Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 e bike Review

The Cube acid hybrid One 500 combines rugged lines with the comfort and adaptability you’d expect from an e bike ready to conquer the urban jungle.

Cube acid hybrid One 500 2019 Table Summary


✅ Frame comes in different sizes for men and women.

✅ Battery, motor and controller manufactured by Bosch.

✅ It is considered a lightweight e bike compared to other city commuter models.

⊖ If you want to carry lot of stuff, you will need to buy a rack separately.

Ebike Model & Class
Main Features
Tires, Rims & Brakes
Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)
Ebike Model & Class

 - Class 2 (Pedelec).

 - Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 2019.

Main Features

✅ It is a lightweight e bike compared with other city commuter models.

✅ Different size frame options for women and men.

✅ Reliable motor, battery and controller powered by Bosch.

Tires, Rims & Brakes

 - Shimano BR-MT200, hydraulic disc brake 180mm (front and rear brakes).

 - Cube ZX20, 32H, Disc (rims).

 - Schwalbe Tough Tom, Active, 2.25 (front and rear tire).


 - Aluminum frame.

 - Men’s frame options: 15", 17", 19", 21" and 23".

 - Women's trapeze frame options: 15", 17"and 19".


 - Bosch mind hub drive active plus 50Nm cruise 250Watts.


 - Bosch Li-ion Power pack 500wh.

 - Comes with a fast charger.


 - Bosch Purion Controller

 - 5 assistance modes: off, eco, tour, sport and turbo.

Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)

 - Shimano RD-M2000-SGS, 9 Speed (rear mech).

 - Shimano SL-M2000, Rapidfire Plus (shifter).

 - Shimano CS-HG200, 11-34T (cassette).


The cube acid one 500 is an urban electric bike that could be the one you are looking for if you are after an elegant city commuter or touring e bike.

What strikes is the way it incorporates modern technologies in a fairly traditional yet lightweight frame.

Perfect to use in all seasons; it fits seamlessly into your daily life. Try it once, and you’ll wonder how you lived for so long without it. Like anything else though, the Cube Acid Hybrid has a downsides too.

Read our review to find if they are deal breakers and see if this is the right e bike for you.

Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 Main Features

  • Frame

Ideal for riders of all sizes, the Cube acid hybrid One 500 impresses with its agile geometry designed to compete against anything, from entry-level commuter to high-end race bikes.

It’s offered in a standard and trapeze frame variant that appeal to men and women alike.

 Cube internal cables and handle barOne nice thing is the variety of sizes. The men’s frame comes in all dimensions from 38 to 58 centimeters (15″, 17″, 19″, 21″ and 23″), whereas ladies and anyone who prefer the trapeze frame can pick from 38, 43, or 48 centimeter frames (15″, 17″and 19″).

All sizes come with 29-inch wheels designed to provide smooth rides on all terrains.

But the true highlight of this fantastic e bike is the lightweight aluminum chassis. Its double buttered tubes shave off weight in all strategic points and add strength where it’s truly needed, resulting in a robust assembly that will unlikely let you down.

We particularly like that Cube involved advanced hydro forming technology in the manufacturing of the acid hybrid one 500.

Attention to detail and sleek lines truly make the difference between this and your average commuter’s e-bike.

Users also praise the agile ride, a feature designed to give Acid Hybrid intuitive handling both on and off the road.

Internal routing of cables and the possibility to upgrade the dropper post will not only prevent premature wear and tear of the delicate components. It also gives you the possibility to reduce maintenance while making sure that your gears stay precise.

The frame also has integrated mudguards mounts. It doesn’t come with fenders or a bike rack, as a matter of fact, but these accessories are readily available from the manufacturer at a rather low cost (just what you need for no-frills all year round riding).

  • Battery

Bosch battery 500whThe beating heart of an e bike is undoubtedly its battery. And the Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 29 comes with a strong one.

