The Super 73 S2 Review: A Luxurious Fat Tire eBike

The Super 73 S2 did something that most other manufacturers could only hope to achieve: combining the effects of a motorcycle and an electric bike into the same build.

If we didn’t know better, we would say they were trying to appeal to both markets with a crossover unit like this. Big fat tires with great carving and performance.

If things on this throttle electric bike are anything to go by, though, we might just start seeing more of such units in the market.


But that is not the discussion for today.


In this Super 73 S2 review, we look at everything that comes together to make or mar this e-bike – and whether or not you should worry about whipping your wallets out to get one.


How Riding the S2 Feels Like?

In many ways, it rides and feels the way that you would expect a premium bike from a manufacturer of this standing.

Whether you are on smooth terrain or uneven ground, you get good traction and fine handling from this machine.

Perhaps the best thing about this e-bike is the fact that Super73 has improved so well on the riding experience of the S2 – and they can only get better from here.

That said, we explore all aspects of the ride of this e-bike under the following headings.


The S2 Technical Specs


  • Class 1 to Class 3 (pedal assist and throttle).
  • 750 watts (nominal).
  • Minimal: 33 km/hr (20 mph). Maximum: 45 km/hr (28 mph)
  • 45 Nm torque.

  • 960watts/hr, 48v, 14.5Ah.
  • Bike fuel tank style.
  • Charging in 3 to 4 hrs with a 5A charger.
  • Approx 60 km (40 miles) range using all the power.

  • Four (4) modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Super).
  • LCD attached to the handlebar.

  • Aluminum with three (3) colors to choose from.
  • 154cm to 200 cm riders (pushing it though).

  • Single (fixed) or 10 (Shimano) speed available.
  • 36 T chain.

  • Front and rear: Tektro double piston system.
  • 180mm hydraulic system.

  • 32 kg (70 lbs).
  • 147 kg (325 lb).

  • 20″ x 4.5″ front tire and 5″ rear one.
  • Fat BDGR all terrain carving.
  • Allow rims.
  • Air spring front suspension with 120 mm travel.

  • Front-light (LED halo) and brake light.
  • A horn and turn signals available separately.


The Battery and Possible Range

The specs on this e-bike tell us that we have a battery rated 960Wh, which can supply power levels of between 750-2000W.

We will touch more on what these power levels mean for you soon.

In the meantime, know that you can get an average range of 40 – 75 miles on a full charge of that battery.

If you have been riding it for some time now, the battery might not hold a charge for as long as it was before.


Likewise, you have to consider the weight of the rider in some instances.


When the rider is heavier or lugging a heavy load with them, the motor has to work harder to drive that weight. Thus, the range might not top out near 75 miles since the battery lasts less long.


Also consider what terrain you ride the bike on.


If you were doing more off-road than city riding, don’t expect to get the same mileage from a single charge in both cases. Likewise, situations such as going uphill take more power than you would need coming downhill.


The average charge time for the bike is between 6-7 hours.


You will observe that you are getting the e-bike charged faster if you don’t drain the battery completely before plugging it in.

Besides the benefit that not draining the battery has for the charging time, you also protect it better. Since you are not using up the cycles fast enough, it can stay healthy for longer.


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The Speed You Get

When the Super 73 S1 was launched, their 20mph top speed was loved – but people wanted more after a while.

2000w peak brushless motor for S2 throttle fat tire ebike

The trade-off was between ensuring the bikes stayed within safe speed limits and not breaking the laws either.

Thus, the brand went back to the drawing board and brought the top speed to a range of 25-30mph on this new model.


Some user have noted that one of the best things about this version is how easy it reaches the top speed.


However, there is a fact that you should be aware of: this is a momentum bike.

That means if you lose speed, it takes a while to get back to it. Once you get used to it, though, you have a better idea of how to manage your braking so that you don’t lose the momentum built up.

Now, the top speed mentioned above can be surpassed in some instances, which we will discuss later in this review.

For most riders, though, the normal levels are enough for their daily commutes.


Other Facts to Discuss

The fat tires performance

Before anything else, the BDGR tires that come on the rear and front of this unit need mentioning.

First impressions could make you think that these tires might not live up to the stress that you will take them through. That could not be more wrong.

The tires are fat enough (5″ wide by 20″) to ensure the sturdiness of the ride and improved grip, leading to better safety and ease of handling.

BDGR 5 inch by 20 inch fat tires for ebike 73

On the downside, the tires being harder than they look means that you should be careful with them when taking corners. Bank a corner too hard and the rear wheels could give from under you.

If you have had the S1 model before this one, you will instantly notice the better ease of turning the front wheel.


Responsiveness and metrics

The handlebars are more responsive on this model, which allows not only for smoother rides but better split-second decisions too.

