Hummingbird Electric Bike Review

The Hummingbird Electric Bike is one of the sleekest, fastest, and lightest e-bikes in its kind, that is why gets our review. 

The electric bike’s frame has a durable and lightweight carbon fiber structure and manufactured at the Prodrive Banbury factory.

You can saddle up and cycle to work as the e-bike travels for long distances, and you can hop on to a bus or train with the foldable design. The collapsible constructions godsend, but before you put in your order—check out the fantastic features available on this lightest electric bike.

Hummingbird Electric Bike Pros and Cons Summary


✅ Top-quality frame and lightweight (10 kg).

✅ Alloy rims keep the weight down with fast acceleration.

✅ Compact enough to keep under your desk at work.

⊖ High price but high quality.

⊖ Your top speed is 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

⊖ You have to use your smarphone to access the telemetrics of the ebike.

The Hummingbird the Lightest Traditional Folding Bike

The Hummingbird Electric Bike is easy on the eye and combines functionality with a sleek style. The bicycle is the creation of Petre Craciun who designed an attractive, lightweight folding bike (23 lb or 10 kgs) for his girlfriend to carry.

Hummingbird ebike folding

The electric bike’s frame has a durable and lightweight carbon fiber structure and manufactured at the Prodrive Banbury factory.

Furthermore, you can buy it in four astounding colors: Prestige Black, Burnt Orange, Hummingbird Yellow, and Freedom Blue. Not only does the e-bike have a weightless structure, it is one of the most comfortable folding bikes with the three-step folding design.

What you will Find at First Sight

Hummingbird Electric Bike Motor and batteryThe rear hub houses a 250-watt motor with a secluded 160-Wh lithium battery. The frame has a clean structure without a bulky battery pack getting in the way. The Electric Hummingbird relies on Bluetooth— connectivity using your smartphone to manage the bicycles computer.

You can control the power, run navigation, monitor usage, lock up the rear drive wheel, and perform remote diagnostics. The intriguing thing is the pedal-assist drive with three (3) consecutive backpedals revolutions reaching a speed up to 5 mph (8 km/h).

The motor adjusts according to your input and will shut off automatically after two minutes when not used.

This pedelec folding bike has a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and provides you with up to 18.6 miles (29 km) in the electric-assisted mode. The battery takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Riding the Hummingbird Electric Bike

Commuting with the Hummingbird has mixed feelings from different riders as many found it still a bit bulky to fit into overhead luggage racks. However, once folded it has a narrow construction and a bit longer than other electric bikes as it does not fold into the frame itself.

Hummingbird adjustable barA fact is it folds around the bottom bracket with a unified rear triangle keeping the chain length constant. What it does is rid away a tensioner and saves on weight leading to a stiffer package without many hinges. So how does the folding work? The first step is that the mainframe hinge allows the swing arm to fold underneath the bike.

Now the handlebar and stem folds down and secured by a clip on the end of the bar and locks to the side of the swing arm. Once the seatpost drops down, you can pop the pedals off and keep it in a holster found within the swing arm. When unfolding the bicycle, the entire procedures reversed.

The Hummingbird, when collapsed, is easy to carry, and the handlebars sit safely on the far side of the folded enclosure. Once you reassemble the e-bike, it cycles like a dream. Hummingbird Electric Slick tires

The slick tires with low drag and sealed bearings make the machine go faster without much effort.

With the 16-inch wheels, you get a quick acceleration, and it is more responsive while steering. While the frame is stiff and the wheels are tiny, you have a flexible carbon seatpost that absorbs jolts well. The seat posts held in place with hardware made of titanium to save on weight.

Compared to other Hummingbirds pedal-only versions, the e-bike is 55% heavier and can hold a weight up to 240 lb (108 kg).

Unfortunately, the saddle padding is a bit light if you have a bonier structure.

More about the Bitride Bluetooth Connectivity

When connected to the Bitride app you only need to start the electric bike by riding up to 5 mph (8 km/h) and backpedal full three revolutions.

Hummingbird Smartphone controller

The application is simple to download to your smartphone and connects via Bluetooth.

