SAVADECK Knight 9.0 Review

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The SAVADECK Knight 9.0 carbon fiber e-bike is a superior electric mountain bike. Designed to give you the ultimate biking experience.

The Knight 9.0 has ultra-modern features that make it durable and extremely convenient for mountain biking.

The frame measures at 27.5″ (69 cm) long × 17″ (43 cm) high and is made of pure carbon fiber, making the bike extremely strong. The carbon fiber frames also ensures that the bike is light weight.

For quality purposes, SAVADECK has designed and built all the Knight 9.0 electric bike frames in their SAVA R&D department. No matter where you are buying this bike from, you can be assured of an original carbon frame mountain bike directly from SAVADECK.


✅ Attractive unisex design.

✅ Strong carbon frame.

✅ Lightweight.

✅ Can be used on multiple terrains.

✅ Capable of high speeds even on inclined terrain.

✅ All parts are sourced from reliable brands.

✅ Allows the user easy and convenient control.

⊖ This e-cycle is best suitable for people between 165cm and 180cm high.

⊖ The manufacturer only produces 17 inch frames.

Pedal Assist System

The Knight 9.0 is a Pedelec mountain e-bike, which means it has a pedal assist system. You are able to climb inclined terrain easily without getting tired or sweating too much from pedaling.

The bike’s Power Assist System has a range of 5 cycling modes. You can switch modes depending on the terrain on which you are cycling.

Top Rated Yuebo Mid-Motor

SAVADECK Knight 9.0 electric bike is powered by an original YUEBO 250W 36V built-in motor that is high speed and low noise. As is ideal for an electric mountain bike, the Knight 9.0 is fitted with a mid-drive motor, which means it is located at the center of the bike.

A mid-drive motor enables e-bikes to easily climb on long and steep terrain as well as reach high speeds on flat terrain.

SAVADECK Knight Mid-motor

The motor is paired with a removable 36 V 10.4 AH Samsung 29ET battery that automatically cuts out at 15 mph (24km/h). The lithium-ion battery requires 3.5 hours for maximum charging and comes with an intelligent protection to ensure it lasts longer.

Samsung Li-Ion Battery

The best electric mountain bike has to be one with a long battery life if you are to get value for your money. Lithium Ion batteries for e-bikes have a longer battery life compared to lead or nickel batteries.

SAVADECK 9.0 Li-Ion Battery
Smooth design with a battery that is almost unseen.

Lithium batteries have a capacity of 1000 charge cycles before their ability to perform optimally starts to weaken. As a result, the Knight 9.0 gives you a longer battery life. Besides, the battery is powerful enough to withstand all weather terrain including rainy and dirt road conditions.

Speed Range

In most countries, the law requires that all electric bikes operate at a maximum speed of 15 mph (24km/h) at which point, the battery cuts out, however, in case you are riding in areas where you are allowed more speed, the SAVADECK Knight 9.0 can be changed to reach a speed of 24 mph (38 km/h).

You have to take your bike to a reliable SAVADECK supplier to have the speed capacity changed.

Shimano SLX Easy Control

Designed to ensure that you have a seamless mountain biking experience, the SAVADECK Knight has an advanced SHIMANO SLX M8000 2 ×10 control system.

Knight 9.0 freewheel XT

The system includes quality shifters, as well as front and rear derailleurs that give you smooth control as you ride along.

Multi-functional LCD Computer

This bike has further been equipped with a multi-functional SW-LCD display to basically show you how everything is working. The screen displays the battery indicator, motor power ratio, speed, mileage, power on/off, and 5-level assist. The display is visible both during the day and night.

SAVADECK Knight 9.0 Digital Meter

Sturdy Design and Great Comfort

SAVADEK have left nothing to chance in ensuring that the Knight 9.0 is one of the best electric mountain bike with utmost superior qualities.

All these high quality products give the Knight 9.0 electric bike an unmatched durability.

