Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 Review (Updated)

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Is the New Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 electric hybrid bike a Better On-Road and Off-Road Option?

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 was initially built to provide what most riders needed when going off-road, however the 2021 model has been slightly redesigned for a more hybrid approach.  

The German manufacturer, Cube, was founded in 1993, and they are a popular choice for many cyclists around the world.

With the introduction of Bosch’s fourth-generation performance motor, their e-bike range was recently updated and they have addressed many of the previous issues.

Boosted by impressive Bosch power and versatile enough to ride on a range of terrains, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 would be a great option for many users.

Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 Specs

MOTOR- Class: Pedal Assist.
- 36v, 250W.
- 75Nm torque.
- Performance CX Bosch.
FRAME- Material: aluminum alloy (XC geometry).
- Type: High-step.
BATTERY- Range (av): between 30 miles (48 mk) to 66 miles (107 km) a single charge.
- Brand: Bosch.
- Chemistry: Li-Ion (500Wh).
- Volt & Amp: 36v; 12Ah.
- Charging Time: between 3 to 4.5 hrs to 100%.
GEAR SYS- Sram NX Eagle™ Trigger, 12 speed.
- Crankset: FSA CK-745, 16T, 175mm.
TOP SPEED- 15.5 mph (25 km/h).BRAKES- 180 Magura MT Thirty hydraulic braking system.
CONTROLLER- Bosch Purion LCD display walk assistance (read the controller section for details). OVERALL WEIGHT- With battery: 24 kg (52 lbs).
RIDING MODES- Four (4): Eco, tour, sport and turbo.
- Disabling mode also available.
TIRES- Tubeless 27.5" to 29' Schwalbe Nobby.

If you are wondering whether this Cube e-bike model is worth the investment, this review will take you through the basics, including the frame, motor and battery components.

Riding the Hybrid Pro 500 2021

The previous model had a more off-road approach due to its front suspension and tire thickness.

In the case for the 2021 Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 model, there are interesting improvements done:

  • New tires have a less aggressive carving design. This improves motor and battery efficiency on hard ground and gives enough support for an off-road setting.
  • The saddle is more ergonomic.
  • The Bosch motor deliver 85 Nm of torque rather than 75Nm.
  • The frame looks more hybrid, that is for sure, since the battery is no hidden in the down-tube.

On the flip side, it is 1kg heavier than the 2020 model. I guess, it is not much of a difference though.

In my opinion, I think this Cube new model is a way much better looking e-bike.

If you are thinking about investing in a new e-bike, the Pro 500 2021 model could be the alternative.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 Design and Construction

Eagle 500 frame

The recent release of a new Bosch motor has meant that many ebike manufacturers are redesigning and reviewing their models.

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 2021 model, as well as the SLT and SL, features an updated frame with a new monocoque gravity casing that has space for a water bottle.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 handle bar

Interestingly, it didn’t originally include a dropper posts, and the lack of this was criticized by many riders. As a result, the 500 model does feature a dropper post option if this is important to you.

It is good to note that the addition of this would be at an extra cost.


XC geometry

All of Cube’s e-bike range features a lightweight aluminum double-butted frame as well as an attractive sleek design, with XC mountain bike geometry.

The brand also creates bikes with Agile Ride Geometry, which is said to promote excellent maneuverability and easy handling.


The interesting side

Compare to other Cube ebike versions on the same range (like the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500), the integrated battery design ensures a streamlined finish.

Overall, this is a stylish somehow “lightweight” frame that offers great durability and is relatively scratch-resistant.


The Downside

Despite its great design, the frame is not suitable for most women, since the high-step configuration could be a bummer. Just for the record, the lowest frame available is 16″, and the highest one is 23″.

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Tires

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 features 2.6 ‘’ Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires, with improved traction and brake performance.

Schwalbe Nobby NIc Tires 27 and 29 inch hybrid ebike

The central stud arrangement means that these tires have excellent grip on a range of terrain, and the large shoulder studs allow for increased control.


The DT CSW AM 2.09 wheelset also feature tubeless-ready rims and puncture reducing technology. This is good stuff since will reduce the overall weight and will give you some additional time in case of a lost of containment.

The size split on Cube bikes means that you can be confident of getting the right size bike to suit the rider.

250Watt Bosch CX Motor

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle features a Powerful Bosch CX motor and the assistance provided by this fourth-generation component means that you will always be able to go the distance.

250 watt Bosch Performance CX Motor for Eagle 500

Bosch is easily one of the most respected brands when it comes to e-bike motors, and they are consistently topping the charts when compared with similar brands.

