Surface 604 Shred eMTB Review

What you Can Get From Riding this Throttle eMTB Bike?

The Surface 604 Shred is one of the latest throttle bikes on the market.

It was built to navigate on most terrains, including gravel roads and low to medium difficult trails.

What makes it stand out from similar ebikes, is the thick tires. So, it will handle mud better.

As for its classification, this hard tail model is a Class 2 throttle on demand and Class 3 speed pedalec.

In terms of how it fits with regulations, it could be possibly not accepted in some countries, so check before buying.

To make things better, It comes with a one (1) year comprehensive warranty and three (3) years warranty on the frame (directly with the manufacturer).


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Bike’s Main Benefits and Limitations

This ebike has many benefits but also limitations. From all of them (discussed further in the review), these are the main ones:



Affordable compared against other electric bikes with front suspension.

The motor has good torque and power, which is great for hills.

The battery is removable so it will be hard to steal.



It is a heavy bike but this mainly comes from the battery.

The front suspension is only 100mm travel so not really great to tackle hard trails.

Display panel can be a bit bright for night riding and that can’t be adjusted.


The Technical Part

This Shred version has a total weight of 64.4 lbs (or 29.21 kgs) where the battery weight accounts for 7.1 lbs (or 3.22 kgs).

The high-step frame is an aluminum alloy finished in satin black and grey. In addition, it has two (2) possible frame sizes of 17.5″ and 19″.

The handle bar is an alloy low-rise, 650 mm length, with a 6 degrees back sweep and black rubber grips for control.

It also has attachment points for a rear rack and bottle cage bosses, and a sturdy forged alloy seat post.

This bike’s stem is fully adjustable up to 40 degrees, 50 mm long, with a 20 mm stack height (or two 10 mm spacers).

The nine (9) speed drive train will give you enough cadence to reach the top speed faster.

Important to note that the two (2) 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes will do the job but it would have been better a wider surface.


604 Shred kickstand and stem


The cranks are alloy-based with sealed bearings, tapered spindle and a 38-teeth chain ring.

The frame fork has a 30 spring front suspension (old style though), a lockout and preload adjusting compression system and 100 mm travel.


Disk brakes and small gear hub motor


As mentioned at the start, we can all agree that great bike tires are essential for optimum riding performance.

The rims are made of double-walled aluminum alloy with a black finish.

The stainless steel spokes have 13 and 12 gauge for the front and rear respectively, and each wheel size measures 27.5 inches in diameter.

These plus-sized tires are built to contain between 20 to 31 PSI (or 140 to 240 KPa) for steady handling of rugged terrains.

Lastly, we love that the brand added some accessories including a headlight and a kickstand.

The above statement confirms that it won’t be ideal to use it as downhill bike.

Electronic & Power Specs


500watts Motor

The 604 model has a hub gear motor with 500w output power and with the potential to maxing out at 750 watts.

As you see with this power output, it won’t be ideal for the Australian and most European countries.

This motor also has 50Nm of torque for an optimized response.


Read motor with 500watts standard output and 750w extended.

It is a shame that the motor doesn’t give more torque, considering the power performance.


Top speed

For the adrenaline lovers, the motor will get you approx 28 mph (or 45 kph).

That speed can be reach easily using the throttle system but remember that the battery will die sooner than expected.


48V battery

As any other e-bike in the market, it’s important to consider the battery life and charging speed.

The lithium-ion battery consists of 48 volts and 10.4 amp hours, with the capacity to store almost 500 watt hours.

The full charging time is six (6) hours to get to maximum capacity.


There is an alternative if you require more battery power. You can upgrade to a 700watts, which is 48V and 14amps. 


The battery on this model yields between 20 to 45 mph (or 32 to 72 kph).


48v battery for ebikes with throttle system

LCD Bafang controller

The highly interactive backlit monochrome display gives updates on the battery level, current speed and assistance mode.

You will also be able to track your trip and total distance, as well as your average and maximum speeds – which are all great for bragging rights afterwards.


Bafacng controller with LCD screen for eMTBs


Advantages and Disadvantages

The initial review depict a mix of advantages and disadvantages. However let’s first consider the cons.


Things to improve on!

– The display panel can be a bit bright for night riding and it is not removable – although it has some degree of tilt.

– The adjustable handlebar is comparatively shorter than exclusive mountain bikes and its flexibility can reduce the degree of control on rugged terrains.

– This is a heavier electric bike and most of its weight comes from the front suspension and battery.

– The battery position is a bit low, which could hinder access for charging.

– The location of the headlight and the kickstand means that they will likely bounce around a lot on rough surfaces.

– A bit of finessing is also required for maintenance, as the shifting and motor power cables are closely placed.

Now, we know there a lot to consider with the cons, however there are important pros that can provide the answers you need.


Good stuff!

– Looking at other models with similar characteristics, it is relatively affordable.

– It has a good weight distribution throughout, with cables integrated into the frame and motor inhibitors in place for safety.

– The motor exhibits an acceptable torque with very responsive top and bottom cadence sensors, and there is no resistance or mashing when shifting.

– The headlight has strong beams, so should be no issues at night.

– The hard-tail, the add-on rear rack and bottle cage makes it a good alternative for urban use too.

– The battery can be removed for separate charging and it lasts long enough to sustain long trips in between full cycles.

– This electric bike supports multiple upgrades to key areas, such as the suspension fork.

– This model has great support for its large tires, as its rims and spokes are also larger than usual to accommodate them.

– The weight capacity of 285 lbs, also makes it a good option for all riders.

Last but not least, you also have the ability to adjust the top speed on this electric bike to suit the particular trail requirements.

Purchasing Considerations

The flexibility of this bike across a variety of terrains makes it a great value for riders who bike-commute and also ride for fun.

It is also affordable relative to other exclusive mountaineering bicycles such as the Savadeck Knight 9.0.

The adjustable frame heights make it quite suitable for use across riders from 170 cm to 190 cm.

Overall, we believe this Surface 604 Shred electric mountain bike with throttle could be a good option for most off-road and city type of rides.

Images courtesy of Surface604 bikes.

Surface 604 Shred


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