Scrambler Ducati e bike Review

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The Ducati e bike, Scrambler, is a luxurious and stylish urban bicycle ready to deliver a comfortable ride. 

Named after their famous Scrambler motorbike, the Scrambler Ducati e bike is a cool and stylish motorized bicycle, with premium levels of performance and high-quality components.

A name that is synonymous with speed, quality, and power to those in the motorcycle world, Ducati is an Italian manufacturer that was originally founded in 1926.

They are a world-renowned, well-respected brand, who in recent years has collaborated with the Italian manufacturer ,Thok, to enter the e-bike market.

Ducati e Bike Scrambler Mechanical Specifications

MOTOR- Class: Pedal Assist.
- Weight: 2.8 kg.
- 36v, 250W.
- 60Nm torque.
FRAME- Material: aluminum alloy.
- Type: High-step.
BATTERY- Range (av): up to 75 miles a single charge.
- Brand: Shimano.
- Chemistry: Li-Ion (504Wh).
- Volt & Amp: 36v; 12Ah.
- Charging Time: 5 hrs to 100%.
GEAR SYS- Shimano Sram NX transmission with 11 to 42.
TOP SPEED- 22 mph (36 km/h).BRAKES- TSram Guide T4 calipers - 203mm rotor disks front and rear.
CONTROLLER- See the Controller section for details. OVERALL WEIGHT- With battery: 22 kg (48 lbs).
RIDING MODES- Four (4): Walking, Eco, Trail, boost (see the controller section for details).TIRES- Pirelli Cycl-e GT27", 5".

The MIG-RR was Ducati’s first step into the electric bike industry, but this was a limited edition with only fifty (50) units made originally.

However, in 2019, they revealed three (3) more bikes, including their urban model, the Scrambler.

Lastly, it has been discovered that the Italian brand has stepped into the folding electric bike category with three (3) different variations (we will discuss later).

If you are considering investing in a Scrambler Ducati e bike, find out why I think this is one of the best ones to look into but also areas with limitations.

Scrambler Luxurious Design and Construction

The design of the e-Scrambler is in classic retro Ducati style. This model is available in a rally- ready yellow and stylish black color.


Ducati frame

It features an alloy frame, with both forged and CNC parts as well as hydroformed tubes.

This model is better suited to the urban environment and would be an ideal choice for your daily commute.

Whilst, it has not been created with the hardcore MTB experience in mind (like the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500), it will handle some light off-roading instances (including mud or snow thanks to the flaps that will help you stay clean).

There are three (3) other models that Ducati offers for mountain biking activities.


Italian design

Similar to what the Ducati motorcycle model was offering, this commuter electric bike was designed for comfort and durability.

Aluminum rack and telescopic saddle Ducati e bike Scrambler

In terms of comfort and safety, there are three (3) things you can count on:

  1. Saddle: the saddle will absorb some of the bumps along the road, thanks to the inclusion of a gel composition.
  2. Rear rack: to make things more suitable for commuting riding, you can include a pannier bag to carry stuff.
  3. Lights: the Ducati e-bike features front and rear headlines for improved visibility when riding in the dark.


The construction

One thing that I love from their design is the fact of how easy you can jump in or out the bike.

Scrambler ebike front light

This is thanks to the telescopic dropper post, which can be adjusted with the use of side handle.

Aside from the above, I’m impressed on how clean the electrical and braking cable system is hidden inside the frame.

This is not only good on how the ebike will look but also, the positive impact that will cause over the quality of the lines.


The downside as a unit

Despite of its incredible design and frame configuration, the Scrambler e-bike weighs in at just 22.5kg.

Compared to other models along the same urban category (such as the Batavus Razer Turbo e-bike), I think this model is still not up to the rankings to land into the lightweight side.

Pirelli Granturismo (GT) Tires

This Ducati e-Scrambler e-bike has been equipped with tires that offer an excellent grip for improved traction on a variety of terrains.

Pirelli Granturismo GT Tires - cycl-e

The bike features Pirelli Cycl-e GT27, 5″x2.35 tires, which have similar treads to a motorcycle. As a result, expect enhanced rolling efficiency, whilst having great grip on asphalt or concrete.

Regarding the grip, at first glance, you will think that this Pirelli tires will not provide enough traction and support on wet conditions, nevertheless, the treads are deep enough to displace the water and maintain the grip.

I won’t be 100% confident that you can have enough traction and control on loose gravel and sand, so be careful.

250W Shimano Motor

The Shimano Steps (Total Electric Power System) E7000 motor will provide reliable performance and will give you the extra boost needed.

Shimano STEPS 250W motors

On top of the quality provided by Shimano, so far, this is the lightest motor (at 2.8 kg) I’ve seen in the market for commuter e-bikes.

