ANCHEER 20 Fat Tire Folding eBike Review

ANCHEER launched the folding 20″ fat tire e-bike to take advantage of the extra balance and appeal of this form factor while delivering a versatile unit to a wide range of users.

Before reading the review, let’s examine its mechanical and components specifications.


ANCHEER 20: Components and metrics


  • Class 1 (pedal assist and throttle).
  • 500 watts (nominal).
  • Max speed: 24 km/hr (15 mph).
  • Brushless hub.

  • 450watts/hr, 36v, 12.5Ah.
  • It charges in ~4 hrs from drained.
  • Approx. Range: 25 km (18 miles).
  • Removable.

  • Five (5) pedal-assisted modes.
  • Key-Disp LCD controller (left handlebar).

  • Foldable high-step.
  • Black with red or blue stripes.
  • Aluminum alloy.

  • 6 (Shimano) speed available.
  • Free Wheel: YES.
  • 11-34 T.

  • 150mm hydraulic disc brakes.

  • 33 kg (73 lbs).
  • 135 kg (297 lb).

  • 20″ x 4″ fat front and rear tires.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Allow rims.
  • 50 mm travel front suspension.

  • Integrated kickstand.
  • Front and rear lights.
  • Front and rear fenders.
  • Rear rack.
  • Adjustable seat post and handlebar.


How Good is this Fat Tire Folding e-Bicycle?

When you receive the bicycle, it is about 85% ready out of the box; this is great considering that some e-bikes need some work to set up.


The unit also has the tools needed to complete your setup and a manual to guide you through the coupling process.


Once you are done with the setup, you want to know how this one performs in the real world.


Powering it up

Under the hood, there is a 12.5A battery to power the 500W rear hub motor and every other electrical function on board.


ancheer 450w 36v battery


Even though the company does not list where this battery is from, it performs similarly to the Samsung models, which are the most preferred in the industry.

A particular aspect I don’t like about the battery is its charging time, which can take anywhere from 4-5 hours, which is a lot for a small cell. It takes a long time to keep it plugged in, but you can get away with that if you charge it overnight or at work.


Some other websites mention a 2-3 hr charge time, but that is not what I saw from real users.


For that charge, you get decent mileage (discussed in the range section below) and enough time to run the bike’s electric features between each charge.


Fat tire 20inch for folding ebike ancher


20inch inner tube for fat tire


You can easily track its usage and how much power you have left when riding via the intuitive LCD screen on the left handlebar.


What range and mileage does it offer?

ANCHEER suggests that the bike can go as much as 40 miles (64 km) with electric assistance, but this number is subject to some consideration.

Before getting into that, I like that this e-bicycle allows you to keep riding even when the battery is completely drained; this is due to the brushless motor.

That said, here’s the average mileage you should expect from the battery in different riding modes.

Riding Mode Mileage
Throttle Mode Up to 22 miles (35 km)
Pedal-assist mode Up to 40 miles (64 km)
Human riding mode Unlimited mileage


You would notice that the data above gives you an “up to” estimate instead of a fixed number to expect. This is because a series of factors can affect how much of that mileage you get from time to time.

Some of those factors to consider include:

– The rider’s weight has a maximum weight load of 300lbs. The heavier the rider (and any cargo they have), the more power the battery will provide to drive the unit.

– Pedal-assist level: There are five (5) different pedal assist levels. Your choice will determine how much power the battery has to supply, causing a corresponding drain.

– The terrain you’re riding on: don’t use as much power when navigating smooth landscapes, unlike off-road or climbing hills.

Consider these pointers when estimating the range, so you don’t feel cheated by the advertising material.


The assistance and speed on roads

The maximum speed on this ANCHEER electric bicycle is 24mph (38 km/h), easily attained with pedal assistance and the rider’s efforts or the throttle mode alone.


Speaking of the pedal-assist modes, you can cycle through the low, medium, and high levels.


The manual does not explain how these pedal-assisted levels work in-depth, so you must figure it out yourself. I recommend spending some time to find the sweet spot that always works for you.

