Stromer ST5 ebike Review

The Stromer ST5 is an electric bike with a difference and comes at a high price. The bicycle has a similar setup as a motorcycle.

Stromer ST5 Electric Bike Table Summary


✅ Fast acceleration and stability.

✅ Battery pack can be charge at home or using solar energy while riding.

✅ LCD controller with high-end features.

⊖ Heavy ebike rating at 30 kgs (with battery in place).

⊖ Price is a bit high but you will be riding as high-end ebike.

Further, it is designed to replace your car to travel up to 115 miles with one single charge using the higher levels of assist.

While it is pricey, this ebike accelerates quickly and is capable of reaching up to 28 m/h (45 km/h) at top speed compared to most other Class 3 speed pedelec competitors.

The Stromer ST5 ebike weights 66.5 lbs (30 kg) and is heavier than the average pedelec, so if you are not concerned about the weight factor, this is the ebike for you.

Let us find out why would you consider to buy the ST5 electric bike.

The Custom-Made Stromer ST5

Forgetting about the price and weight, the Stromer ST5 has a custom-made tubular alloy fender and is thicker than the Pirelli cycle tires. The battery capacity is twice as powerful compared to most other batteries found in e-bikes, adding to the overall weight.

Stromer ST5 - handle bar

The battery you can remove to lessen the weight by 9.8 lbs (4.44 kg) and best to do this before trying to mount it to an automobile rack. The best of all is the heaviness has no impact on the acceleration and helps improve your ride, as the frame does not vibrate much.

You can choose your frame from three sizes.

The frame and fork have an aluminum alloy structure, and you can customize it according to your needs. You can buy it just in one color, has no reflective accents, and has a kickstand and does not automatically spring up.

The head and rear light display is extra-bright when you pull the brake lever. This is beneficial for oncoming traffic to see you, specially at night.

Further, the house of Stromer does have several e-bike models available at a lesser price as well.

Standout Features Driving the Stromer ST5 ebike

The first thing you will notice is the powerful gearless SYNO Sports hub motor. The engine runs quietly, has a durable design, and lessens friction found with gears rubbing around on the inside in other electric bike models.

Further, it offers you regenerative braking with five (5) levels of recoup and it is an excellent system to reduce wear on the brake pads. The fantastic thing is it can simulate hills climbs and recharges the battery when cycling long descents. Alternatively, the system is more complex, and they have updated the plug design with HIRT.

Stromer Syno Sport MotorThe rear-wheel service is comfortable, and with the single cable, the design offers less clutter. Another fantastic thing is that the motor is separate from the pedal drive-train and does not interfere while shifting. No matter in what gear you pedal, it accelerates continuously.

The ST5 is not rear-heave as the battery is positioned in the frame and equipped with an 11-speed Shimano XTR derailleur. The derailleur shift is electronically with Di2 and helps re-position the chain every time.

Near the left grip, is a button-style trigger offering multi-step shifts when pressed.

You can fine-tune the Di2 system shifting by holding the button found on the black port at the backside of the seat tube for a couple of seconds. Charging the e-bike’s battery is done through this port and is not connected to the battery. The ST5 is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery and offers 48 volts and 20.2 amp hours with a total 983-watt-hours.

Included, you receive a bulky charger that puts out 4.5 amps of fast charging with a magnetic charging tip. One more highlight is the OMNI LCD color screen. With the rubberized button below the screen, you can view the ride and set menus.

You need to use the display to eject the battery pack.

With the LCD screen, you can view your current speed, battery level, and assist levels and so much more. Further, the display has a light sensor that shifts from a white to black background automatically. Once you connect your iOS or Android device, you can adjust the speed settings, acceleration and more.

Should You Buy The ST5?

If you have the money to spend, this would be a great buy considering its coolest features and design.

The Stromer ST5 e-bike is one of the fastest and influential bikes to date. However, as with any product it has its difficulties.

Headlight plus grip - stromer ebikeReasons to Buy:

  • When riding close to automobiles, you get a sense of confidence and control as the electric bike reaches up to 29.5 mph (46 km/h) quickly.
  • The e-bike may lack suspension, but offers you a comfortable ride with all-alloy frame and no vibration.
  • With the 27.5-inch x 2.4-inch tires you get enough cushioning and control when cycling.
  • The bike has a clean design without exposed wires, making it look stealthy.
  • Powerful 850 W motor that runs quietly.
  • You can charge the battery pack while in the frame. In addition, you can remove it if required.
  • When riding bumpy terrains, the tubular alloy fenders are sturdy and stable enough to support a rear rack.
  • Included is bottle cage bosses found on the down tube to take your beverage with you.
  • Stromer ST5 Digital controlThe OMNI LCD controller screen is in color and offers you a top level of assist in bright red to distinguish what mode is selected.
  • The drive-train has an excellent design and offers you ample gears when climbing hills.
  • The derailleur has a one-way clutch and keeps the chain tight when taking on bumpy rides.
  • The LED light, on the front, has a USB port to maintain your phone when riding and offers you Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The battery can be charged with solar power and the pedal assist feels responsive as it relies on the TMM4 torque sensor.
  • No matter which lever you use to stop the power, regeneration is kick and fast and equipped with hydraulic brakes.
  • With the built-in wireless technology, you can receive software updates while on the move.

Reasons not to Buy:

  • The updated kickstand without spring-loaded auto-stow is perfect but can still block the left pedal when you back the bike up.
  • For an electric bike, it is heavy but the motor has enough power to move its weight.
  • Expensive compared to most other e-bikes but it is worth the money based on current buyer’s opinion.
  • The bolts securing the wheels are T70 star driver, which is somehow rare.

Final Thought on the Stromer ST5 ebike

The ST5 electric bike is satisfying to ride along without looking at the LCD screen or shifters. If you forget to downshift, the motors powerful enough to get you back up to speed for quick climbs without pedal support.

The Stromer ST5 has a touch screen with GPS tracking and anti-theft. The electronic shifting is perfect, and the hydraulic disc brakes cool off fast. Additionally, both brake levers light up the rear light and recoup with five levels to go up steep heels or recharge the battery.

With the sturdy alloy fender, anti-shock seat post, custom Pirelli tires, premium grips, saddle, Bluetooth connection, and auto-locking and unlocking what more can one ask.

You can commute to work in the morning and return home late at night reaching amazing speeds without breaking too much sweat.

Remember that the speed reached with this ebike can be regulated at some States. Check your local regulations before buying.


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