Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 Women’s e-bike Review

Combining the riding experience of a traditional bike with the power of the Bosch motor, the Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 has been built with women in mind.

Applying efficient German engineering to the e-bike market, CUBE is a leading European company when it comes to electric bike products.

Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 Specs

MOTOR- Class: Mid-drive.
- Brand: 250w Bosch Performance CX.
- Torque: 75Nm.
FRAME- Material: aluminum.
- Type: low-step.
- Available size: 14", 16", 17" and 19".
BATTERY- Range (av): 90 km under ideal conditions.
- Brand: Bosch PowerPack.
- Charging Time: 3.5 hrs using a fast charger.
GEAR SYS- Shimano Deore SL and RD M6000.
- Ten (10) speed.
TOP SPEED- 16 mph (25 km/h).
- Pedelec classification.
BRAKES- Shimano BR-TM200
- Hydraulic disks.
RIDING MODES- Four (4) specified by colors (see review for details).TIRES & WHEELS- Rim: Tubeless Cube EX30.
- Schwalbe Smart Sam tires.

Ride the trails and hit the road, with an e-bike designed that does it all, and at a great price too! Due to the hybrid nature of the Cube Access, this is a super versatile bike that can be used in an urban environment as well as being capable for cycling off the beaten track.

If you are thinking about investing in a new e-bike, the Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 could be the perfect option for you. Read on for my review of the pros and cons, and why I think this is a solid choice for any rider.

Agile Ride Geometry (ARG) Design

  • Patented design

Cube Active fit WS SaddleOffering mobility and freedom, this e-bike has been designed with power and performance in mind.

Similar to what the Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 has to offer, this Cube model features a patented Agile Ride Geometry (ARG) design, which aims to provide the perfect combination of comfort, stability and durability.

I can tell this has been echoed across the vast majority of users, with many riders suggesting that the Cube Access Pro 500 2019 offers a smooth and comfy ride.

Continuing with the design, the only significant issue I noted was with the saddle. Several users have stated that is better to swap it, but from my perspective, this is more a matter of personal preference than anything else.

  • Aluminum frame

Designed to optimize rolling momentum, the frame is made from an Aluminium Superlite.  The Cube Access Pro 500 is heavier than some other e-bikes (at 22.9 kg, including the motor weight at 2.9 kgs), which may result in difficulties regarding portability.

250w Bosch CX Motor

250w Bosch Performance CX ebike motor
Image courtesy of Bosch ebikes

Achieving a maximum road speed at around 16mph (25 km/h), the Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 features a Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit.

Providing a 250-watt boost and 75Nm torque, this powerful motor will support your riding performance, so you can carry on mile after mile.

This e-bike is equipped with four (4) different power modes, including turbo, sport, tour, and eco. Each allows for a different range of support; for example, the Turbo offers an incredible boost but if you are looking to improve efficiency and range, the Eco mode is more than satisfactory.

I find very interesting to have the ability to power off the assistance. This is a good thing when you need to save some battery for tougher riding sections.

Several cyclists have also praised the Cube Access range for having a relatively quiet motor, particularly when compared with similar bikes from other brands.

500wh Bosch Battery

500wh Bosch battery powerpack

The Cube Access Pro 500 comes equipped with a long-lasting 500wh Battery, which takes around three and a half hours (3.5 hrs) for a full charge from completely empty.

The fully integrated battery technology means that the electronic components are flushed to the aluminum frame with a sealed cover to protect against dirt, water, and debris.

The manner in which it disappears into the frame itself, ensures a streamlined finish that promotes aerodynamic and reduces drag.

There have been some users that have critiqued the battery cover but this has been recently updated. The latest version of the Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 features a newer design to reduce rattling and improve overall access.

Gears, Suspension and Tires

  • Gear System

Whether you want to explore off the beaten track or just looking for an e-bike for urban cycling, the Shimano 10 Deore 10 speed transmission ensures that you have a wide range of gears for the occasion.

  • Suspension

The 15 mm Suntour suspension fork will allow good comfort whilst reducing vibrations. From my perspective, this is not the greatest suspension system if you are looking to ride on very bumpy roads or going, somehow, off-road.

With a 100 mm compression range, I believe offering a more rigid quality carbon fork would significantly improve the ride’s experience.

Lastly, aside from what I’ve commented above, I like the fact that you can lock-up the suspension system (rigid mode) so when you feel like sprinting, there will be less energy wasted through the fork.

  • Tires

Schwalbe Hybrid tiresThe Schwalbe Smart Sam tires are a great performer when dealing on gravelly roads as well as paved surfaces. This is something that you may seen a little obvious when talking about hybrid e-bikes, but you would be surprised how other type of tires outperform when there is a change in surface conditions.

Several users have indicated that the wheels offer excellent grip and traction, and the dual-purpose tires offer some level of puncture protection.

Shimano Brakes

The Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 uses a Shimano BR-MT200 brake system with hydraulic disk brakes. This is reported to allow for excellent stopping power even on wet surfaces.

Although considered adequate, the brakes are not as effective as what they could be, particularly when compared with similar setups on competing brands.

Bosch Purion LCD Display

LCD Bosch Purion controllerProviding real-time riding data, the Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 is equipped with an LCD, which contains all the important information you are likely to need during your ride. Keep an eye on your speed, distance, battery capacity and anything else you need to know.

In my opinion, despite of being a basic LCD display, it is clear and relatively easy to read. On the other hand, it has been indicated that user experience would be improved if the display panel was removable.

Some other users also said that the buttons can be inconsistent and that the process is not always smooth and easy; I think this could be depending on each rider abilities and requirements.

Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 Final Thoughts

Enhancing your cycling experience, the Cube Access promises to provide unrestricted mobility and freedom.

If you are looking for a versatile e-bike that offers the MTB experience, the CUBE hybrid range appeals for a wide number of reasons.

There has been some suggestion that the brakes do not quite live up to high standards and there have been several complaints regarding the use of the Suntour fork.

With so many glowing reviews online and at such a great value price, I believe the this Cube electric bike line is a solid choice for either men or women.

Overall, the Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 is one of the more affordable e-bike options on today’s market, and yet it has the performance levels and features of a much more expensive piece.

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What is you input regarding this Cube e-bike model?


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque (motor)


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability


What we like

  • ✅ It has been built for either men and women in mind.
  • ✅ Tires can perform well on any type of terrain.
  • ✅ Good level of assistance and torque power.

What we do not like

  • ⊖ This Cube model lands on the heavy side of ebikes.
  • ⊖ The suspension system could be improved.

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