With your connected smartphone, you can adjust the motor assist, regenerate the braking function, and boost the speed. You will be able to view your battery status, speed, engine power, and navigate through streets. As mentioned before, the Hummingbird automatically turns off after 2 – 10 minutes connected to the app.

Hummingbird Standout Features

When it comes to features, the lightest foldable electric bike is packed with some interesting traits. The electric motor and battery weighs 7.49 pounds and is capable of reaching up to 18.6 miles (29 km) with the assisted ride and a max supported speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

You connect the charger to the rear wheel axle and takes up to 2.5 hours to charge. Another benefit is that the battery charges with regenerating braking while riding. The battery is replaceable at 3,000 cycles, and the single hub offers you a high energy/weight ratio.

Hummingbird bike charging port

The batteries placed around the heat-generating motor and helps increase the temperature. The carbon frame has a gorgeous flowing shape making it exceptionally light and durable. Even the fork is carbon, and the steering column has an aluminum construction.

Another notable thing is that the aluminum rear stays pivot around the bottom bracket even when folded. And if you do need to tension, all you do is slide the rear wheel axle in the track-style and rear-facing dropouts.

The Hummingbird is one of the best folding bikes for commuters.

Another beneficial note is that the front wheel you can remove to make the folding bike smaller. The e-bike is equipped with a single speed Shimano Alfine chainset made for city biking and has a chainguard to prevent oil stains on your pants. The CNC brake levers combined with the Tektro dual-pivot calipers and stainless steel Jagwire cables housed in a low-friction outer offering enough stopping power.

Hummingbird carbon fiber handlebar

The handlebars and seatpost have a bespoke carbon structure, and the curved handlebars give you a 50mm vertical adjustment. Further, it has Vellgo quick-release pedal with a 13-tooth 3/32-inch single sprocket and sealed bearing hubs.

Should You Buy the Hummingbird Electric Bike?

Yes, the lightest folding electric bike is worth every cent that is if you do have the budget. The bicycles designed to ride around town and carried on public transport. However, there are many other reasons why the pedelecs perfect:

Good Reasons to Buy:

  • The frame is top-quality and made of carbon to make it lightweight and stiff.
  • The components are well chosen and offer you a mix that works together perfectly.
  • The bespoke alloy rims keep the weight down further and provide an agile and super-fast acceleration.
  • The electric bike folds into a small size measuring 23 x 45.8 x 7.4-inches and compact enough to keep under your desk at work.
  • The bicycle has a five-year (5) warranty on the swing arm and frame and the non-wearing parts covered with a one year (1) warranty—the battery and motor has a two-year (2) warranty.

Reasons not to Buy:

  • This lightest foldable electric bike comes with a high price.
  • The e-bike does limit your speed as it goes as fast as you pedal.
  • To control the e-bike motor, you need to have your smartphone connected and can drain the phone’s battery.
  • Using your smart device to view the electric bike might be difficult to read on the screen.
  • Once folded you may have difficulty storing it in the luggage rack as it is longer when folded at 33-inches.

What Do We Think of the Hummingbird Electric Bike?

The Hummingbird may be a new entrant to the urban electric bike market but has loads of advantage over its competitors. The bicycle is lighter with the carbon-fiber frame and looks stunning. Folding the e-bike is a breeze with the Hummlock clip to keep it in place.

Hummingbird Electric Bike ReviewYou will appreciate the lightweight standing on a station platform and may have difficulty fitting it into a luggage rack. The connection of your Android and iOS device helps enable you to log your rides, view maps, lock the rear wheel, calibrate the bike, and check the battery power.

The bicycle is a joy to ride like a regular bike as well as a pedal-assist electric bike. Once the motor kicks in you get a smooth ride with the battery on the rear hub making the handlebars more responsive. While traveling uphill may be a bit daunting, coasting downhill is fantastic, and the brake levers keep the bike controlled.

So if you need to travel shorter distances with less challenging rides, the Hummingbird Electric Bike is a delight and is sure to impress you.

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