Gocycle GS Review: Unfolding cool Rides

The Gocycle GS is just another one of the brand’s amazing bikes that deserves a review.

Whether you need quickly jump into any public transport or you have very limited space at home or work, Gocycle has unfolded and created a versatile and affordable folding e-bike to answer your needs.

The one thing that stands out about the GS is that although it comes with ultra-modern features, it is a more economical purchase as it is offered at a lower price. Even so, Gocycle has not compromised on quality and, the GS comes with superior features and offers equally superior performance.

Some important aspect to keep in mind are:


✅ Innovative ergonomic design for short and tall riders.

✅ Extremely lightweight with only 22lb (10kg).

✅ Comes in an array of colors.

✅ Highly adaptable to different needs such as seat height for more riders compared to other e-bikes.

✅ Customized accessories including the rear rack and lights that can be plugged and unplugged when not needed.

✅ Comes with an innovative Smartphone app that promotes safety seeing as your bike can be deactivated if stolen

✅ Convenient Pitstopwheels for easy removal and installation.

✅ Available in bold colors with reflective stripes on the wheels for the safety of riders.

✅ Affordable e-bike.

⊖ No in-built controller display. You will have to use your smartphone to access the metrics of the e-bike (make sure your phone is fitted with water resistant protection/case).

⊖ Hard to control the app while on the move so you need to set it once or keep stopping to change settings.

⊖ No USB charging ports on the bike for your smartphone. When using the app, you need to have your phone charged or it might go off.

⊖ Throttle mode uses battery power faster than pedal assist.

⊖ Battery fully charges after 7 hr (if completely drained). Nevertheless, the battery life is good.

⊖ Tires might not respond too good on wet conditions.

Pedal Assist and Throttle Modes

In a truly integrated style, the Gocycle GS has both pedal assist and throttle features. You get to choose the riding mode you prefer at any one time when using your bike.

Categorized as a pedal assist class 1 e-bike, the GS is a Pedelec with a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). The battery cuts out there but you can still ride at a higher speed by pedaling without power-assist.

GS power botton
Source: gocycle.com

As regards to the throttle, it is activated using an on/off button but, it only starts to work once the bike is at 4 mph (7 km/h). When the throttle is activated, you do not have to pedal and can opt to cruise along as if you were riding a motorcycle.

Powerful front-drive Motor & Lithium Battery

Aptly described as futuristic e-bike, the design of the GS is such that all parts are integrated and you can barely see the motor and battery. That said this bike comes with a powerful 500W front-drive geared motor that is mounted on the front wheel.

GS motor
Source: gocycle.com

In some countries, the GS comes with a 250W motor depending on the regulations for the use of e-bikes.

The compact motor of the GS is small and lightweight but still is as powerful as any traditional motor. Besides, it has 15Nm torque sensing capacity.

Gocycle GS battery charging

A Gocycle 13.5 Ah 22V lithium ion battery is used to power the motor. The battery uses Gocycle’s Battery Management System (BMS) technology and charges fully within 7 hours. If using throttle mode, your battery will run out faster than when you use the pedal assist mode.

Controller System

Gocycle has ensured easy and convenient control as you ride your GS. It is fitted with both front and rear brakes and two thumb hydraulic disc brake levers to allow you great control especially when you need to make an emergency stop.

Control system Shimano shift
Source: https://gocycle.com/

On the right of the GS version is a Shimano grip shifter to help shift your gears easily.

Simple but Great Handlebars

Specifically designed for the Gocycle GS are its wide handlebars. The hydro-formed handlebar gave room for internal cable routing that gives the bike a clean look and avoids cable snagging. Besides, the handlebars look sophisticated and feel great in your hands.

GS handlebar

The button that turns on throttle mode is conveniently located and easy to reach even as you pedal the bike.

Innovative Parts & Design

Gocycle never runs out of ideas to make e-bikes convenient, fun and classy. The Gocycle GS is certainly an ingenious e-bike that will make riding absolutely fun and turn heads as you ride by.

It has been carefully designed with a sophistication that has come to be widely associated with Gocycle.

  • Pitstopwheel

Gocycle invented the Pitstopwheels and patented them. The wheels have a quick-detach feature that allows you to separate them from the bike frame.

To promote convenience and let you enjoy this remarkable feature, the wheels on the GS are side-mounted. It is thus, easy to remove the wheels and fix flats whenever you need to.

The wheels are really fast and steady, and it is a huge bonus that they contribute to the incredible look of this bike.

  • Vgonomic design

Gocycle is synonymous with e-bikes that are adaptable to the needs of more riders. Just like other Gocycle e-bikes, the seat post and frames of the GS have a Vgonomic design. Besides, the height and reach adjustable handlebars allow for flexibility in fitting your bike to a level that is most comfortable for you.

  • ShocLock

Another innovative feature of the Gocycle GS is the cable lock to keep your foldable e-bike safe on the streets whenever you need to dash into the grocery store or coffee shop.

  • Kickstand

Every GS comes with an aluminum, dual legged kickstand. The kickstand is designed to allow for flexible folding and the bike can stand upright without the risk of toppling over.

Gocycle GS kickstand

GocycleConnect App

Another trademark innovation for Gocycle e-bikes is the GocycleConnect App that you can install on your phone to monitor the operations and performance of your GS folding e-bike.

Gocycle GS Connect App

The app, usable on Android and iOS, will display your speed, battery level, power settings and other cool data such as the calories burned.

The GS does not come with a built-in display and without the app, there is no way to have access to this information.

One great advantage of this app is that Gocyle can deactivate your GS should it be stolen.

Accessories to Improve your Electric Ride

The GS comes with Gocycle accessories designed specifically for Gocycle e-bikes. A mud guard, lights and rear luggage rack are all accessories that make the already great bike even greater.

GS accessories

Great e-bike designs do not come any better than the Gocycle GS (probably the improved versions which we will review in a later stage). Every part of this bike has been created impeccably including the foldable pedals.

The frame and wheels are made of magnesium, contributing to the bike’s lightweight at a mere 15 kg.

Keep in mind that this e-bike has been design to hold a maximum of 100 kg so do not overload it.

Gocycle carry bag

You get a wide range of colors to choose from including Red, Blue, Pink, Light Blue and Black on either a white or grey front frame.

Gocycle GS Review: Our Verdict

Gocycle have invested in futuristic e-bikes that are giving riders fun times as they commute on their bikes every day. They do not just stop at design but go further to ensure that their e-bikes are environmentally friendly.

The GS carries all these qualities and features, making it simply one of the unrivaled yet affordable e-bikes.

The main flip side of this e-bike is the fact that it doesn’t have a controller management system incorporated as you have to sync and use your phone to access the cycle metrics and performance.

Gocycle GS folded

The Gocycle GS has been designed with the everyday rider in mind. It is the perfect e-bike for commuting, running errands such as going to the grocery store or even riding for fun.

This bike literally makes your life simpler and more economical while also promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle. However, if you are looking for something more powerful that can get you going off-road, we recommend looking what the Cyrusher brand has to offer within their folding line.

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