Every part of the bike is made of products from high quality brands including the Samsung lithium-ion battery, SHIMANO derailleurs and brakes, FIZIK NISENE leather saddle, YUEBO power system and controller system and PROWHEEL SUOLO chain wheel.

  • Frame & Overall Weight

The Knight 9.0 is one of the most comfortable electric mountain bikes you can find. The carbon frame being lightweight at 1100g (1.1 kg) has contributed to the overall lightweight of the bike at a mere 20 kg.

  • Carbon Seat

Great comfort is guaranteed with this bike’s 31.6*350 carbon seat.

9.0 Carbon Seat

The seat is not only durable but also feels comfortable even when you have to ride for long hours and in not-so-smooth terrain.

  • Alloy Pedals, Chain Wheel & Freewheel

The SAVADECK Knight 9.0 has been built to withstand your weight even when you choose to elevate yourself from the seat and pedal while standing. The bike’s pedals are full alloy, while the chain, chain wheel, and freewheel are all sturdy.

SAVADECK Knight 9.0 Alloy Pedals, Chain Wheel & Freewheel

Cyclists between the heights of 165-180cm (5.24-5.90 ft) can comfortably use this bike.


Shimano Deore XT Brakes

The SHIMANO DEORE XT BD-80000 RF-750MM LR-1500MM brakes are quality and very effective. For a mountain bike that has the capacity speed of up to 24mph (38 km/h), it is vital that the brakes work effectively.

SAVADECK 9.0 Suspension & Brakes

With the knight 9.0, you never have to worry especially when you are cruising at high speed even on flat terrain or going downhill.

Maxxis Ikon Tires

Strong tires are important for any mountain bike. The SAVADECK Knight 9.0 has sturdy tires that can easily pass through multiple terrains.

MAXXIS IKON M319P 27.5*2.2 BK 60TPI

The MAXXIS IKON M319P 27.5*2.2 BK 60TPI tires will allow you to cycle even on dirt roads, in dry or wet weather conditions. In addition, this bike comes with powerful W319LF 27.5*32H*14G w/rivet rims to support the wheels and ensure stability and durability.

Great Bargain

The SAVADECK knight 9.0 will certainly give you value for money. It is one of the best electric mountain bike for you if you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight and long lasting e-bike.

It will be an absolutely pleasurable experience every time you hop onto your bike and decide to explore the outdoors on whichever terrain you choose.

SAVADECK Knight 9.0 Review: Our Verdict

This e-cycle is a superior bike designed to give you an entirely new mountain biking experience. You will get a 1 year warranty on the frame and motor and a 2 year warranty on the battery (don’t forget to confirm this when buying it as things can changes from the time we do the review and the time you buy it).

Like most high quality electric bikes, the SAVADECK brand offers top rated electric bikes that range different values depending on the features the bike has. In this case, the Knight 9.0 e-bike has an affordable version with a slight change in the speed control system (SAVADECK Knight 9.0 – Shimano SLX 20 Speed).

You can check the most important features in the following table:

ModelSAVADECK Knight 9.0 - Shimano DEORE XT M8000 2 x 11 SpeedSAVADECK Knight 9.0 - Shimano SLX 20 Speed
Frame Material & WeightCarbon Fiber; 27.5*17”; 1100g (1.1 kg).Carbon Fiber; 27.5*17”; 1100g (1.1 kg).
Speed Control SystemSHIMANO DEORE XT M8000 2 x 11.SHIMANO SLX M8000 2 x 10.
MotorYUEBO 36V 250W.YUEBO 36V 250W.
BatterySamsung Li-Ion with smart protection system; 36V 10.4AH.Samsung Li-Ion with smart protection system; 36V 10.4AH.
E-bike ClassPedelec with 5 cycling modes.Pedelec with 5 cycling modes.

If you are shopping for an electric mountain bike as we speak, the SAVADECK knight 9.0 could be the answer you are looking for.

What do you think about this EMTB? Your contribution & rating will help other riders to buy wisely.


Savadeck Knight 9


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


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Controller & Assistance


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Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability