Batavus Razer Turbo e-bike Review

The Batavus Razer turbo is a sporty e-bike that offers excellent quality and performance and it is one of the most popular models in Europe.

Batavus is a Dutch company, who are well known for producing well- designed commuter bikes that have been engineered to perform.

The Batavus Razer was first introduced in 2014 and overtime, has evolved with his latest model, the Turbo version (2019). This is an electronically powered bicycle that will support you rather than propel you.

Making your commute to work more sustainable, improving your overall health, and providing you with the boost you need to go those extra miles, the Razer is a mid-tier bike with excellent capabilities.

Razer Turbo Technical Aspects

MOTOR- Class: mid-drive.
- Brand: Yamaha PW series.
- Torque: 80Nm.
- Output: 100 rpm.
FRAME- Material: aluminum.
- Type: High-step & step-through (no low-step).
- Women size (cm): 48, 53 and 57.
- Men size (cm): 53, 57, 61 and 65.
BATTERY- Range (av): Up to 128 miles (check review for details).
- Brand: Yamaha.
- Chemistry: Li-Ion (500Wh).
- Volt & Amp: 36v; 11Ah.
- Charging Time: 4 hrs.
GEAR SYS- Shimano Alfine eight (8) speed.
TOP SPEED- 27 mph (45 kmh).BRAKES- Magura HAS11 Hydraulic Pads.
- Check: battery %, speed, riding mode, time, outside temperature and turn on front light.
- Odometer and range estimate.
OVERALL WEIGHT- Without battery: 20.6 kg.
- With battery: 21.7 kg.
RIDING MODES- Four (Eco, Eco+, High, Standard).

The Batavus Razer 2019 is better suited to the urban environment and a particularly excellent choice if you are looking to commute long distances.

If you are thinking about choosing this european e-bike, read on for an in-depth review of the highs and lows of this Dutch engineered machine.


Razer carry and backlightFeaturing covers to protect the mechanics of your e-bike and a cool contemporary style, the Batavus Turbo is a good-looking machine. Plus, at just 20.6kg (without battery), this e-bike is not that heavy when compared with other models with similar specs, such as the Giant Quick E+ 2019 .

This e-bike offers a comfortable ride, with the weight being evenly distributed across the frame to allow for improved maneuverability.

The ART approved security lock ensures that your bike stays safe and there are LCD lights at the front and rear of the bike to improve visibility.

The closed chain guard (something to discuss) and flush fit of the electric components promote improved aerodynamics as well as providing protection, and it is a stylish piece with a sleek black matte finish and a scratch-resistant frame.

Available in both men and women’s versions, with frame sizes 48, 53, 57 cm for the female bike and 53, 57, 61 cm for the male one.

There have been some issues with the shape of the handlebars, with some users suggesting that due to the flatness of the design, there is unnecessary pressure being placed on the wrists. Moreover, the lack of front suspension could be the missing piece for this issue.


e-bike motor Yamaha PW series Batavus RazerThe Yamaha PW series is considered to be one of the most reliable e-systems on the market and this is a powerful engine that ensures a smooth ride.

With a maximum power of 8oNm, the Batavus Razer Turbo reaches impressive assisted maximum speeds of 27 mph (45 kmh).

The various driving modes ensure that you get the boost you require, and it is compliant with current safety legislation.

The powerful Yamaha motor has been placed directly on the bottom bracket and it is a middle engine, which allows for improved stability.

Keeping the center of gravity low to the ground, this ensures a natural riding experience, with the pedal force and rotation sensor also helping you to maintain a natural technique.

This bike is equipped with walk assist, which means that you can easily push it or use it as a traditional cycle, without the extra power.


The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 500Wh and Batavus state that the Razer has a maximum range of 128km. So, the battery range can be seen as this:

  • Eco+: 128 miles.
  • Eco: 98 miles.
  • Standard: 64 miles.
  • High: 53 miles.

It is important to note that this is premised on ideal conditions, and it does depend on a number of different factors, including terrain, rider weight, cycling modes and more.

Other users have indicated that realistically the range is likely to be about 80-90km.

From completely empty to full, a battery charge will take around four (4) hours and there is an LED indicator to let you know when it is full.

The battery is attached to the lower tube on the frame, and it is removable, so you can choose to charge the battery on or off the bike.

It is advised that you charge your battery at room temperature, as charging in colder temperatures can impact on the battery’s lifespan.

Similarly to other Lithium-ion batteries, the battery on the Batavus Razer is expected to last for 1000 recharges.

Brakes & Gear System

Front light and braking systemEnsuring efficiency and ample stopping power, the Razer features Magura HAS11 Hydraulic pad brakes that are made in Germany.

These are hydraulic rim brakes that will enable the rider to maintain excellent control (but will not as powerful as disk brakes though).

Offering excellent acceleration, the Shimano Alfine Gear hub is light, precise and maintenance-free.

The eight (8) gears provide some range and versatility, but this could be improved.

Controller & Display

Yamaha LCD display PW seriesAs other parts comprising this European e-bike, the Turbo comes with a Yamaha PW series LCD display.  The controller is located on the left side of the handlebar comprising the power button on the top, up and down arrows to change and check the different e-bike stats, headlight switch, a selector button and the walk mode button in case you need to walk your electric bike (only for European users though).


  • In case you don’t know, to tun on the controller, you will need to press the power and selector buttons at the same time for around 3 secs.
  • To reset any data stored, you can press the selector button for around 3 secs.

Another interesting thing about this controlling system is that you can change the speed units from mph to kmh, which is something cool for those that are not used to any of the units.

Batavus Razer Turbo Review: Final Verdict

Overall, the Batavus Razer is considered a mid-level bike that features excellent capabilities and it is a reliable choice.

It is a sporty e-bike with a powerful Yamaha motor and excellent battery capacity, but there have been a few issues noted.

The braking system is good but can be better with hydraulic disks (however, we trust they know what they are doing). There have been some critiques regarding design, particularly around the handlebars and cable distribution / covers.

Reaching 27 mph, the Batavus Razer Turbo is compliant with European safety standards, but we advise you to check the laws in your country regarding electric-powered bikes and whether you will require an appropriate license and license plate.

Images courtesy of 12 Go biking.

What do you think about this Dutch e-bike?


Frame & Components Quality


Braking Performance


Speed & Torque


Controller & Assistance


Battery Range


Overall Weight


Portability & Maneuverability




What we like

  • ✅ There is two (2) frame options to choose from (women and men).
  • ✅ The Batavus Razer Turbo overall weight is not bad compared to other competitor e-bilkes.
  • ✅ The Yamaha RW motor is very quiet.
  • ✅ Very versityle LCD controller, ofering a lot of features.

What we do not like

  • ⊖ The Yamaha display can pop-out quite easy, which can shut down the system during your ride (you don't want that to happen).
  • ⊖ It is a nice touch the chain cover, which will protect it from potential damages, however this can limit the access if you want to do a quick checkup.
  • ⊖ For an e-bike that can assist up to 45 kmh, would be better to have a hydraulic disk braking system, rather than a standard one.
  • ⊖ No front suspension (but good for the overall weight).

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