This e-bike’s battery is manufactured by Bosch, a giant renowned worldwide for its utmost precision and durability. Like you can expect, the battery used on the Acid Hybrid doesn’t disappoint.

We’re talking about a Power-pack 500, a reliable lithium-ion developed to output a whopping 500 watts/hour and to provide a line cruise run-time of up to a whopping 215 kilometers.

Another thing we truly like is the frame battery design that doesn’t take up space on your rear rack, in case you’ll want to mount one.

The performance of these batteries is given by the power management system that detects shortages and protects the cells from overload. Moreover, it even comes with a fast charger that replenishes the juice in only three (3) hours.

  • Motor Efficiency & Performance

The motor is the most critical part of an e-bike. Not only it adds weight, but its junction to the regular drivetrain may compromise performance.

Cube acid 500 2019 motor 250 wattsLuckily, you don’t have to worry for any of these if you decide to go for a Hybrid One. The innovative frame of this e bike nestles all delicate components into an especially-designed area near the bottom bracket.

The presence of the power pack on the tube, together with the position of the motor, form a very low center of gravity that promotes balance and agile riding while increasing the rigidity of the bottom bracket area.

Weighing only 21.8 kilograms (overall weight), the Cube acid one 500 e bike is a beast that can truly take you anywhere effortlessly even when you’re riding with the assisted pedaling mode turned off.

Performance is also ensured by the 9-speed gears provided by Shimano. Alongside the gear system, the bike also features Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that will let you safely control your rides.

Like most e bikes, the Acid Hybrid One 500 reaches a top speed of 25 km/h (Pedelec class) at no load. It’s hard to say which is the max speed you’ll be able to reach, as it greatly depends on your bodyweight and type or road you’re riding on.

Remember though that this Cube model wasn’t exactly built with velocity in mind, but rather with the range it can reach per charge.

  • Controller

Bosch Purion controller To control the battery, motor and overall performance of the Cube acid hybrid One 500 2019, this electric bike comes with a minimalist on-board Bosch Purion controller. This controller provides five (5) pedal assistance levels:

  • Off: No power or assistance on any ride.
  • Eco: Provides a gentle support for any ride, saving your battery power.
  • Tour: Gives a bit more of power than the eco mode, helping you on long rides.
  • Sport/eMTB: the next level of assistance while riding on natural terrains or wild cities.
  • Turbo: gives all the power the battery and motor can provide for your wild rides.

Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 2019 Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight aluminum frame ensures smooth rides in the no-assist mode.
  • Suntour suspension fork enhances comfort on bumpy terrains.
  • Easy mount kickstand provides solid support to your panniers.
  • Exceptional run time provided by the dual battery system.

On the flip side:

  • This Cube acid model may not reach outstanding speeds as it wasn’t built to be fast.
  • You will have to buy the fenders or a suitable rack separately.

What to Consider Before Buying the Acid One 500

Acid 500 2019 disk hydraulic brakesThe Cube Acid is outstanding, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the right bike for you. If you’re aiming to reach Bolt’s top speed while riding, just move on. This Cube e bike model wasn’t built to drive you, but rather to assist you on challenging terrains.

It comes equipped with two (2) reliable batteries that will share with you the pedaling effort for up to 180 kilometers, which is exceptionally well.

Its 29-inch wheels and various frame sizes (for men and women) make it suitable for most riders. It’s also lightweight compared to other city commuter electric bikes in its class, a great feature if you want to stay fit and use it without assisted pedaling.

You should also move on if you’re looking for a mountain or road bike.

Last Thoughts

State-of-the-art technology, a reliable Bosch battery system and up to 180 kilometers of run time can easily satisfy even the most demanding cyclists.

Event thought the Cube acid one 500 was not build to reach speeds higher than 25 km/h, it provides all the assistance for a safe and reliable ride.

The Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 is no doubt one of the best e bikes for commuters, cargo bike workers, and bike touring enthusiasts. It provides just the right aid, giving you a little push without turning into a motorcycle.


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