Giant Quick E+ e bike 2019 Review

If you’re looking for the ultimate Giant Quick E+ review for this 2019, you are in the right place.

As of 2018, Americans were spending $77.1 million a year on e bikes, with sales growing at over 90% per year. For electric bikes, like the Giant Quick E+, was a breakout year. If you’re looking for a thorough review of the a Giant electric bike, we’ve got you covered.

In our review, we’ll go over the bike’s classification, its main features, where it could do better, what it does well, and other things to consider when you’re buying.

Giant Quick E+ Electric Bike Table Summary


✅ Electric motor powered and designed by Yamaha.

✅ Three (3) modes of assistance to suite every rider needs.

✅ The battery can be removed to reduce the overall weight to the Quick E+.

⊖ Wide handlebars that may be troublesome.

⊖ There is no version for women (regarding the low step).

Quick E+ Giant Specs

Ebike Model & Class
Main Features
Tires, Rims & Brakes
Gear & Shifter
Ebike Model & Class

- Quick E+.
- Class 3 (S-Pedelec).

Main Features

- Different sizes available.

- Three (3) levels of assistance for different riders.

Tires, Rims & Brakes

- Size: 27.5 x 2.35" (Schwalbe G-One).

- Brand: Giant eXC 2 (tubeless).

- Brakes brand: Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc.


- Material: Aluminum

- Type: Aluxx SL

- Color: Grey for 2019

- Size: S(17"), M(19"), L(21"), XL(23").


- Top speed: 28 mph

- Brand: Yamaha

- Type: Mid-drive (Giant SyncDrive Sport).

- Power: 500 watts.


- Brand: Giant.

- Made of:Lithium-Ion.

- Min Range: 30 miles (48 km).

- Max Range: 70 miles (112 km).

- Charging time: 4.5 hrs.


Giant RideControl EVO (mini USB charger).

Gear & Shifter

Shimano Deore ( 20 speed).

Classification of this e bike

The Giant Quick E+ is classified as a Class 3 electric bike (S-Pedelec), which means its motor provides less than 750 watts of power, and the maximum powered speed is 28 MPH (about 45 KPH).

Remember, you still need to do some pedaling to reach what ever speed you want.

In the United States, Class 3 electric bikes don’t require a registration or a license. However, some states have laws against operating these bikes on major roads (usually 45 MPH speed limits or higher), or may relegate bikes to designated bike lanes in certain areas.

For European readers, the laws will depend on what country you live in. Most countries in Europe are even more lax than the US regarding Class 3 e bikes, but some countries have even harsher restrictions, and require a driver’s license.

We know bikes, but we’re not international lawyers. If you’re not sure, check your local regulations.

Main Features

Quick E+ Handlebar - headlight and tires

This e bike has a 500 watt motor powered by a 36V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and will provide a power boost to keep your speed as high as 28 MPH.

Giant Quick E+ range is about 70 miles on relatively flat terrain (normal mode), which means that the motor is providing a moderate amount of assistance. This range can go up or down depending on your terrain and motor settings.

In the course of our review, we explored the bike’s three (3) power modes.

  • Eco mode

This mode will get you better mileage, but provides the least amount of assist. This is for people who are going long distances, or for experienced riders who’d just like to have a little boost going up a hill.

  • Normal mode

Selecting this mode, will give you the standard setting, providing a moderate amount of power.

  • Power mode

Lastly, the final and most exiting mode will give all the power the Yamaha motor has to keep you traveling along at 28 mph; keep in mind that this comes at the cost of depleting your battery faster.

The Giant Quick E+ features an LCD display on the center of the handlebars. This display shows your current speed, your battery level, and what mode you’re in. It also has an indicator that lets you know when your safety lights are on. Yes, there are safety lights on this bike. They can lower your range ever so slightly, but they’re a nice safety feature for someone who may have to ride in less than ideal conditions.

Common Issues With the Giant Quick E+

If you’re looking for a perfect bike, you’ll be waiting until the end of time. Still, we want to provide a thorough review, so we’re going to go over some upside downs as well as some positives.

