Schwinn Sycamore Hybrid Electric Bike Review

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The Schwinn Sycamore could be the perfect e-bike if you are still confused about finding the best quality and performance on hybrid electric bicycles.

This hybrid e-cycle has certainly been designed to give every cyclist a refreshing experience.

Whether you are looking for a bike for your everyday commute, to run errands or for your exercise routine, this is the ideal e-bike.

It is a stylish bike and comes in two versions for men and women.

Besides, it is a dual-sport hybrid bike, which means that you can use it on and off-road.



Designed for versatility, the Sycamore electric bike comes with not only amazing features for on and off-road cycling but also, in a variety of sizes.

The women’s version is available in small and medium size while the men’s version is available in sizes ranging from small to XL.


The sizes vary to accommodate shorter reach and leg length.


Here are some summarized details that will be discuss further on our review:


✅ Attractive frame and design for both men’s and women’s.
✅ Powerful 350W hub-drive motor.
✅ Highly versatile for on and off-road cycling.
✅ Allows for easy control on the thumbpad controller.
✅ LCD display provides convenient use of the bike as you can see progress on how you battery is doing and the level of assistance you are using.
✅ Great suspension and effective brakes.
✅Available in a variety of sizes.
✅ 5 levels of pedal assist.
✅ Lifetime warranty on frame and fork.

⊖ Battery takes up to 6 hours to get fully charged (if completely drained), however this ensures a long range power supply.
⊖ You need to plan to charge your battery 6 hours before going out cycling.

Riding this Hybrid Model

This hybrid e-bike has a 5 level pedal assist system.

As you cycle, you can thus choose the level of assistance you need depending on how much you want to pedal or the terrain you are cycling on.

Off-road cycling and going uphill may require greater assistance than cycling on flat.

This bike allows you to cycle for long hours and on off-road terrain more easily without getting too tired and worn out from excessive pedaling.

Capable of maximum electronic assistance of up to 20mph (32 km/h), it is classified as a Pedelec.

The motor cuts out at this speed but you can still cruise higher than that but only if pedaling without e-assistance.

Hub-drive 350W Motor

A 350W motor offers the powerful e-assistance you get from the Sycamore hybrid.

It has been fitted with a hub-drive motor. Hub-drive motors are located at the center of the bicycle wheel, which ensures that they only require minimal to no maintenance.


Sycamore 350w hub-drive motor


The greatest advantage of a hub-drive motor is that it has been placed away from the bike’s pedal drive system. As a result, the motor does not exert pressure on the bike’s chain and shifters.


Your pedal drive system is thus likely to last longer when you have a hub-drive motor.

Removable 36V Battery

The integrated 36V battery sits on the down tube of the frame.

This powerful battery can last up to 45 miles (72 km) when fully charged, but this will depend on the level of assistance you use, the level of difficulty on the path you take as well as the weight you put on the bike.


Schwinn battery


The battery is removable, which is great to reduce the overall weight or to stop thieves.

it also gets fully charged within about six (6) hours. You can use any standard household power outlet to charge your battery.

Efficient Control System

This Schwinn version gives you simplicity at its best.

It comes with an easy and predicable control system that allows you to adjust different functions of the bike even as you cycle.

LCD control system


Fitted with a thumbpad controller on the handlebar, this bike gives you ultimate convenience.

You switch on electric power and adjust assistance level at the touch of a finger.


The LCD display in the front will show the battery life and level of assistance.

Shimano Drive train

The great level of control is compounded by the bike’s superior 8-speed Shimano Alivo drivetrain as well as the Shimano Alivo rear derailleur.


Eight speed Shimano drive train


Together with the Shimano Altus trigger shifter for easy and convenient shifting, the Sycamore’s control system allows for the ultimate smooth cycling.

Efficient Disk Brakes

Brakes are an equally important part of an e-bike and the Sycamore hybrid comes with front and rear brakes.

You can confidently cruise on high speed because when you need to stop, the reliable brakes on this bike will help you stop easily and effectively.

Design & Durability

One of the first things you will notice is its stylish and striking design.

There is a slight difference between the men’s and women’s versions.

The women’s version comes with a white top tube, down tube, seat stay, chain stay, head tube and fork.

There are also strikes of light blue on the top tube and down tube, and also on the seat and battery that is mounted on the down tube.

The men’s version, on the other hand, has an entirely silver frame.

Frame, Suspension, Tires, Rims & Grips

It has a dual-sport aluminum frame, which means that it is strong enough to hand off-road terrain.

You can comfortably ride your bike even in a standing position and it will handle the weight perfectly.

You thus, enjoy a comfortable ride whether you choose a sitting or standing position.



An SR Suntour NEX suspension fork provides great suspension and consequently great control for the cyclist.

The Innova 700×45 tires have puncture protection, contributing to the 90 mm travel front suspension and ability to go off-road.

The tires are mounted on stainless steel J19-HR double rims that add on to the stability and durability.


19 to 29" hybrid tires


Last but not least, everything about the Sycamore e-bike is intended to give you an enjoyable and efficient experience.

It comes with highly comfortable Schwinn Ergo comfort grips and a comfort saddle.

Our Verdict

The Sycamore hybrid gives you the flexibility to cycle on easy as well as challenging terrain.

This bike allows you to go on long cycling sessions without sweating or exerting yourself too much.

You get a real bargain with this bike that comes with a 2 year warranty on the battery and electric parts.

The better news is that the frame and fork come with a lifetime warranty.

The Schwinn Sycamore hybrid electric bike offers unmatched versatility, comfortable cycling and great durability.

Your contribution and rating will help other riders to buy wisely.

Schwinn Sycamore


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability




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