Budnitz Model E: A Lightweight Electric Bike

Bike Shops trading Budnitz Model E:

This lightweight electric bike recharges on the go making the Budnitz Model E a great Pedelec e-bike on the market.

A lightweight electric bike is one of the main things many riders look for when investing in pedal assisted bikes.

The Model E by Budnitz could be one of the options. 

Budnitz Model E Table Summary


✅ FThe Model E has a clean Gates Carbon Belt Drive that has no greasy chain or complicated gearing.

✅ The battery is hidden, and you can recharge it by peddling backward or cruising downhill.

✅ It is one of the lightest electric bikes in the market.

⊖ The Budnitz Model E is rather expensive for a commuter e bike.

⊖ No front suspension available.

⊖ No LCD controller. You will have to use your smartphone.

Yes, we know mentioning the word e-bike in cycling leaves one hearing you are a cheat! According to cyclists, you ride a bike and do not cruise on it, but the truth is attitudes are changing fast.

Ebike Model & Class
Main Features
Tires, Rims & Brakes
Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)
Ebike Model & Class

 - Budnitz Model E.

 - Class 2 (Pedelec).

Main Features

✅ The Model E has a clean Gates Carbon Belt Drive that has no greasy chain or complicated gearing.

✅ The battery is hidden and you can recharge it by peddling backward or cruising downhill.

✅ It is one of the lightest electric bikes in the market.

Tires, Rims & Brakes

 - 29-inch wheels and customizable with other sets of tires as well.

 - Budnitz CroMo Spindle Platform Pedals, Titanium Riser Bar and Silver Component Set.

 - Hydraulic Formula R1 Disc Brakes, Leather Grips & Seat and SON Dynamo Hub with Lights.


 - Polished twin-tube FlyLite cantilever frame (titanium alloy).


 - Single speed 250-watt Zehus Bike+ rear hub electric motor.


 - Boston Power Swing 5300 Lithium-Ion (30V, 160Wh) battery.


 - Your smartphone has to be used to monitor the e bike performance.

 - Six (6) assist modes controlled by the Bitride app.

Gear & Shifter (Drivetrain)

 - The Budnitz Model E is a single speed e bike hence there is no gear & shifter feature.

 - Gates Carbon Belt Drive

The Budnitz Model E Looks Stylish and Fun to Ride

Whilst the Budnitz Model E is a lightweight electric bike, it looks simple but stylish and is fun to ride.

Budnitz Model E Lightweigth electric bike

The polished twin-tube FlyLite cantilever frame looks gorgeous but has a minimalist design.

The structures constructed from titanium alloy with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

The bike frame is lightweight and as durable as steel; great to carry with you up and down a flight of stairs.

You can ride on rough pavements to gravel and it is available in a Cro Moly Steel frame as well.

The bicycle has a single speed 250-watt rear hub electric motor to help you reach up to 15 mph (for up to 100 miles).

Furthermore, the 30-watt L-ion 160Wh battery is good enough for commuting in urban areas.

You can travel further without needing to recharge it. The e bike is custom made in Vermont and has everything you need from a battery, cables to a rear hub.

Compared to the best electric bikes on the market, this model does have a difference.

The electric bike offers you several assist modes controlled by the Bitride app using your Android or iOS device (more about this later.)

The Bluetooth connection enables you to track data, manage settings, and receive alerts.

To make it even more interesting, it is the best titanium bicycle built custom for your individual needs outfitted with the finest components found in the world.

Now, you can hit the street or head up a hill with a spot of pedal assist.

More about the Smartphone App and Modes

The Model E has a lot to offer when it comes to the latest smart device technology.

By using the smartphone app (Bitride app), you can change the assist mode with different ranges available. The fantastic thing is you don’t need to run the electric bike using the application.

Two (2) important things to consider:

  • One: You have to backpedal three (3) times to activate the motor.
  • Two: You will have to adjust you power mode before starting pedaling (you can’t modify it on the go).

When the bike detects no movement, it turns off automatically after two (2) minutes to help reduce battery life. Adding to this cool feature, it switches off when leaning it vertically or horizontally.

Here are the six (6) power modes:

  • Turbo: Used with regular pedelec power.
  • E-Bike: It will assist as a conventional pedelec (used while riding on flat terrains).
  • Range 1, 2 and 3: – used in the Hybrid form and helps lower speed during acceleration. It is useful to save some battery if you think you might be running low (something you won’t be facing, we think).
  • Bike+: It is the most powerful mode. This will help you when going uphill.
  • Off Mode (bike): It has no power assist acting as a conventional bicycle (not as power mode though).