  • Handlebar

For one thing, the Quick E+ model has extremely wide handlebars. This makes it easy to handle when you’re quickly dodging a pothole, but it’s also hard to fit between cars when you’re navigating city traffic. This is an odd choice for an e bike that’s most definitely a city commuter.

  • Mileage estimator

Another thing that Giant could improve is their mileage estimator. This isn’t a huge deal, because you can easily see what percentage of battery life you have left, but some other electric bike manufacturers will adjust their mileage estimates based on what kind of terrain you’re riding and how much load you’re actually putting on the motor.

This bike doesn’t have that feature, which is puzzling for an otherwise excellent entry.

  • Overall weight

A complaint that’s common among electric bikes owners. The Giant Quick E+ weight (approx 23 kg) is more than that of traditional e bikes. To make it easier to get up and down stairs, Giant made the battery removable, but without a handle, it can be hard for smaller people to carry in one hand. If you live in an apartment with stairs, have fun lugging this (or any electric bike) up to your apartment.

  • Tires grip

Lastly, looking at the overall design of the Quick e plus, seems that the tires may not have enough carving for wet conditions, which means you will have to be extra careful when riding after or during some rain.

Of course, these tires have been designed thinking on the urban settings rater than the most slippery conditions.

As you can see, none of the issues listed above are considered a big problem as they depend on you ability to ride an e bike, you control over the battery life and the designated area where you decide to store you powerful Quick E+.

Advantages of the Giant Quick E+

Mid-motor Yamaha Giant Quick E plusOur Giant Quick E+ review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t go over some of the bike’s best features. These include a sleek look, a motor that’s housed neatly inside the frame, and most of all a quiet motor. Yamaha really outdid themselves with this motor.

It’s powerful and responsive, but makes about as much noise as an electric drill.

It also has a more aggressive, forward-leaning seating position than many comparable e bikes. This makes it ideal for experienced riders who just want a little boost, as well as for city commuters who are in a hurry.

What to Consider When Buying the Quick E+ for 2019

  • Frame size and access

If you’re looking to buy this bike, keep in mind that the Giant Quick E+ is fairly large (with a minimum frame size of 17″). This makes it comfortable for medium to taller users, but can be inconvenient for people who are on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Aside from the various sizes Giant provides to riders, this model only comes with a high step frame, which means the access is not as comfortable as the lower step (usually ideal for women).

Make sure you chat with your local dealer to get the right frame size for you needs.

  • Classification and mileage

Consider that this isn’t a motorcycle or a moped (Class 4 e bike); it’s a pedal-assist classification and the battery has a range of about 70 miles. This should be more than enough for most city commutes, but don’t expect to be touring the country on this bike unless you’re ready to do a lot of pedaling.

  • Latest Technology

Lastly, the price is comparable to other bikes in the same class, but understand that all modern electric bikes are going to look overpriced in a few years. This isn’t a criticism of the house of Giant. It’s just the truth of a new, rapidly-growing market. Buy the Quick E plus if it meets your needs, but don’t buy any electric bike just because it’s the latest and greatest.

Much like a brand new mobile phone, there will be a newer and better model next year.

The Final Verdict

The Giant Quick E+ is a solid, well-built city commuter electric bike with the ability to go up to 70 miles if needed, while still providing some pedal assistance. With its big beefy tires and aggressive riding posture, this is definitely a cyclist’s bike, not a casual rider’s first bike.

It looks sleek, runs quietly, and is easy to recharge from any residential power outlet. If you’re looking for an e bike for your daily commute, or if you’re a seasoned rider who’s looking for a boost, we hope our Giant Quick E+ review helped you to make a good purchase decision.

How would you rate the Quick E+?

Giant Quick E+


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability




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  • June 17, 2019 at 11:31 am

    Wide bars make perfect sense for manipulating a heavy ebike around; the extra leverage helps. And they can easily be cut down should you wish, but you can’t add material onto a bar that is too narrow to start with.
    As for the tyres – 2.35″ tyres help make up for the rigid frame and provide way more grip than a skinny road bike tyre…


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