Trek Super Commuter +9 ebike Review

The Trek Super Commuter +9 Electric Bike has a Lot to Offer but Can It be as Good as the Brand Says?



Fitted with full-length mudguards.

– The SuperNova lights deliver an intense beam.

– The frame looks nice, considering how big the battery looks.


– It is a heavy electric commuting bike with good motor torque.

– Seems more suited for men than women.

– It only has a single gear, which cannot be ideal for areas with a lot of climbing.


With the Bosh motor and assist levels, you get up to 15 miles per hour (24 km/h). Furthermore, it is equipped with well-made components and has a healthy range with flexible assistance.

One of the things clearly noted is that it may not be available in other colors. Despite this, the black matte looks good.


The Pulsing Heart of the Trek Super Commuter

You will first notice the incredible power to enjoy a smooth rolling ride with loads of comfort.

For power to go up hills and cycle on flat surfaces, then it has a powerful Bosch Performance CX motor.


Most of the brand e-bikes are powered by Bosch motors!




The 500Wh battery unit is neatly built-in and secured with an ABUS lock and key.

With the Bosch Purion system at the riser handlebar, you can monitor the battery status, motor, and lights.

You have different power modes, and you can choose the type of pedal assistance offered.


Bosch Purion LCD Controller


You can select the Turbo setting for maximum power, but it can take its toll on battery use.

The fantastic thing is that the display is easy to use and offers all the information needed.

Now, if you want to ramp it up, you can use the Sports setting, which will help increase your cadence.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy a purer experience when cycling, you can turn the assistance down using the Eco and Tour settings.

And if you prefer a workout, turn off the pedal-assist mode, which is suitable for brave cyclists.

A fully charged battery can reach up to 24 miles (38 km) depending on the power setting used.


Trek Super Commuter +9 - Bontrager Race


Another standout is that it can be charged while the battery is in the frame.

The battery is removable, so you can lock and secure the ebike.

The fork has a carbon structure, and is securely bolted with axles and equipped with Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires.

Even with the extra weight on the Pedelec, you get a carbon fork offering you the best quality and comfort.


Should You Buy the E-Bike from Trek?

Considering the price, it remains affordable compared to other commuter electric bikes.

Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider buying it.


Good Reasons to Buy it:

– The wide rims offer you a consistent grip on flat surfaces.

– Included are full-length mudguards to ride in the worst weather without spoiling your trousers.

– The NuVinci hub gear found at the rear wheel offers a constant and changeable function controlled by the grip-shift style shifter.


Handlebar, front light and ergo grips


– Even the gear indicator is fun instead of using the boring numbers and demonstrated in animation form.

– The front lights deliver ample illumination when cycling at night and source power from the battery; this means you will always have lights as long as the battery has energy.

– You can adjust the saddle according to your height, and the flat pedals are comfortable to wear with casual shoes.

– Included is a pannier rack, which is perfect for commuting to work without having the rucksack on your back.

– The CX motor drive unit allows the best speed up to 15 mph.

– With the battery, you can charge it with any household power point, which is removable.

– Incorporated is a simple and lightweight display to check your distance, speed, and battery cycle.

– You can use it as a pedelec or deactivate the assistance (if feeling like doing an extra workout).

Furthermore, it is made with a Hydroformed frame to last a lifetime.


Reasons not to get it:

– The tires offer you a comfortable ride on a flat surface, but it can be tiring in rougher areas.


NuVinci Shifter and Bosch 250w motor


– The Magura MT brakes are impressive but not as powerful as found on other commuter models such as the Phantom Santa Fe Classic.

– Compared to most other lightweight electric bikes and on the heavy side (weighs 50.71 lbs (23 kg)). If required, remove the battery to reduce the weight.


Our Verdict

This electric bike has a high-performance frame with comfortable control while traveling at high speed.

The full mudguards, front & rear lights, and rear rack have a sleek look.

The front light kicks out 1100 Lumens, and the rear ones are neatly placed on the back mudguard.

The exceptional motor unit and built-in battery give it a sophisticated look and balance.

It has a motor armor for protecting the motor in any condition, while the Harmony N380 offers automatic variable shifting.

Whether you want a workout or are in need of not breaking a sweat, it is one of the best city commuter electric bikes for 2018.


The motor runs quietly, and you can hear the birds chirping in the park.


So what do you think? If still uncertain, why not head to your nearest dealer and try this tremendous pedal-assist bike out. You can cruise with the assisted electric motor instead of relying on your legs to do the work.

The truth is that even hardcore cyclists find the pedelec fun to ride and might replace your car.

So far, it has gained popularity among many day-to-day cyclists, who have found the Trek Super Commuter +9 pleasing.

Images courtesy of Trek ebikes GB

Trek Super Commuter +9


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability