Electric Bikes Explained 2021 (Guides)

Not Sure How Much are Electric Bikes and How they Work Because you are a Newbie?

Buying an electric bike for the first time can be overwhelming. And, even along the track there are so many things you should learn about them.

In this section, we have explained all about electric bikes, their main components, how they work and solution to most common problems.

We will be updating each item as innovation are published. If you want to know more in deep about something specific, contact us to discuss further.

Electric Scooter Vs Electric Bike What is Best? Photo by Gemma Evans EBA

Electric Scooter Vs Electric Bike: What is Best?

Why Using an Electric Scooter is Becoming so Popular, even over e-Bikes? Some people like an electric scooter for their economical driving. They are also massive fans of these vehicles’ ability to fold up for easy transport and storage, drive around the city without emitting any emissions and without making any noise. Others prefer electric bikes. These are people who ...
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Electric Bike Kit 2021 Guide for Beginners EBA towerelectric bikes

Electric Bike Kit 2021 Guide for Beginners

Is an Electric Bike Kit Any Good to Transform my Conventional Bicycle? An electric bike kit is the solution for those that don't have much budget and also want to transform their current standard bike. I know, there might be different reasons why to keep your bike, but the main question is, are e-bike conversion kits good? You aren't the ...
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Electric Bikes for Commuting 6 Reasons to Change Electric Bike Advisor by javygo

6 Reasons Why People Are Shifting to Electric Bikes for Commuting

Electric bikes for commuting are trending but, is that the Go?  More and more people are shifting to electric bikes for commuting. The first proof of this statement came in the form of Deloitte's forecast in December 2019. The consulting firm claimed that the number of e-bikes on the road would easily outnumber other e-vehicles by the end of 2030 ...
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ebike batteries explained 2020 beginners guide - EBA

eBike Batteries: The 2021 Beginner’s Guide

ebike batteries will ultimately determine just for how long and how far you will be able to ride. The battery is arguably one of the most important components on your e-bike. Although, the technology has improved significantly over the years, there are also more affordable; Regardless of the above, it remains that the battery is still likely to be the ...
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ebike buying guide - diagram

eBike Buying Guide 2021: An Overview for Beginners

An ebike is the ultimate alternative to get around, while offering the combination of a regular riding experience and an increased pedaling power. Electric bikes have grown in popularity in recent years as riders appreciate the power boost provided by electric motors. If you are a beginner, it is important to know the basics before stepping into it. This guide ...
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SW900 LCD Ebike display

SW900 LCD Controller: How to operate the display to get the most of your ebike

The SW900 LCD could be on of the most complex controllers to use but can help to extract all the juice of your electric bike. PLEASE SEE THAT THE S900 LCD IS A DIFFERENT CONTROLLER TO THE SW ONE.  Many ebike manufacturers, such as Specialized e-bikes, have focus their attention to built the best components (motors, batteries, lightweight frames) so ...
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Electric bike without pedal assist, is it worth it?

Electric Bike without Pedal Assist: Are They Really Worth It?

An electric bike without pedal assist is often subject to different regulations, and there may be some limitations to the usage, depending on where you live. An electric bike will make getting to work or cycling anywhere a breeze, providing you with the extra boost you need to always go the extra mile. There are so many different points to ...
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Geared hub motor

Electric Motor Bike Guide: What to Know About It

Which Electric Motor Bike is Best for a Bicycle? The electric motor bike is probably the most critical part of a powered bicycle as it is the heart of it. Most users are in doubt of what could be the best motor to fit when transforming their bikes. To choose the right one, it is very important to know their: ...
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