Cyrusher XF700 Review

The Cyrusher XF700 combines most of the characteristic of a mountain bike whilst giving all the advantages of its folding featured. Below is our honest review of this popular and highly respected bike suitable for adults and teens.


✅ While traveling at high speed, the disc brake lets you stop quickly.

✅ LED display and front light for oncoming traffic.

✅ Battery is not as visible as in other pedelecs.

✅ The e-bikes equipped with a rear carrier rack to take items with you on your trip.

✅ Adjustable Front Shock.

⊖ The kickstand can bend under repeated use.

⊖ The bike weighs up to 50 pounds (22 kg), so not that good if carrying it upstairs.

⊖ The tires are small.

It is a real head turner wherever you go. Not only is it a beauty to look at it is one of the most popular pedelecs you can buy for your needs. The E-bike is user-friendly, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly compared to most other cycles available.

cyrusher xf700 electric mountain bike

The excellent blend of engineering and the modern pedal assisted electric system offers all convenience and speed. Compared to the older bicycle models the XF700 folding electric bikes made for the bike lover in need of a quality cycle to use around town.

The truth is that the bike is winning the hearts of cyclists all over the world.

Cyrusher XF700 is an Eco-Friendly E-bike

Cyrusher is more than just a reliable brand with the high performance, it offers you a zero-carbon emission system. So you do not need to worry about the environment as it preserves the surroundings from pollution.

  • Pedal Assist

Another fantastic thing is the bike entirely battery operated and includes pedal assist. So there is no noise often produced by standard bicycles and motorbikes. Further, it has a foldable frame that is ideal for commuting on buses and trains. The design is attractive and appeals to all riders.

  • LCD Controller

XF700 LCD Controller

It has a built-in LCD board to display the remaining battery power, speed, and other functions. The pedelec has all the latest electric bike technology, and the frame comprises alloy metal to withstand extreme accidental falls and weather without wearing out.

  • Speed

You cruise at a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour when using the throttle mode and can reach up to 22 miles per hour (35 km/h) with assisted cycling.

The battery is durable, and you can recharge it up to 500 times.

If you are looking for an all-terrain electric bike, the Cyrusher XF700 foldable mountain bike can take on muddy roads, mountains, and highways. Just fold the bike and take it with you on a train or place it in the back of your car for your next camping trip.

The E-Bikes loaded With Quality Features

For a perfect blend of class, performance, practicality, and style, the Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike comes with a two-speed function. You have the option of cruising through the park to punching it up into high gear.

As mentioned before, it has an aluminum-based center folding frame you can fold into a compact size to store and take up little space. Another benefit is no matter how many times you fold it the frame keeps its strength and structure for a long time.

  • Frame & Motor

XF700 lock system

Not only is the frame one of the best, the 26-inch tires are top-notch. Whether you are a newbie or experienced rider, you will love the power with the throttle in place. The pedelecs equipped with a 250 electric motor and outfitted with LG battery rated at 10amh.

  • Battery

The battery should last you up to two years, and that is amazing for an electric bike. The outstanding thing we found is that every time you ride the Cyrusher, it cheers you up. And to add to your color preference you can buy it in black/green, white/red, black/white, and black/yellow.

One more highlight is the battery takes up to 7-hours to charge and protected against overcharging with the DC 424V 2 AH charger included.

  • Height & Suspension

The bike height is above one meter and perfect for anyone to ride with a height of 5.5-inches to 6.3-inches.

Another standout you will love when cycling the e-mountain bike is the dual suspension. The function keeps the bicycle stable on both the front and rear wheels. The suspensions perfect for climbing hills and rough terrains.

  • Weight

And if you want to pedal short distances, you can turn the power off or switch it to the full electric power throttle. With the smart computer, you can monitor your speed and adjust the different functions with ease. The XF700 is relatively lightweight at 50 lbs (22 kg), and you will have no problem carrying it onto public transports.

Benefits of this Cross Country Bike

The Cyrusher is one of the most esteemed electric folding bikes available. The bike looks elegant and is convenient to use with outstanding performance. When it comes to the Cyrusher XF700 folding electric mountain bike reviews, there are minimal drawbacks, except for one.

XF700 hub-drive 250W motorThe seat’s height adjustable and the bicycles support up to a 330 lbs (135 kg) weight. Furthermore, the pedelecs outfitted with Shimano TX50 21 speed gear and Shimano TX35 rear derailleur with mechanical disc brakes. Another benefit is the battery is hidden in the frame and not as noticeable as seen in other electric bike models.

Additionally, you can charge the battery in the frame or remove it for charging and offers you a twice turning on/off battery lock key. The pedal assist provides you with a five-speed setting with a max distance range of up to 28 miles (45 km) on throttle mode and 37 miles (59 km) on power assist.

Using the throttle is comfortable by twisting it to speed up or down, and it has an integrated 31.8 mm curved handlebar. With the right handlebar controls, you can speed up your ride and use the left button to control the computer.

For instant stopping, it has an anti-slip power brake lever and also comes with accurate freewheel changing.

Folding the cross-country bikes a breeze and only takes three seconds what more can one ask for when commuting by train.

Is The Cyrusher XF700 Worth Buying?

In our opinion, the XF700 is one of the best pedelecs you can buy and can give you many reasons why you should own one!

Good Reasons to Buy:

  • The bike has a foldable design and looks elegant and practical to use. You can carry it or stash it in the trunk of your car.
  • With the 21-speed gear, you can cruise around town or put it in high gear for added punch. While traveling at high speed, the disc brake lets you stop quickly.
  • Another, reason to purchase the e-bike is the LCD dashboard showing you the battery power, monitoring speed, and the distance covered.
  • You can even cycle at night with the LED display and front light for oncoming traffic to see you.
  • The battery is not as visible as in other pedelecs, and you can remove the battery.
  • Furthermore, the e-bikes equipped with a rear carrier rack to take items with you on your trip.
  • With the construction, it puts together easy and comes with fantastic instructions that are a great help. All that is required of you is to put on the handlebars, pedals, and make minor adjustments.
  • The front shock you can adjust and the twist-and-go throttle is fantastic when at a red light and need to get a head start.
  • You can cycle for hours as the seats comfortable without hurting your bum.
  • And the best of all you have three ways of riding with full electric power-throttle, pedal & power assist and turn off power with full pedal.

Reasons not to Buy:

  • The kickstand is okay but can bend under repeated use and does not stand on smooth surfaces.
  • While it may have a 21-gear system, it feels like your legs are pumping away with little to no resistance and would be great with a 24+ gear.
  • The bike weighs up to 50 pounds (22 kg), and if you do need to carry it up a flight of stairs, it will tire you out.
  • The tires are small and could be a bit bulkier for dirt roads to prevent you losing control, so careful with the speed on gravel roads.
  • Furthermore, the Cyrusher does not come with mudguards to prevent water or mud from hitting your legs, but this is how mountain bikes are, right?

Should You Buy the Cyrusher XF700 Electric Bike?

cyrusher xf700 Folding e-bikeThe Cyrusher XF700 electric mountain bike offers you a blend of style with outstanding performance. You can buy it at an affordable price. The two-speed function is ideal for cruising around town and punching it up on rough terrains.

With the mini folding design, transporting it is a breeze and takes up less space in storage. The pedelecs eco-friendly and leaves no carbon footprint or noise.

With the removable battery, you can charge it in or out of the frame and great for riding daily. But as we say, “it all depends on your needs” and does come highly recommended by different cyclists.

However, if you prefer something that combines speed and style as an alternative to this model looks at the Faraday Cortland here!.

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