Phantom Santa Fe Classic Review

The Phantom Santa Fe Classic is one those dream bikes every cyclist would want to own. The first thing you would want to know is that this electric bike is hand built, meaning that every piece has been meticulously created to give the cyclist an amazing experience.

This electric bike is fitted with advanced features that make it both practical and enjoyable even for daily use.

The Phantom Santa Fe Classic has a striking outlook and you don’t need to be told that it is an efficient bike. This sleek bike has a rust-free aluminum hydro-formed frame, which translates to a light but durable bike.

The durability of your e-bike is dependent on its quality as well as how you take care of it. You must always take your bike for servicing when you should as well as store it properly.


✅ Crafted by hand.

✅ Sleek black gloss design.

✅ Lightweight, considering all the nice additions.

✅ Powerful 500W Samsung motor

✅ Can cruise at high speeds at 25mph (40 km/hr).

✅ Fast charging time of between 2-3 hours.

✅ 3 gears with 9 levels of assist allow for long distance rides without tiring.

✅ Effective front and rear brakes.

✅ Relatively low maintenance.

✅ 50 mile (80 km) effective range

✅ You can hookup a trailer specifically design for this e-bike.

⊖ As an S-Pedelec capable of reaching a speed of 25 mph (40 km/hr), the use of this bike’s pedal assist may be limited due to local regulations.

To give you with the best details, we are going to discuss some of its most important features of this e-bike.

Pedal Assist System

The city commuter electric bike has a pedal assists system that is an S-Peledec class. You get to enjoy your rides as you are able to cruise on flat terrain with utmost ease as well as go uphill without getting tired.

Phantom Santa Fe Classic e-bike
Simply a beauty

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy the outdoors on your bike without pedaling too hard and sweating profusely in the process. This is the beauty of an electric bike. The Santa Fe Classic ensures that you have seamless rides any time and all the time.

Center Drive Powerful Motor & Long Last Samsung Battery

The 500W motor that powers the Santa Fe Classic makes it a powerful electric bike. The motor is center-drive, the best option when you are looking for a bike that will cruise at high speed and also climb steep terrain easily.

When this bike is fully charged, the motor has an assisted range of 40-50 miles (80 km), which would mean it would cover your daily commute.

Phantom Santa Fe Classic e-bike Motor & Battery

A powerful a motor as this one needs to be powered by an equally powerful battery. The Santa Fe Classic has a 48 volts 11.6 Amp Samsung battery which takes 2-3 hours to charge fully.

You can be assured that this battery is durable because it has been sourced from Samsung, which is a reliable brand when it comes to e-bike batteries.

S-Pedelec Class

All electric bikes are designed to reach a certain speed limit at which point, the battery automatically cuts out. The Phantom Santa Fe Classic is capable of a speed of 25mph (40 km/hr), and is thus an S-Pedelec.

The speed limit for normal pedal assist e-bikes known as Pedelecs is 15mph (24 km/hr). Pedal assist e-bikes that can reach speeds beyond this point, like in the case of the Santa Fe Classic are S-Pedelecs.

In most cases, laws governing the use of e-bikes, require that S-Pedelecs be used on motorized trails, while users are expected to have a license, insurance and protective helmet. You always have to consider the law as you buy and ride your bike. Speed limit, motor power and weight of the bike are key factors to consider so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

The fact that S-Pedelecs are capable of reaching high speeds means that they pose danger to other users on bike trails. This is why you are required to use motorized or designated trails when using an S-Pedelec.

Design and Durability

The superior qualities and features of the Phantom Santa Fe Classic e-bike provides the same efficiency and comfort both men and women.

  • Frame and Trailer

This extremely good looking and efficient e-bike is embodied in a black gloss aluminum hydro-form frame. The bike looks sleek and is in all ways unisex. In addition, it comes with an optional wood trim trailer, which you can attach and detach from the bike as you desire.

Phantom Santa Fe Classic e-bike plus wooden trailer
Very sexy e-bike

The trailer is ideal for your grocery shopping or picnic trips and you do not have to forego cycling for the convenience of carrying your luggage. You can have both.

  • Headlight, Suspension, Tires & Rims

Another convenient feature of the Phantom Santa Fe is its large headlamp that allows for easy cycling at night. Even though, the headlight could seem a little big, the battery is powerful enough to provide the energy this light requires.

This superior e-bike has a double steel springer front fork, which contributes to the bike’s great suspension.

The suspension effect is further compounded by the bike’s 26ʺ×2.35ʺ balloon tires, both the front and rear. Balloon tires on the Phantom Santa Fe allow the bike to roll easily while you have an easy time steering it. In addition, the bike frame and tires are supported by 50mm aluminum rims, contributing to the strength and durability of the bike.

The aluminum rims also ensure that the bike remains lightweight.

  • Multi-functional Digital Computer

The Santa Fe Classic has been designed to allow you easy navigation. It has 3 gears with 9 levels of pedal assist. You have a long range of choices for your pedal assist depending on how much pedaling you want to do.

Phantom Santa Fe Classic e-bike digital computer

The Phantom Santa Fe Classic is thus a powerful bike designed to give you one of the most exhilarating cycling experiences.

  • Powerful Brakes

One of the most important aspects of a bike is its brakes. A cyclist wants to have great control as they ride their bike and the Phantom Santa Fe has ensured that you do.

This bike has both front and rear brakes and, even when you are cruising at maximum speed, you can be assured of adequate control whenever you need to come to a halt.

Phantom Santa Fe Classic Review: Our Verdict

The Phantom Santa Fe Classic is a powerful e-bike that you can never regret buying. Being a pedal assist bike, it means you can go for longer distances as you regulate how much you pedal and use the motor.

In most days, you will find yourself using this e-bike instead of any other mode of transport because it is convenient and enjoyable. This translates to more exercise for you and thus a healthier lifestyle.

Last but not least. The Phantom Santa Fe has a 1 year warranty.

Images courtesy of Phantom Bikes.

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