Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bike reviews are your first stop when thinking to buy an e-bike. Check the top rated ones in the market by reading this guide and some useful reviews.

Trek Powerfly 5 2019 electric mountain bike Review

Trek Powerfly 5 2019 e bike Review

The Trek Powerfly 5 is an electric mountain bike designed for all riders who want a little help on challenging tracks and uphill. However, it’s often used as a city bike either for commuting or light weekend touring. Boasting a user-friendly design and attractive price, this e bike impresses with flawless aesthetics thanks to the integrated battery. Excellent suspensions and ...
Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 ebike Review

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 ebike Review

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 allows you to ride more than just XC trails with less effort. This review will give you a better idea of what this high speed and multi-functional e-bike can do for you. With the combination of Bosch electric power and hardtail cross-country platform, you can climb hills while the electric motor boosts your natural ...
cyrusher xf700 Review

Cyrusher XF700 Review

The Cyrusher XF700 combines most of the characteristic of a mountain bike whilst giving all the advantages of its folding featured. Below is our honest review of this popular and highly respected bike suitable for adults and teens. It is a real head turner wherever you go. Not only is it a beauty to look at it is one of the ...
Surface 604 Shred Review

Surface 604 Shred Throttle e-MTB Review

The Surface 604 Shred is one of the latest throttle electric mountain bikes on the market. The Shred is built to navigate mountainous terrain while still being suitable for easy trails and urban biking. The 604 Shred is a hard tail model with a Class 2 throttle on demand and Class 3 speed pedalec. It will give you peace of ...
SAVADECK Knight 9.0 Electric Mountain Bike

SAVADECK Knight 9.0 Review

The SAVADECK Knight 9.0 carbon fiber e-bike is a superior electric mountain bike. Designed to give you the ultimate biking experience. The Knight 9.0 has ultra-modern features that make it durable and extremely convenient for mountain biking. The frame measures at 27.5" (69 cm) long × 17" (43 cm) high and is made of pure carbon fiber, making the bike ...

The Ultimate Guide about Electric Mountain Bike (Updated for 2019)

For anyone who loves cycling, an electric mountain bike is unbeatable when it comes to performance. The most outstanding thing about them is that they use motors and batteries, which means they are more powerful than other bikes.

As a result, they allow you to cover long distances.

With these bikes, you can climb hills more easily as compared to when you are using the regular mountain bikes. Some of these bikes allow you to use them even without pedaling.

Since they come with different features, it means that you need to be very careful when buying to ensure that the one you have picked will give you the best performance. To make your work easier when buying, this guide will reveal the most important features a good electric mountain bike should have.

Benefits of e-Mountain Bikes

  • Stability – E mountain bikes are heavier than the standard ones. This is because they have additional features like batteries and the motor. However, the weight is located at the center and very low on the frame; this means the bike will have a low center of gravity and as a result, it will be more stable.
  • Fast – Whether you are climbing hills or riding on flat trails, an e mountain bike will allow you to do faster rides since the motor enhances the speed.
  • Versatility – Unlike standard mountain bikes, electric mountains bikes are fun to ride and more versatile. Since they use powerful motors, you can comfortably use them to navigate more trails. If you are planning to ride all day, an e mountain bike will allow you to do so without fatigue.

Drawbacks of an Electric Mountain Bike

  • Price – Electric mountain bikes are built to provide a better performance as com. As a result, they have advanced features which means the cost is also higher.
  • Heavy – When an electric mountain bike runs out of juice, they become very difficult to pedal (check our e-bike motors guide to understand this fact a bit more) since they would be a bit heavy.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Mountain Bike

It is always good to buy an item with various specifications that appeal to you. There is no exception to this when purchasing the best electric mountain bike. Consider the following:

  • Frame

The frame material is important for durability of your electric MTB. The most common type of materials uses are aluminum, carbon fiber, alloy and steel (however, you’re more likely to not find the last two materials).

