Trek Powerfly 5 2019 e bike Review

The Trek Powerfly 5 is an electric mountain bike designed for all riders who want a little help on challenging tracks and uphill.

Trek Powerfly 5 2019 Table Summary


✅ Frame designed for men and women.

✅ Bosch integrates the main parts of the e bike.

✅ This model has three (3) styles to choose from, hardtail, FS and LT - reed the frame section for details).

⊖ It does not include a front or rear light for night rides.

⊖ The women's model is only available for the hardtrail style.

Ebike Model & Class
Main Features
Tires, Rims & Brakes
Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)
Ebike Model & Class

 - Trek Powerfly 5 2019.

 - Electric Mountain Bike Class 2 (Pedelec).

 - Overall weight: 22 kg (50.5 lb).

Main Features

 - Powered by a battery and motor Bosch.

 - Aluminum frame design for men and women.

 - Three (3) frame styles (hardtrail, full suspention and long travel) will let you do what ever you feel when doing mountain bike.

Tires, Rims & Brakes

 - Hydraulic Shimano MT200 disc brakes that will ensure you stop when most needed.

 - Rims: Bontrager Kovee 23, tubeless ready.

 - Tires: Bontrager XR3, 29x2.30˝.


 - Aluminum lightweight frame design for a removable battery, addition of carry racks.

 - Frame options available for both men and women.


 - Bosch Performance CX mind hub drive motor up to 75Nm (turbo mode) cruise 250Watts.

 - Derailleur system.

 - Maximum support level up to 300% in turbo mode.

 - Start-up very sporty.

 - Dynamic gear shift detection.


 - Bosch Li-ion Powertube 500Wh battery protected by the aluminum frame.

 - Depending on the charger you have (compact, standard or fast) you will have the full charge from 7.5 to 3 hrs respectively.


 - Bosch Purion Controller, easy to handle, safe operation near the handle bar.

 - Five (5) assistance modes adjusting to your needs (off, eco, tour, sport and turbo).

Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)

 - Shimano Deore M6000, ten speed (shifter).

 - Shimano HG50, 11-42, ten speed (cassette).

 - Rear derailleur Shimano Deore M6000, shadow plus.

However, it’s often used as a city bike either for commuting or light weekend touring.

Boasting a user-friendly design and attractive price, this e bike impresses with flawless aesthetics thanks to the integrated battery. Excellent suspensions and decent average speed are other features that make it popular among cyclists.

Check out if it’s worth the hype – and your money – in our Trek Powerfly 5 review below.

Trek Powerfly 5 Main Features

  • Frame

The new Trek Powerfly 5 2019 is one of the most versatile e-mountain bikes out there. It has a robust aluminum frame that offers durability and protects the delicate components housed inside it, such as the cabling system and battery.

This e bike is offered in three (3) distinctive styles. You can choose from a hard-tail, full suspension (FS), and long travel (LT) type.

Trek Powerfly 5 womens model 2019They all come in standard crossbar design, and the manufacturer even offers two (2) carbon models in the Long Travel line. These carbon e-bikes have cleaner aesthetics, easier handling due to a lower weight, and an overall quieter ride. They are more expensive, but typically a great choice for the pros.

Besides all the models above, the Powerfly 5 also comes in a sports hard-tail version, which is fully accessorized with fenders, kickstand, rack, and integrated lights.

The main difference between the FS and LT is the travel length of the suspension. The former has 130mm travel, just perfect for efficient climbing and confident handling on descents. The latter boasts a 150mm travel, which enhances the downhill capacities.

Picking between the two (2) is a matter of preference. If you want comfort and control for leisure riding on longer trails, the FS is ideal. On the contrary, if you want to challenge your performance on steeper terrains, go for the LT.

Besides the crossbar variant discussed above, Trek also offers Powerfly Women’s. This model delivers the same high-performance as the hard-tail but has a slightly different geometry. Its curved top allows for lower stand over height, a feature that makes it perfect for shorter riders. This model also comes with a women’s saddle and narrower handlebar.

Both crossbar and women’s frames have high clearance and accept wheels between 27.5 and 29 inches.

  • Battery

Trek walked the walk to giving you a reliable e-mountain bike with a fully integrated battery. The main benefit of this model is that the battery is protected from dirt and grime. Therefore it will last longer.

Removable integrated battery BoschIts Powerfly 5 e bike comes with a Bosch Powertube 500Wh with the removable integrated battery placed on the drive-side of the down tube. Due to its location, the battery is a breeze to access and change with a charged one if needed.

Like all Powertube 500s, the battery also boasts an impressive range of up to 130 km in Eco mode and, 60 km in Turbo mode.

It is essential to understand that with all probability, the battery will drain faster. The actual run time will be determined by multiple factors including your weight, incline grade, type of terrain, and even your individual riding style.

What we like is that the Bosch battery system is waterproof. You can ride in the rain or on swampy terrains without worries.

Thanks to its armor, the battery and motor are also protected from mud and stones.

However, keep in mind that they are not submersible and you shouldn’t clean your bike with a power washer despite the waterproof rating.

Once drained of energy, you can expect your battery to recharge from 7.5 hrs (compact charger) or to 3 hrs (fast charger).

  • Motor Efficiency & Performance

Mid hub motor Bosch Performance CXThe Trek Powerfly 5 comes with a reliable Bosch Performance CX motor that pairs perfectly with the 500Wh battery.

This sleek mid-mount motor is designed specifically for off-road riding. With its 75Nm of torque, it lets you tackle even the most challenging trails. It also drives the bike up to 25 km/h (Pedelec class).

Just like the run time, the max speed you can reach may vary depending on the factors we mentioned above.

  • Controller, Drivetrain and Brakes

The motor system also integrates an ergonomic Bosch Purion controller. This is not the most performing offered by Bosch, but it still lets you achieve performance with the five (5) assistance modes including eco, sport, turbo, tour and off (no assistance).

Besides the motor pack, performance is also guaranteed by the 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain.

Hydraulic disc brakes enhance safety; you should also know that the mid-mount style of the motor doesn’t reduce balance nor add excessive weight. You can expect smooth rides and excellent obstacle clearance.

Pros and Cons of the Powerfly 5

Lets have a look to what positives and opportunities for improvements this Trek electric mountain bike model has:


  • A variety of bike and frame styles can satisfy most riders.
  • Excellent handling of challenging terrains.
  • Outstanding brake system and balance enhance safety.
  • This e bike delivers smooth rides and a traditional feeling.


  • Most models come with no integrated lights, which could be an extra cost.
  • The women’s version comes available only for the hard-trail style.

What to Consider Before Buying

Despite being praised for its performance on the road, the Trek Powerfly 5 is not a commuter’s e bike. It is designed for the off-road, and it will only show its true capabilities on rugged terrain. If you’re looking for a city or touring electric bike with some other good qualities, this one will unlikely deliver the desired level of comfort.

It may also be challenging to choose the right e bike type, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, the FS variant could be the best.

However, if you’re tackling the idea of getting the women’s frame, know that it only comes as a hard-tail.

Final Verdict

The Trek Powerfly 5 can really live up to expectations when it comes to mountain biking disciplines. With a variety of frames and sizes, you can surely find the one that’s more suitable for your riding style.

A reliable battery, motor and controller system also gives you plenty of power to minimize effort on challenging trails.

We like that you can ride it when it rains or even on muddy terrain. High-quality components and great balance will keep you safe on all your rides. We truly like it, and we hope that our Trek Powerfly 5 2019 review has helped you find out if this could be the right e-MTB for you.

All images courtesy of Trek


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