In terms of speed and torque, the motor is capable of reaching 36 km/h (22 mph) and has a maximum torque of 60Nm.

This is great considering that you will have to work little to get this baby running.

There is a couple of things I really like about STEPS motor:

  • Noise while operating: the first thing that I like is the low noise generated while running. Believe me, you will think that the motor is not running, especially on busy cities.
  • Design: compared to other e-motor manufacturers (such as Bosch), you will find how compact and strong is the whole structure.

I believe, this is as result of what Shimano developed with their e-mountain bike range.

Lastly, I have no real bad thoughts about this electric motor so far.

Shimano Battery 504wh

This commuter Ducati e-bike has been equipped with a compact 504wh Shimano battery, which was designed to work perfectly with the STEPS motor.


Range and chemistry

In term of the range, you will be expecting to have an efficiency of 75 miles (150 km) with a full charge. This will vary with regard to riding styles, terrain, rider weight, and height.

In my experience, I’ve been getting around 60 miles per charge (could be because I use the power mode more than usual).

Despite of been equipped with great Watts technology, I think this is still significantly lower if you compared with other models along the same range (e.g; Stromer ST5).

The chemistry is not any different from what you would expect in any other e-bike.

This is a lithium-ion battery that integrates on the down-tube and it has IPX5 level pf water-resistance.

The combination of cells will give you around 1000 charges cycles before you start noticing a power deficiency over time (you will get a 60% power delivery).


Ducati e bike battery charging times

This e-bike should come with a 4A charger. If fully drained, you will have to wait around 5 hrs to get it back to 100%.

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, you can have 80% of the charge just done in 2,5 hrs.


  • Avoid letting your battery charge dropped below 25%. This could cause the battery to reduce the overall lifespan. Read our e-bike battery guide to learn more: eBike Batteries: The 2020 Beginners Guide.
  • Pedaling will not charge up the battery.
  • If you run out of power you can still ride your e-bike to the destination.

Lastly, what I like the most about the technology used here is the ability to provide with some extra energy to keep the controller, Di2 and lights on so that you can get to your location. This option is called: bring me home.

Drive-train and Front Suspension

Suntour XCR suspension

The 100mm Suntour XCR 34 spring-loaded fork is strong and enhances the overall control of the e-bike while increasing the speed.

Drivetrain Sram NX transmission 11-42

Don’t expect to much impact absorption since the suspension was designed for city streets, no off-roads riding. That is why you have a 80 mm suspension travel.

There is one important aspect to mention here which is the fact that you can keep the suspension locked or unlocked.

Having a locked suspension will save some pedaling energy, which is an advantage when riding up-hill.

Some of your pedaling energy will be absorbed by the suspension, and you may want to transfer that energy into the crankset (which goes to the back wheel).



The Scrambler e-bike is also equipped with Sram NX transmission with 11 to 42. It allows for improved power.

Shifting feels relatively intuitive and slick but the cassette is heavier than similar models.

Ducati e Bike Switch Unit and LCD Display

This electric commuter bike is equipped with a very intuitive finger tip shifting switch: SW-E7000-L.

We say intuitive because you only need it to change between the assistance modes.


Additional to the above, the unit is capable of deactivate the assistance, if you require to, or set a walking alternative.

In total, you should expect three (3) assistance levels: Eco, Trail, Boost.

In terms of the LCD display, you will have more than what you expect from this little device.

Speed, battery percentage, current assistance mode, odometer, trip distance and time are the main information to be found.

To access this information, you just need to press the little button bellow the display, then observe the stats.

On thing that I like a lot, is the possibility to customize the general operation of the e-bike.

This is a great advantage since you only need to set up your riding needs and off you go. This can be done by using your phone, which needs to be synced via Bluetooth.

Lastly, to make it more appealing, the SC-E7000 is ready in five (5) languages. Personally, I don’t think this is a great deal but could be for some other riders.

Ducati e bike Scrambler Review: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an e-bike that has the performance levels to stand up to the price, this could be a perfect choice.

Whilst the cost could still be considered steep for e-bike standards, it is relatively affordable when compared to other brands.

From my perspective, combining the knowledge and quality that Ducati always offers and the power and reliability that Shimano delivers, the Scrambler Ducati e bike is by far one of the best electric commuter bikes in the market for now.

Images courtesy of Ducati ebikes

If you have had the change to test this beauty, what do you think about it?

Scrambler Ducati e bike


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability


What we like

  • ✅ Pirelli Cycle-e GT27 wheels offering improved traction.
  • ✅ The controller has a lot to offer considering its simplicity.
  • ✅ The front suspension is good enough considering the final purpose of this Ducati ebike.

What we do not like

  • As expected, the Ducati Scrambler e bike model is more expensive than other brands.
  • It lands on the group of heavy e-bikes.
  • Spare parts maybe difficult to source.

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