The frame size is also to be considered depending on your taste. You will be torn choosing between a small and large size. Choose a size that will give you easy maneuverability and also comfort to your leg lenght.

  • Suspension quality and classification

It is a superb idea getting an electric MTB with suspension when cycling off road. It makes the ride more comfortable just like riding on the tarmac.

In this case, you will find either hard tail or full suspension. Hard tail bikes have shocks at their rear while both front and rear shocks are found in full suspension bikes.

  • Motor

Many people have the belief that the motor is the most vital part of the e-bike. How a bike behaves especially on climbs depends on the motor.

You are to choose between a hub motor versus a mid-drive motor. A hub motor is placed on the rear wheel. It is reliable, simple, lightweight as compare to the mid-drive one. However, it is worth considering that the latter is a better hill climber and gives extra torque on the road.

  • Brakes

Safety is something you should never overlook when searching for an e mountain bike. As a result, you need to ensure that the one you have picked have a reliable brake system.

The most common types of brakes available are mechanical disc brakes, V brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. In terms of performance, hydraulic disc brakes provide a better performance than the mechanical disc brakes.

Magura, Shimamo and Tektro are within the best brands when it comes to production of reliable brake systems.

  • Tires

The bike’s overall concept is more important than the tires. You need to set the pressure for the tires for efficiency.

When determining the best tire pressure for an e mountain bike, you need to find the correct balance of stability and grip. However, the pressure should not be too high or too low. When the pressure is higher than the recommended, the traction will consequently reduce. On the other hand, when the tire pressure is too low, the rim might get damaged easily (when landing). Again, it leads to unstable rides because the natural spring of the tire will also be reduced

  • Other Components

    • Seat post and saddle – You should consider a bicycle with a dropper seat post for lowering the saddle on the fly. This is a seat post which can be raised and lowered using a remote on the handlebar. Seat posts with a minimum of 120mm of travel are the best.
    • Battery technology and integration – With the current advanced technology, most electric mountain bikes have batteries integrated on top of the down tubes and the battery cases have a charger and a controller in one package. In tube batteries, lower the center of gravity making the bike look sleeker.
    • Gears system – Gear system are also an important consideration. All bikes whether electrical or not have one chain ring upfront and depends on drive trains with between 8 to 12 gears. Sounds interesting unlike in those days when bikes had many gears!
  • Maintenance of E-mountain bike

Just like any other equipment, an electric mountain bike should be given proper care. However, since these ones are ridden farther and faster than normal bikes, they need extra care.

Ensure that you clean your bike regularly and lubricate the chains, levers and cables. It is also advisable not to leave the bike out in the rain or direct sunlight. The more you ride on it the more maintenance it requires.

Other Considerations

  • Test drive

Ensure that you test-drive a few bikes to know the one sited for you. This will help you make an informed decision fast.

  • Brand reputation

If you want to get the best value for your money, you should buy an e mountain bike from a well-known brand. Some of the best electric mountain bike brands include Ecotric, Naktto, Ancheer, Canyon, KTM, Moustache, Thok Mig , Merax, Aceshin, and Rattan.

  • Warranty, customer service and serviceability

Does the bike have a warranty? This is an expectation from all buyers to avoid getting to purchase faulty equipment. Some companies also have after sales service like dropping the bike to your destination. Others have a duration in which you can take the bike to them for service.

  • Portability and weight

Purchase a bike that you can easy move from one place to another without straining. Consider whether you are comfortable handling the overall weight.

  • Terrain

Electric mountain bikes are made for different terrains. Some do well in hilly terrains while others are not suitable for tough ones. Think ahead how hard you wanna go with it.

Electric Mountain Bike: Wrap up

If you have never tried an electric mountain bike, you are missing a lot. These bikes provide a lot of fun since they are more powerful than other bikes.

What you will love about them is that you can use them for long distances as well as in different terrains. However, you need to be very careful when buying the best because not all of them are effective.

If you want an electric mountain bike that will give you the best value for your money, don’t ignore any of the points we have highlighted in this article.