streets, especially without supervision.


This e-bike is quite silent, and will go unadvertised on the roads.


Thus, it could be difficult for vehicles to see your little ones on the road or ‘sense’ that a vehicle is coming, which can lead to an accident.

If your kid needs to ride out in the street, make sure it is a less busy one and that they have someone to chaperone them.

About the Local Laws for this e-Bike

As you may infer, this electric bike will be used in private land, either at yours or a local approved park.

If you were located in Australia or the European Union, it would be not legal to ride it on the streets – throttle mode and 350w power output, but it is okay on private land.

In contrast, in the United States, it will be classified as C2, which is within the regulation.

As we always say, go and check the laws applicable to the area you intend to use it.

Razor MX350 Dirt Bike for Kids Wrap Up

The MX350 is not just a good enough electric dirt bike for kids, but it is also one that is still worth buying today.

For how long? We don’t know that yet.

There are new model giving a bit more of benefits (like added suspension from the MX500) but those advantages will be up to you.

Whether your kid is just starting or upgrading from a smaller model, they will find the comfort, ease of use, and applications of the Razor dirt rocket just right.

Fitted with a forward-thinking safety design and longevity to match, the only deal-breaker here remains the runtime to charging time ratio.

All in all, we believe that the Razor MX350 is an option to go for any beginner in the dirty bike world.

Images courtesy of Razor.

Razor MX350


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability


What we like

  • ✅ Good for kids wanting to try the dirt bike world.
  • ✅ Decent speed for a little e-Bike.
  • ✅ Wheels have good carving for dirt.

What we do not like

  • Throttle function is a single speed and is not moderated.
  • It is not big enough for kids over 8 years old.
  • No suspension at all.