Ecotric Tornado ebike Review: More Power, More Balance

The Ecotric Tornado lives up to its name in terms of power, carrying a massive 750W motor that gives you all the ride support. At this power level, it is curious that the brand stopped the bike at 20mph to make it a class 2 machine.

One of the most significant differences between this model and the Ecotric Dolphin is the fat tires, but does that make that much difference here? What use case does this bike have over the other company models in the range?


Ecotric Tornado ebike


Technology Offered


  • Class 2 (pedal assist and throttle on demand).
  • 750 watts (nominal).
  • Minimal: 32 km/hr (20 mph).

  • 576watts/hr, 48v, 12.5Ah.
  • Charging in 6 – 8 hrs from drained.
  • Approx 18 miles (28 km) if using throttle mode only; 29 miles (48 km) pedal-assisted.

  • Five (5) modes: low, medium, high, turbo, and walking mode.
  • S900.

  • Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Black only

  • 7 (Shimano) speed available.

  • Front and rear Tektro single-piston.
  • 160mm rotor with hydraulic system.

  • 27 kg (61 lbs).
  • 120 kg (265 lb).

  • 26″ x 2.3″ mountain bike tires.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Allow rims.
  • SR Suntour XCM model, 100mm travel spring front suspension, pre-load adjusted.
  • Rear spring suspension 20 mm travel.

  • Integrated kickstand.
  • No front and rear lights, just reflective elements.
  • No fenders.
  • The battery comes with a master key to lock it up.


What’s Under the Its Hood?

The Ecotric Tornado might ship as a class 1 electric bicycle, but the manufacturer went all out to make this a smooth and comfortable ride.


You might not get up to the speeds offered on class 2 units without some tweaks, so the brand traded that extra speed for improved performance.


But how do they do that, and how does this compare with other models they have? See some of my points below.


The design and aesthetics

The Tornado has been designed to look like the crossover between standard and the electric convention.

I like that the ride height is low enough to allow even average-height adult riders to reach the floor with their feet when riding.

Assembling the e-bike is a breeze since it comes almost entirely put together by the manufacturer.


You’d only have to install the handlebars, mount the seat, and set up the front tire before your first ride.


Thankfully, it also ships with the tools you need for your assembly to get it done without dramas.

The bike’s control is easy to reach, and the handlebars are designed for comfort.

While that takes it closer to the standard bike, the motor on this device agrees otherwise — more on that below.

Finished with a lightweight 6061 aluminum build with premium materials, the brand got the weight-performance balance right with this model.


Battery features and performance

The company assures quality with an industry-standard Samsung 48V, 12Ah battery that is rated to supply a mix of power and balance to the bike.


Tornado ebike Samsung 48v battery


I don’t need to say much about this battery as it features in almost every other reputable e-bicycles on the market, which says a lot about how great it is.


It powers the 750W motor, which generates enough torque to easily climb hills, ride without feeling the strain and conquer multiple terrains.

On a full charge, which should take anywhere from five (5) to seven (7) hours, you get as much as 30.8 miles of range.

The motor is powerful enough that weight shouldn’t impact your mileage too much, but you should be mindful of the maximum load anyway.

To compare how this model fares when using the throttle feature and only pedal-assisted, check the table below:

Use Case Min. Range Max Range
Pure Electric (throttle) >18 miles >21 miles
Pedal Assisted >27 miles >30 miles


Note that the figures above indicate what you should get from a full charge. Results may vary slightly based on load, type of terrain, and other bike usage conditions.


Read more: eBike Batteries: The 2022 Beginner’s Guide.


Motor performance and riding considerations

I mentioned that this is a class 2 model at the start of this review, but let me elaborate.


Classification and law requirements

Ecotric limits the bike to 20mph (32 km/h) for pedal assistance right out of the box (by default). This is the limit for class 1 bikes and helps them stay legal, depending on where you use them, of course.

However, Class 2 e-bikes are also road legal in the US, UK, Australia, and most parts of Europe. If you want the extra speeds, which can take the bike up to 26mph (42 km/h), they give you the option to tune it up.


The instructions to change the maximum speed are included in the manual, but always check to see that such speeds are legal in your area.