Model E Standout Features

One of the prominent features on the Budnitz Model E is the Gates Carbon Belt Drive with 250-watt Zehus Bike+ system.

Model E - Zehus Bike+ 250 w hub motor and Boston Power Swing 5300 Li-ion battery

The batteries found in a well-designed aluminum hub with sensors embedded in the bottom bracket. The electric motor needs no oil and is nearly maintenance free.

When pedaling around town and you feel your legs getting tired, switch over to the e-assist with speeds up to 15 mph and recharge the battery by coasting downhill or pedaling backward.

The Model E you can buy in different frame height sizes in small, medium, large, and extra large.

Another fantastic trait is the Boston Power Swing 5300 Lithium-Ion battery offers you a 3000 cycle life and charges in 3-hours.

With the weightless design, the hub weight is 7 lbs and perfect if you do need to carry it. The frame has a brushed aluminum finish and looks fantastic.

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Further, the e bike is outfitted with Budnitz CroMo Spindle Platform Pedals, Titanium Riser Bar and Silver Component Set.

The list does not stop here as it has hydraulic formula R1 disc brakes, leather grips & seat and SON Dynamo hub with Lights.

Additionally, the e-bikes outfitted with 29-inch wheels and customizable with other sets of tires as well.

Customizing the Model E According To Your Cycling Needs

Another fantastic thing is you can have your Budnitz Model E built to order with off-the-rack configurations to design your own tailored bike. Some of the options included are as follows:

  • Equipped with a titanium or steel frame.
  • Nine frame colors available.
  • Four (4) types of handlebars.
  • Two (2) different types of brakes and four (4) types of saddles.
  • You can customize it further with different grips, tires, pedals, and fenders.

Is this Lightweight Electric Bike Perfect?

In our opinion, we love the new design and the fact that it is a lightweight electric bike makes it an exceptional buy. But as with any product on the market, it has some downfalls as well.

So should you buy it? Let us find out.

Good Reasons to Buy:

  • The Model E has a clean Gates Carbon Belt Drive that has no greasy chain or complicated gearing, and the Zehus Bike+ 250-watt electric rear hub comes directly from Italy.
  • The motor, battery and sensors sealed in an aluminum rear hub and ideal for cycling in any weather condition.
  • The battery is hidden and you can recharge it by peddling backward or cruising downhill.
  • Further, you can pedal and go or connect your phone via Bluetooth and control different modes and the power output of the engine.
  • Built in slope sensors to support cycling up hills and has a hub locking function to prevent theft.
  • You can use the pedelec to commute around town or use the all-in-one solution of electric assist up to 15 mph.
  • The e bike is customizable with different components to suit your lifestyle needs.
  • The drivetrain is protected against grit, road debris, rain, and maintenance free.

Reasons Not To Buy:

  • The only reason we could find it is expensive, and if you have a tight budget, you might consider looking at an electric bike such as the Faraday Cortland or Cyrusher XF700.
  • Another fact is it might be a lightweight electric bike but users may still find it difficult when in need of using a train or bus in between traveling to work.
  • You need to mount your smartphone to control the assist modes and may find your screen difficult to read. Further, it will consume phone battery and you may need to consider attaching a Tigra Sports BikeCharge Dynamo to the front wheel. You can charge your phone while cycling as the device generates power from rotational movement—just a thought.

Budnitz Model E Lightweight Electric Bike Wrap up

You must agree the Budnitz Model E is a lightweight electric bike, weighing 7 lbs. So why should you buy the pedal assist electric bike?

Model E lightweight electric bike - Front light

The first reason we can give you is it does not have an external battery that gets in the way and completely sealed to prevent damage.

Secondly, you do not need to grease the chain or figure out the complicated gearing with the two-speed function.

Thirdly, it feels like magic, as you only need to hop on and drive without wondering when the battery is going to die on you.

Last but not least, on the list of why you should buy the pedelec, it offers you several assist modes you can control using the Bitride app available for Android and iOS devices.

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Another exceptional thing is that the Model E turns off automatically when not in use; this helps reduce the battery life.

Further, you get a one-year warranty on the battery and two-years on the bike.

The rear hub you can lock to prevent theft and the bicycle comes with a dedicated bicycle identification number.

The best of all, you don’t need to remove the battery for charging as the pots found on the drive side.

The only reason you may not buy the bike is the costly price.

But if you consider all these important things, it is worth the price. So what do you think of this Budnitz lightweight electric bike Model E—is it worth buying?

Images courtesy of Budnitz Bicycles.


Budnitz Model E


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