This is a pedal-assist e-bike which will provide you with assistance up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

The 250w Cruise CX motor also offers 85NM of torque. The combination of the torque and power will translate into good climbing ability and performance.

Lastly, the integration of the components on this ebike places the motor inside the cast-down tube, and so it is protected from any dust, dirt or water that you may encounter during your ride.

Battery PowerTube 500wh by Bosch

As most of the electric mountain bikes manufactured by Cube, this model also features a 500wh Bosch PowerTube battery, which is placed in the downtube protecting it from the elements.

PowerTube 500wh Bosch battery for Cube reaction

PowerTube batteries are always the best option for ebikes that require high performance on the toughest terrains.

The battery has been designed to be removed with no issues and at the same time, to not become detached (thanks to the “safety catch” feature) when riding on rough surfaces.


Eagle Pro 500 Range

Cube states that the range on this is just over 30 miles (48 km), but from what I can see, this is very conservative.

I found a very cool tool by Bosch; it is called “Range Assistance“. Here you can play with the usual settings you ride a bike and then figure out what the potential average could be.


The test

To put thing in better perspective, if you travel in Eco Mode, at full speed (or full assistance), it could be expected to have 107 km of battery performance; whereas using the Turbo Mode, you could get around 53 km.

Bosch has been cleaver by suggesting the range could be around 48 km. This will make you be aware that by using the most extreme mode, you should be safe returning to a charging point if hitting the suggested range. 


Battery charging times

There are various chargers available for this Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle. The standard charger takes around 4.5 hours to fully charge whereas, the faster charger takes 3 hours for a full recharge.

The life of the Bosch batteries is determined mainly by the type and duration of use, but Bosch guarantees their batteries for 2 years or 500 charge cycles.

Braking System, Front Suspension

Braking quality and performance

E-bikes are much heavier than traditional bikes, and as a result, brakes must perform, especially when you are riding cross country.

The Magura MT Thirty hydraulic disc brakes feel safe and sturdy, stopping with ease on a wide range of terrains.

Whilst I have yet to try this ebike on wet or frozen ground, so far, the brakes have performed well, with excellent stopping and cornering.

Cube Reaction Eagle Pro 500 Front Suspension

The RockShox Judy Silver TK Air is a nice inclusion to the overall ebike.

In this case, the fork will provide a 100 mm of suspension travel, which will enable a smooth ride and good impact absorption.

You can also get a 120 mm travel suspension fork but will add to the overall weight.

Lastly, I really like that Cube was thinking about the user comfort; and I say this because fitting a suspension that can be air adjusted is a plus.

Unfortunately, there is a downside with this type of feature and is the fact that it can have air leaks at some point.

I’m not saying this could be the case for the Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 ebike but just be prepare if you see the suspension not performing.

There is different techniques to find out if the suspension is leaking.

Bosch Purion Display Technology

The handlebar-mounted Bosch Purion Display Unit includes all the information you are likely to need on the go, including ride information, speed, and battery capacity.


Ebike Display Assistance Levels

This is also where you switch between the Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500’s four (4) different power modes, which include: turbo, sport, tour, and eco.

The turbo mode will provide with all the power the motor and battery can deliver. as mentioned in the battery section, you will have enough juice for a simple commuting trip.

By contrast, the eco mode (with an efficiency of around 140 km) will deliver the maximum benefit when you need to have just enough usage of power to get to your destinations.


Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 Goods and bads

There is not much to say regarding the Purion display aside from being compact, reliable, easy to operate (with the essentials) and high quality.

The Bosch Purion LCD display walk assistance is another aspect I really like. In this case, you can turn off all pedal support of the ebike without compromising the access to essential functions.

On the downside, I have noticed that it can be difficult to read in very bright days. I try not to check my display whilst riding, but if you prefer to keep on top of your tracking, this may be an issue.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 Review Wrap Up

This Cube Reaction Hybrid 500 model is one of my favorite hybrid e-bikes due to the way in which it offers premium grip and control.

Not only is it versatile, it offers great value for money and it features a clean design and top-end components.

The lack of rear suspension means that this bike may not be suitable for those looking to ride more technical terrains. If this is the case, I suggest looking into the 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Electric Mountain Bike.

The internal cable routing and integrated components ensure a clean look.

The geometry of the frame allows for excellent maneuverability and control. However, this is not a trail-capable ebike, and for those looking to ride on more technical terrains, it may not be the best option.

Lastly, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle 500 was built to last in mind. This is thanks to the inclusion of quality components manufactured by well known companies, such as Bosch and Shimano (drive-train).

Images courtesy of Cube ebikes

If you have had the change to test this beauty, what do you think about it?

Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle Pro 500


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability