VoltBike Enduro Hybrid Electric Bike Review

A combination of great functionality and versatility does not come any better than the VoltBike Enduro.

The VoltBike Enduro is one electric bike that deserves a review as has been designed to give you a pleasurable experience as you cruise downhill and also ride on steep, technical hills.

It is simply powerful enough that will allow you to explore all kinds of outdoors (no trails though).

It lets you take your adventurous spirit to challenging, off-road trails and because it is built for strength, you will have nothing less than an amazing experience.


✅ Affordable based on the quality of the e-bike and benefits for riders.

✅ Attractive design with a matte black finish.

✅ Has a quiet and powerful motor.

✅ Can be used on both smooth and rough terrain.

✅ Has great and effective controller system including an LCD display and handlebar controller.

⊖ The tires are not built for high speed.

⊖ Difficult to go past the speed of 26mph.

⊖ A heavy bike at 50lbs especially when you have to carry it for storage.

⊖ Short seat post and even when you adjust it, it doesn’t quite go high enough for tall riders.

The bike’s alloy frame, a combination of steel and aluminum, is strong to withstand the rider’s weight as well as the wear and tear expected especially when you ride on aggressive trails.

Pedal Assist System

A speed limit of 14 mph (22 km/h) puts this bike in the category of Pedelecs. The battery cuts out at 14mph but you can up the speed governor to a higher speed of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

Enduro Pedal Assist System

This e-bike provides a 5 level pedal assist.

Pedal assist allows you to enjoy the assistance of battery power as you ride on flat terrain, downhill or uphill. It means covering longer distances in a shorter time and without getting too tired and sweaty.

Powerful Mid-Drive 350w Motor

The VoltBike Enduro has a 48V, 350W mid-drive motor, meaning that it is located at the center of the bike. A mid-drive motor allows the bike to scale hills effectively on low gear.

350w Mid-motor

The motor comes with integrated torque sensors, to help regulate the power depending on the strength with which, the rider pushes on the pedals. Besides, it is admirably quiet and you barely hear it as you ride the bike.

48v Samsung Battery

A lithium ion battery, 48 V 11.6 Ap, powers its powerful motor.

This battery is a product of Samsung SDI, which uses advanced technology. The batteries are thus high capacity, use high quality cell technology and possess great stability.

As a result, the Enduro has greater mobility and performance because of its quality.

Lithium ion batteries are a great bargain for anyone considering using an e-bike over a long time.Keep in mind that the more power you use (higher pedal assist) the more battery you use.

The batteries have a longer battery life with a capacity of up to 1000 charging cycles during which, they perform at optimal capacity. Afterwards, you may need to replace it when its performance capacity starts to diminish.

You have no limitation to use this hybrid electric bike in practically any weather. If you are caught up in a storm, you can ride on confidently because both the motor and battery will not be affected by wet conditions.

Great Control

The VoltBike Enduro is fitted with a superior control system intended to give the rider smooth and safe rides.

The motor has an integrated controller that works automatically and with great precision.

As you draw more power from the motor, it causes the voltage to lower, which is a mechanism designed to protect the battery.

  • LCD display

A high quality BAFANG HMI with a high contrast LCD display helps you to monitor the operations of the Enduro.

The display is visible in virtually all types of weather even in blazing sunlight.

The bike also has a convenient handlebar controller that allows you to put power on and off and increase or reduce speed levels at the touch of your thumb.

  • Full Suspension

For great comfort, this ebike is fitted with lockable front and rear suspension from the renowned SR Suntour brand.

The full suspension feature has given this bike smoothness and stability even when you are riding on rugged terrain.

  • Brakes

The smoothness of the bike is further augmented by a Shimano rear derailleur. As you ride an e-bike, you need to be sure of your safety of your bike’s control system.

The brakes are an important part of the control system. The Enduro has high quality brakes from the TEKTRO brand.

The Tektro Novela MD-M311 front and rear brakes ensure that you are able to come to a stop successfully even when you are cruising at high speed.

Sturdy Design & Great Comfort

The VoltBike Enduro is made of high quality components that have made it a sturdy and durable e-bike.

Everything from the battery to the motor and controller system is all superior and can withstand smooth and rough terrain to give you an efficient experience.

  • Weight

At a weight of 50lbs (22 kg), most people would find this bike quite heavy especially if you have to carry it to an upstairs storage.

This is mainly attributed to the rear suspension the bike has plus the frame material.

  • Seat & Alloy Frame

A Selle Royal Freccia seat, supported by a Promax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy, 27.2mm*350mm gives you great support.

However, the seat post appears way too short especially for tall riders. Anyone who is about 6ft (182 cm) tall will certainly need to adjust the seat post.

  • Tires

Designed to ride smoothly on both paved and rugged terrain, the Enduro comes with high pressure Kenda 27.5″ x 2.1″ tires with low profile knobs.

The knobs are especially functional on paved trails, allowing the bike to run as smoothly as possible.

Kendra 27.5" hybrid Tires

The VoltBike Enduro is in many ways a superior e-bike that will make your commute enjoyable and efficient by reducing your commute time significantly.

The bike is shipped with a Motorcycle DOT helmet to ensure the safety of the rider.

VoltBike Enduro Review: Our Verdict

Anyone looking to buy an e-bike for the first time can find the Enduro to be quite a friendly purchase.

It comes with great features that will make your first experience pleasant as you begin to enjoy the convenience, efficiency and fun that come with using an e-bike.

What impresses more is the inclusion of a full suspension system, mostly seen on high performance electric mountain bikes like the Giant Trance E+ 3 Pro 2020.

Similarly, for riders who have had a different e-bike and want to switch to something more affordable, the VoltBike Enduro hybrid electric bike could be the one for your needs.

VoltBike Enduro


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (Motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability


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