E-Bike Categories

Looking for something in the range of Electric Bikes?

We know there are so many types, designs and purposes in the e-bike world but we thought only listing these four (4) main categories to help you find what you are looking for based on your needs.

This section will be updated periodically based on new findings in the market.

Hummingbird Electric Bike

Folding Electric Bikes

A folding electric bike is as cost effective as compared to vehicles. To make your work easier, we shall discuss some of the most important things you should check before buying a foldable electric bike. Folding Electric Bike Rider's Guide (Updated for 2019) Folding e-bikes have become so popular today ...
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Trek Verve+ lowstep

Hybrid Electric Bikes

A hybrid electric bike is a nice solution if you need to go to the city or just straight away into an off-road adventure. Here is a guide and some reviews for you. Hybrid Electric Bike Buyers Guide (Updated for 2019) If you typically commute by bike or enjoy a ...
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Pendleton Somerby electric bike Review

City Commuter Electric Bikes

Although seen as a new-fangled technological invention of the modern world, commuter electric bikes were actually invented over 120 years ago. Check here good value reviews and after the list, you will find a very useful guide. Best Commuter Electric Bikes Rider Guides (Update for 2019) Background In 1895, Ogden ...
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Trek Powerfly 5 womens model 2019

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bike reviews are your first stop when thinking to buy an e-bike. Check the top rated ones in the market by reading this guide and some useful reviews. The Ultimate Guide about Electric Mountain Bike (Updated for 2019) For anyone who loves cycling, an electric mountain bike is ...
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