The brand added a 6-speed transmission system for more effortless pedaling, allowing you to quickly get up to speed with or without assistance.

The Shimano shifter is pretty standard on most models today and is proven to work seamlessly. A thumb shifter on the right handlebar and a gear display allow you to quickly change the transmission and see what gears you are currently running.


How are the ride and handling?

A 500W brushless gear motor might not be as powerful as the 750W beast we have on the TurboAnt fat-tire eBike, but it is decent enough at this price range for the ride quality it brings.


Climbing hills, conquering slopes, and completing less strenuous rides are all made possible by this little motor.


You will also appreciate the carbon steel front suspension fork when climbing hills or going off-road. This distributes the vibration better and ensures a more comfortable ride in uneven terrain.

You would have thought that the fat tires would impede ride quality, but they improve it instead. Coming with an anti-slip and wear-resistant surface, it only makes them even better suited to different terrains.


The company enables you to get everything you need at a glance or thumb reach.


For example, on the right handlebars, you get the 6-speed gear system, which can easily be toggled back and forth with your thumb. The left plays home to the LCD screen and buttons to adjust your pedal assistance level and riding mode while monitoring your speed and mileage.

The seat could be more comfortable, but it is not bad at this price point. With a rear rack (included feature) for better cargo management, they went all out to ensure you have a refined ride.


What is there to Offered on Safety?


The company ships this model with front lights, one of my most significant safety drawbacks with models like the Ecotric Dolphin fat-tire eBike.


LED headlight 20inch fat tire ancheer


The lamps on this bike are plenty good. When riding at night or in low light conditions, you get better visibility and signal other road users of your presence.


The light angle can be adjusted, so you consider not to blind other road users.



ANCHEER also equips the bike with a dual mechanical braking system on the front and rear wheels. The braking controls follow the standard design and are added to both the right and left handlebars.



The LCD keeps you aware by showing you error reports on the screen if there’s anything wrong; this means you can quickly attend to diagnosed issues before they become too serious.


Throttle switch for ancheer 20 inch ebike


Other added features

Besides the lights and brakes, you also get a stock horn in the box. You can mount this so that it doesn’t get in the way of any of your controls, and you still get to reach it easily when you need to.

Since the frame is foldable, I did worry a little about the bike attempting to curve in to fold itself. This is a more serious concern for those riding off-road since they could hit something with the front tires that cause the bike to fold; to prevent this, they included strong locks on the folding joint so it doesn’t buckle under you when riding.


What I find questionable in safety

The discussed points above are reasonably great for what this budget electric bike offers. I also add how versatile it is to adjust the height of the handlebar and seat post; however, I don’t feel so confident with the strength of the clip that holds the handlebar.

From experience, these clips tend to loosen up and eventually get damaged. I suggest not playing much with it and checking its integrity every now and then.


Should You Get This ANCHEER Folding eBike?

The brand has already mesmerized many of us with this machine’s affordability, but that is not all you should look at.

If you are looking for an exercise bike that also doubles as a daily commuter, there is no doubt that it was built for that. Take the solid suspension system, combine it with a powerful motor and intuitive display, and you have a winner.

For those who prefer something better suited to city riding and commutes alone, you might want to look at models such as the Schwinn Mendocino.

When you get the ANCHEER 20-inch fat-tire eBike, the catch is that you can easily switch it to handle off-roading much better.

That versatility could make a convincing argument for getting one of these, even if you will mainly stick with city riding for now.

Images courtesy of ANCHEER.


ANCHEER 20" Fat Tire


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability


What we like

  • ✅ It is an affordable ebike for the technology offered.
  • ✅ It is good having an adjustable handlebar as it opens up a range for many users to ride it.
  • ✅ The battery is hiden within the frame.

What we do not like

  • Considering its size, it is too heavy at around 33 kg.
  • The cables can be tangled up with other elements when folded, which could be annoying.
  • The brand doesn't reveal any names regarding motor and battery makers.

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