Read more: Electric Bike Laws – What you need to know before riding.


Gear system

The manufacturer finishes the speed and riding optimizations with a standard Shimano 7-speed gear system.

Whether you’re switching to this unit from another reliable one or it’s your first buy, this system is pretty standard and doesn’t require a steep learning curve.


The rear hub Ecotric motor

Featuring a 750W hub motor makes the already mentioned speeds possible. Combine that with the long-lasting Samsung battery and impressive engine support mileage, and you know that it’s not a fluke.


750w brushless hub motor


If you’re looking for something you can power up to speed reasonably quickly by yourself, this e-bike may be for you. Nevertheless, if you’d rather have a more conventional model with the throttle bump instead, look at this Rad Rover 5 eBike review.


Handling and ease of use

Earlier, I discussed how assembling doesn’t take long. That scores some points under my ease-of-use rating already.


Controller S900

The company chose to keep the S900 LCD screen in the middle of the handlebars rather than on either one. I believe this allows for a more natural way to keep an eye on metrics such as your:

– Battery level;

– Pedal-assist level;

– Riding mode;

– Current speed;

– Current mileage; and

– Overall distance traveled.

Unlike the Rad Rover 5, a 750-watt eBike, this one doesn’t show you the battery wattage. Not that you’re going to miss that, anyway.


If you want more info regarding the S900, we recommend reading the SW900 LCD Controller guide. We know it is not the same, but the features will be.


The full suspension system

The brand improves the handling on this model with a full suspension setup that’s as great to look at as it performs.


XCM SR Suntour front fork suspension 100 mm travel


It carries a full, adjustable 100 mm travel SR Suntour XCM suspension fork on the front for customization to fit different terrain. Midway through the bike is another sophisticated suspension system that supports the rest of the rider’s weight.


This mid-line suspension edges out most other electric mountain bike competitions that the brand has in this space as they don’t offer anything this detailed.


Rear suspension 20mm travel for Tornado eMTB


I was concerned about the all-terrain claim since these tires don’t look that impressive for a complete mountain bike experience; however, some users have confirmed that the knobby 26-inch tires are up to the task with improved grip, optimized balance, and reliability to match.


How Safe Is the Ecotric Tornado?

A Tornado itself might be dangerous, but not this one. You’re only ever in danger of having a delightful ride on this unit.

They ensured that the double suspension system minimized vibrations and helped to even out different terrains under the tire, as described briefly above.

The tires’ well-threaded knobby pattern allows for improved grip in different conditions. While you might not notice this grip on the straights, you’d be thankful for it in the corners.


knobby 26-inch tires


Standard front and rear hydraulic disc brakes give this powerful 750W eBike a reasonable stopping distance. They work great when you stay within the limited factory speeds – and are up to the task if you decide to up the ante.


As always, spend some time testing the stopping distance to know how the brakes perform for you.


This throttle full-suspension casual MTB model wraps that up with bright lights on the front and rear. I’m not surprised that you don’t have to purchase aftermarket lights at their price range, but I’m still impressed by the quality of these bulbs.

Besides alerting other road users to your presence at night, the front lights are great for low light illumination and navigation.


Is the Ecotric Tornado Worth Buying?

The Tornado model is the ideal casual MTB for traditional bike lovers who want to enjoy the extra power.

This electric bicycle isn’t as classic as the Schwinn Mendocino but offers 3x more power. That’s the first place to decide whether you’re willing to trade off all that power for just a natural look.

The throttle version used in this model offers a solution for those riders with knee issues or if you’re struggling on a windy day.

Boasting decent mileage with a powerful motor, double suspension to even out all terrains, and the promise of a reliable brand behind it, you can’t go wrong with the Ecotric Tornado.

Images courtesy of Ecotric.


Ecotric Tornado Throttle eMTB


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability




What we like

  • ✅ It can be a good starting electric mountain bike for low to medium difficulty.
  • ✅ The motor and battery are high quality.
  • ✅ The controller offers a lot of stats compared to other more expensive models.

What we do not like

  • It is heavier than other eMTB.
  • The motor could be out of the regulatory law for ebikes in some countries.
  • No front and rear lights included.

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