Looking elsewhere, the left handlebar comes with a console that gives a lot of information. Besides the battery charge level, speed, mileage, and headlight controls, you also get to change the pedal-assist levels.

If this is your first time with an e-bike, spend some time with the different pedal assist settings to know what works best for you.


How safety has been integrated?

When we said that the brand improved a lot between the S1 and this current S2 model, safety was one of the factors that they had in mind.

The tires have been mentioned above and they come into play here again.

The width of the Bdgr wheels gives more stability to the Super 73 S2 e-bike, making it safer than most other non-electric bikes on the market.

Still, on the tires, the exterior is surprisingly hard enough to protect the inner tube against glass shards, nails, and other sharp objects that you might encounter on city tours.


We would have expected that they brought knobby tires for that premium protection, but this one works just fine.


Suspension system

Looking elsewhere, the manufacturer added a front suspension system for a more easier and comfortable riding experience.


This is something that you will notice if you used to ride the S1 model before coming to this one.


Unfortunately, the rear suspension system still needs some work on this model. If you are not going off-road, though, you should not have anything to worry about here.



For those that will be going off-road more frequently, you might want to look at the Super 73 RX model instead. It comes with a rear spring support system that makes it better for comfortable riding on rough terrain. However, it gets the same power and common specs of this model reviewed here, so not much that you are trading up for there.


How could we forget the brakes?

We’ll admit that we did kind of feel like the brake rotors on the of this fat tire electric bike were small. Our bad, seeing as they work just as well as they are expected to.

You might hear a slight squeaking sound when you engage the brakes (especially the rear brakes) but there is nothing to worry about.

If you have some DIY experience and know what you are doing, you can swap out these brakes for even better, much silent ones. Otherwise, there is no reason to bother.


The Conversion

Not all the e-bikes that we have reviewed had this section.

In the opening parts of this review, we mentioned how the unit smoothness the line between an e-bike and motorcycle at the same time.


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This e-bike comes with an app that allows you to toggle its functionalities. Here, you can switch it from being an e-bike to a full-on electric motorcycle.


This changes the pedal-assisted machine to a throttle electric bike.


You instantly get more power on the unit, going from a mere 1200W peak output power to the full 2000W mark.

On the upside, the Unlimited Mode is a nice introduction to the motorcycle world for those who have never owned/ rode one.


If you like what you get here, you can go out to cop a motorcycle for yourself.


Going back to the app, toggling the bike functionality is not all that its good for. An inbuilt map allows you to scout the city, get directions and plan your routes better.

You can also change the class of the e-bike and see all the same data available to you on the LCD screen in here.

Perhaps the best thing about the app is that it allows you to update the vehicle over the ride. Should new functionalities get added to the app, you stand a chance of getting them via pushed updates.


How the S2 fits according to eBike regulations?

The model is legal on Class 1 standards in the US, EU and AU, given that you are riding on bike paths and not exceeding the 20mph speed limit.


That said, the bikes are also considered Class 2 legal in the same areas.


Even though, the speed limit (20mph max) remains the same across both classes, the way the motor kicks in is different.

So, if the motor assists you when pedaling or not, you can still ride it legally under that speed limit in these areas.

When you start to move into the Class 3 rating, where you can attain speeds of up to 28mph, things start getting a little dicier.

While this it can reach and blast through such speeds (even without going into the Unlimited Mode yet), it is recommended that you never unlock those settings when on bike paths or public lanes.

Keep the Class 3 settings and unlimited mode experience for when you are alone, on private property, or away from other public places.


Is it worth buying it?

Before you drop a lot of money on it, you want to know if it is the best bet for you at all.

The first thing that stands out here is the retro design, mimicking the 1970s bike.

A vintage body design, bringing back the bike tech of the future, could not be more apt at this stage. However, we feel like the brand could have done better with the design element here.


If you are like most people who modify their e-bikes, all that negative space gives you room to add extra gear and spice things up.


We cannot stop talking about the fluidity with which this unit transforms from an e-bike to an electric motorcycle.

If you are getting this model, that is one thing you should look forward to – and you won’t be disappointed.

For handling, ease of use, safety, and quality of build, this unit score top marks. Swapping out the steel (as seen on the S1 model) for aluminum here makes the bike feel more premium, lightweight and contributes to a better ride too.

Connecting to your phone with a dedicated app to offer even more functionality, the Super 73 S2 has something for everyone: be it a beginner or expert bicycle user.


Super73 S2


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability




What we like

  • ✅ Powerful motor with high speed and torque.
  • ✅ 5" fat tires with great carving for good grip on every terrain.
  • ✅ Front and rear suspension added to make it look close to a motorcycle.

What we do not like

  • Frame is to low for tall people, specially if pedaling is required.
  • It will be restricted under the ebike laws in some countries.
  • Servicing it may be hard for those with not much experience.

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